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TV Show King (WiiWare)

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Title Screen

TV Show King

Developer: Gameloft
Publisher: Gameloft
Platform: WiiWare
Released in JP: June 10, 2008
Released in US: May 12, 2008
Released in EU: May 20, 2008

ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.

TV Show King is a quiz game that was a launch title for the WiiWare service.

Unused Models


Found in wheelbase.brres is an unused version of the wheel shell.



Found in hand.brres is a model of a hand which purpose is unknown.

Model Texture
TVSK Hand.brres.png TVSK Hand.brres texture.png

Unused Textures


An unused texture, presumably for the special events that occur between rounds.

TV show king - TvSpEvent.png