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Talk:Finding Nemo (GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox)

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This is the talk page for Finding Nemo (GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox).
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So there's a whole bunch of stuff that exists that I haven't documented and there's also some stuff that I haven't fully looked into. Models: There are plenty of unused models in the game and I have no way of easily obtaining the models. Here's a list of some of the models that exist: Nigel 3 earlier Nemo models 2 earlier Dory models 1 earlier Marlin model A seagull and a bunch of unused fish. Here's a video showing a few of the unused models:

If anyone can obtain these models and get high quality screenshots, that would be great. Some models also have some unused animations.


Originally, I thought that the levels were long gone as the GC version only contains their txt files (not counting test) but with the recent discovery that the PS2 version seems to contain the graphics and layout and such for these levels, they could be accessible. I have no idea how I could access them in any way but I'm sure that there must be a way so help is appreciated. Someone I know has been looking into accessing these unused stages although we haven't achieved it yet.


It is likely that there may be some unused sounds that nobody has uncovered yet as well as some more unused cut-scenes/dialogue and there might be some other things for all I know. There are also some unused FMVs in the GC version although they all seem to be duplicates of used FMVs so I haven't included them at the moment although I may do that in the future. I've looked into the XBOX version and it contains a bunch of DDS files which I'm currently unable to look at so I wanna see if there's a way to access them.

Interesting Video Files.

There's interesting video files hidden in the PS2 Version of Finding Nemo, i don't know if they're on other consoles but i found and uploaded them a while ago https://archive.org/details/nemodev/AC_EXT.PSS --Unused999 (talk) 01:52, 12 February 2023 (UTC)