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War Room

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Title Screen

War Room

Developer: NAP Consumer Electronics
Publisher: Probe 2000
Platform: ColecoVision
Released in US: 1983

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.

Defend the United States from incoming missile attacks from the safety of the war room, a place where no fighting should occur.

RōSHa Mode

A hidden message and mode from the developer, Robert "RōSHa" Harris, can be accessed by visiting any combination of cities that spell out his nickname with their first letters. (So Reno for R, Omaha for O, and so on.)

WarRoom RoSHAMode1.png

The message will replace the A city's statistics and pause gameplay. (Killer Bees is another game created by Bob Harris.)

Pressing a button will return the game to normal, albeit with a couple of extras enabled.

WarRoom RoSHAMode2.png

An additional city, RōSHa Isle, appears at the bottom-right corner of the map. It provides unlimited laser fuel. In addition, all of the city names are replaced with joke names:

Original Alternate
Albuquerque Bob Buquerque
Atlanta Plains
Augusta Bar Harbor
Birmingham Tuscaloosa
Bismarck Sink It
Boise Spudland
Boston Springfield
Brownsville Gulf Of Mexico
Chicago O'Leary Ville
Cincinnati Sin Sin City
Dallas Cow Town
Denver Mile High
Detroit Motor City
El Paso West Texas
Eugene Me Gene
Fresno Gold In Hills
Great Falls Good Stunts
Houston Harris County
Jacksonville Sun Tan
Kansas City Missouri City
Knoxville Worlds Fair
Las Vegas Gamble Town
Los Angeles Smogland
Memphis Mimphis
Miami Your Ami
Minneapolis Maxiapolis
New Orleans PSU #1 – 1982
New York City Bigappolis
Omaha Gee Whiz Maha
Phoenix Grand Canyon
Pittsburg Boalsburg
Rapid City Rabid City
Reno 'No
Salt Lake City Tabernacle
San Diego Ship Yard
San Francisco Golden Gate
Savannah Athens
Seattle Great NW
St. Louis Sudsbury
Tampa NOP Hospital
Tulsa Joplin
Washington Manassas

(Source: Digital Press (Bob Harris))