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Debug Items - Action Replay Codes To Verify

The official AR codes for Children of Mana (Have All Weapons, Have All Armor, Have All Accessories) definitely work, allowing you to get the Ultima/debug items. However, I've seen some codes for getting the items separately, which I haven't been able to get to work - I'm not sure whether or not the require the most recent (1.7, at this time) version of the ARDS firmware (my ARDS is one of the original models, and apparently, can't be updated to 1.7), if the codes are perhaps emulator-only, require any other code to also be active to use, etc. So, if anyone else can verify whether or not these AR codes work, feel free to add them to the article (or not).

  • Ultima Sword: 0212747A 00000063
  • Ultima Flail: 0212747B 00000063
  • Ultima Bow: 0212747C 00000063
  • Ultima Hammer: 0212747D 00000063
  • Ultima Armor: 021274D5 00000063
  • Ultima Ring: 021274D6 00000063

(Source: Skiller, from bsfree.org)

--Aoi 21:23, 16 July 2011 (EDT)