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Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People

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Title Screen

Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People

Also known as: SBCG4AP
Developer: Telltale Games
Publisher: Telltale Games
Platforms: Windows, WiiWare, PlayStation 3, Mac OS X
Released internationally: August 11, 2008 through December 15, 2008 (Windows episodic), January 13, 2011 (Mac)
Released in US: August 11, 2008 through December 15, 2008 (WiiWare episodic), July 2, 2009 (Windows retail), December 21, 2010 (PS3)
Released in EU: August 15, 2008 through January 2, 2009 (WiiWare episodic), March 23, 2011 (PS3)

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Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People is a five-part story arc in which you go around being awesome while wearing a very convincing Strong Bad costume.


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Prerelease Info

Episode Pages

Homestar Ruiner
That's right, Jerry! Two Homestars for the price of one!
Strong Badia the Free
Can you believe The Old King of Town trying to play me like that?
SBCGEp3Icon boombox103.png
Baddest of the Bands
I can't believe I was about to throw my undesirables onstage!
Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective
What kind of name is "Craig" for a criminal mastermind anyway?
8-Bit is Enough
You've unlocked the secret of ultimate waffles!

Unused Ranks

Each episode has two ranks that are normally impossible to obtain. The first rank is for getting a score higher than the maximum score for that episode, while the second rank seems to be used for getting an impossibly high score through cheating. Some of these ranks repeat through different episodes.

The only exception to this system is in Strong Badia the Free, where it's possible to obtain the rank "Uber-Pope" through a scoring glitch in one of the mini-games. What should be that game's highest legitimate ranking goes unused instead.

Episode Rank 1 Rank 2
Homestar Ruiner Fhqwhgads Rules Batsman Synchronized Wading
Strong Badia the Free Exalted Imperious Leaderguy Concerned Citizen
Baddest of the Bands Fhqwhgads Bagpiper Synchronized Wading
Dangeresque 3 Fhqwhgads Rules Batsman Weeping Bystander #2
8-Bit is Enough Cool Foreign Knock-Off Synchronized Wading
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Items

To do:
Find out if this is present in the WiiWare, Mac OS X, and/or PSN ports.
Download.png Download Ab-Abber 2000 Shirt Registry Key
File: SBCG4APAbAbber2000Key.zip (335 B) (info)

The ladies will be all up ons!

There is a shirt called "Ab-Abber 2000 Shirt" that is unobtainable during Strong Badia the Free, Baddest of the Bands, and Dangeresque 3. It can be accessed in the Windows version by adding the 32-bit value "shirtmuscles" to the game's registry. It even has its own dialogue when Strong Bad puts it on. The shirt is a reference to the Sbemail "suntan", where Strong Bad invents a device to draw abs on one's body called the Ab-Abber 2000.

"Look at all these real muscles! Thanks, Ab-Abber two-thous-and! For best results, never shower again."

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Revisional Differences

  • The consoles have all the costume items from previous episodes unlocked. The PC, however, uses registry values written from other episodes for items with that registry name to appear.
  • The consoles have a function in the Lappy 486 where players can type an email (four-line maximum) to send to friends; they can also attach the screenshots they took and send them. The PC version does not do this because the screenshots are saved to C:\Users\(user name)\Documents\Telltale Games\(Episode # - Episode Name), so they can email them to friends normally.


The PC version's data archive includes wiifriends.imap and wiifriends.lenc, probably leftovers from the Wii port's message board functionality.

Tutorial Leftovers

The voice files from the Wii version's tutorial are also present.

(Source: Original TCRF research)