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Winnie the Pooh: The Honey Hunt

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Title Screen

Winnie the Pooh: The Honey Hunt

Also known as: Winnie Puh auf der Honigjagd (DE)
Developer: Disney Interactive
Platform: V.Smile
Released internationally: 2004

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

Probably the easiest jump-n-run on the V.Smile, but with surprisingly good level design and a touch of preschool knowledge.

Pooh wants to have a party, but because he doesn't have enough honeypots, he travels around the world to above the North Pole to find honey. That's logical, isn't it?

To do:
  • Unused graphics, such as unused honeypots and letters.
  • Regional differences.

Regional Differences

  • The main Learning Adventure was removed in the Chinese version, only having the minigames to pick from and no platforming sections like other versions.

Revisional Differences

A slightly updated version was later released along the Plus Joystick Controller that adds a writing pad and stylus. Several changes have been made to the game, most notably swapped out mini-games to support the touch features and some (partially questionable) minor changes.


Original Revision V.Motion Revision
Disneylogo-og-winniepoohhoneyhunt.png Disneylogo-rev1-winniepoohhoneyhunt.png Disneylogo-motionrev-winniepoohhoneyhunt.png
  • The Disney Interactive logo was changed in the newer revisions, with the V.Motion release of the game having the Interactive Studios text removed.
  • Sing along was added to the title screen.
  • The two unique animations for Pooh when reaching the goal have been replaced by his talking animation for some reason.
  • Pooh walks slower on the world map.

Intro Cinematic

Original Revision
Intro-og-winniepoohhoneyhunt.png Intro-rev-winniepoohhoneyhunt.png
  • The intro scene got a different background with the outlines being less sharp in the newer version.
  • Pooh's animation got slower in this scene.
  • Text color is yellow in the original, while black in newer revisions.

Level Differences

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The Hundred-Acre Wood

  • The Bee enemies got different eyes
  • The trapdoor leading to the first bonus room has been moved from the platform location directly in front of the checkpoint
    • Bonus room music has been removed and replaced with the main level theme for some reason
  • The first two bee enemies in the Honey Hide underground zone were removed, making the section pretty easy now
  • A campfire and one bee enemy after the Honey Hide underground section were removed

Up In A Honey Tree

  • An owl hole was added to the first tree

Rope Jumping Minigame

Has been replaced with a bridge piece puzzle game that uses the touchpad.

The Balloon Ride

  • The honey pods got different and swapped colors

Leaf Catching Minigame

Was removed entirely

Honey For The Winter

  • First underground section became higher
  • The first waterdrop "enemy" was removed

Pooh's Secret Trail Minigame

Got replaced with a Snowball fight minigame.

Crossing The Stream

  • Some stone hazards were moved arround

Balloon Minigame

Was added to the new version.

Learning Zone

Original Revision V.Motion Revision
Picture Search Guess the Gopher Find the Insects
Find the Insects Find the Insects Fixing Pooh’s Window
Fixing Pooh’s Window Draw & Write Letters Guess the Gopher
Guess the Gopher Connect the Dots Picture Search
  • The minigames "Fixing Pooh’s Window" and "Picture Search" were replaced with "Draw & Write Letters", and "Connect the Dots" in newer revisions.