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SiN Episodes: Emergence

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Title Screen

SiN Episodes: Emergence

Developer: Ritual Entertainment
Publisher: Ritual Entertainment
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: May 10, 2006

MinigameIcon.png This game has unused modes / minigames.

SiN Episodes: Emergence is the sequel to SiN, created with Half-Life 2's Source Engine and was planned to have eight more episodes. It omitted the banter between Blade and JC that made the original game interesting, and only made enough to break even on sales.


Sin Episodes Whack-A-Grunt.png

A minigame that can only be accessed with console command map se1_u4lab05.

Sin Episodes Whack-A-Grunt instruction.png

Instructions are printed on the right-hand wall.

The objective is to kill grunts as they pop out of the distant area. The game claims there's 150 grunts, although this sometimes exceeds the limit (e.g. 154) as targets spawn in waves. When the last of the grunts finishes spawning, the timer will stop.

Although the minigame says you can use any gun, only the pistol and scattergun are placed in the map.

In addition, pigeons can be killed. When you hit a pigeon, an extra display is shown.

Resetting the minigame requires restarting the map.

Half-Life 2 Skyboxes

Skies from Half-Life 2. These skyboxes were used as a base for every skybox seen throughout the game.

Unused Menu Dialogue

Every character that appears in the main menu was supposed to say something upon highlighting any option in the main menu, except for "Play Arena" which was added later in a patch. Jessica Cannon is shown as an example in this video.

"se1_highrise02" oddities

There are unused voice lines at least the map "se1_highrise02" as the player can find various objects that if looked at, give the prompt to radio Jessica like the rest of the game for her input, however no voice lines will actually play, though these voice lines do exist in the game files as well as subtitles. In addition, while the player can normally not backtrack from the next map, if they use noclip to go back up the jump, there is an unused level transition back to "se1_highrise02" and Jessica will actually not be present though her radio voice lines still won't play.

These notably include voice lines about finding folders, one about Jessica and about Blade's deceased mother, Sherilyn Palmer Blade.

(Source: Documentation of the subtitles on the Valve Developer Community wiki including missing ones.)

Unused Gas Entity

To do:
Add images of the antigen, antigen is used but its particle effects appear invisible due to a bug.

There is an unused env_poison_gas entity type called "Radiation", it produces an orange gas that damages the player.

(Documentation of the gas effects on the Valve Developer Community wiki.: source needed)