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Addams Family Values (Genesis)

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Title Screen

Addams Family Values

Developer: Ocean
Publisher: Ocean
Platform: Genesis
Released in EU: 1994

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

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An overhead Action-RPG, similar to Zelda.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info

Debugging Features

There were once debugging commands assigned to various buttons (or button combinations), but the pointers to them were deleted in the final game. They can still be accessed by using game enhancer codes.

Debug Menu

Addams Family Values Mega Drive debug menu.png

Press Start while playing to open the debug menu.

Pro Action Replay (PAR) Game Genie
000908:C650 LAET-APTJ

You might prefer to access the debug menu by opening the Journal (map), which solves the problem of having to disable the codes each time you need to use the inventory. In that case, enter one of the following instead:

Pro Action Replay (PAR) Game Genie
18B20C:C650 LC3B-TPTN

Unlike Addams Family Values (SNES) which has tons more debugging features, this is a simple menu that only displays the X and Y coordinates and a list of places to warp to.

Use Continue to resume. Selecting Exit warps to the location selected in Section and Room.

Debug Cutscene Viewer

Addams Family Values Genesis debug 000912 cutscene 01.png

Press Start while playing to view a cutscene. Use just the first two codes from a set for the game's default behavior, which is to only display the smashed pillar hidden staircase cutscene, shown above. With the full set of codes entered, it's possible to view all 16 cutscenes. Note the game loads a black screen after showing the Congratulations! ending, but just press Start again to proceed.

Pro Action Replay (PAR) Game Genie
000906:0000 AAET-AAAG
000908:0912 CJET-AWAJ
000912:302E F2ET-BAJW
000914:09C8 3AET-AWAY
18E01A:000F B9TB-TAA4

Debug Reload Weapons And Restore Health

Addams Family Values Genesis debug 000922.png

Press Start while playing to add Small Rocks, Blue Marbles, Magical Seeds and Swamp Slime to the inventory, with a quantity of 100 for each. Shockwave and Lurch's Bowling Ball are also added. Fester is restored to full HP, too.

Pro Action Replay (PAR) Game Genie
000906:0000 AAET-AAAG
000908:0922 EJET-AWAJ

Debug Disable Collision

Press Start while playing to toggle the disable collision flag (walk though walls and NPCs/enemies). An alternate Pro Action Replay (PAR) code (i.e., a RAM cheat) is FF0A32:FFFF which disables collision always but is only a single code.

Pro Action Replay (PAR) Game Genie
000906:0000 AAET-AAAG
000908:0968 PAET-AWAJ

Debug Inventory

While in the inventory, move the cursor to an item you want to add or remove and lightly tap the A button. Exit and reopen the inventory to refresh the view.

Pro Action Replay (PAR) Game Genie
(Source: JLukas)

Unused Inventory Items

Two slots on the inventory screen are reserved for items that can't be obtained through normal gameplay.

Addams Family Values Mega Drive Portal Potion.png
Pro Action Replay (PAR) code FF76BC:00FF
This is completely unused. No references exist to it in the game dialogue. There is no portrait graphic, either.

Addams Family Values Mega Drive Black Egg.png
Pro Action Replay (PAR) code FF76DA:FF00
The Black Egg is still in the game, but not as an inventory item.

Error Text

Error handling display code is at $18CC84-18CD75.

Starting at $18CDF4 is the list of debug messages, some more technical than others:

Too Many Dma Sprites Error
Too Many Palettes Error
Linked Palette Error
Linked sprite Alloc Error
Linked Dma Sprite Error
Sprite Vram Alloc Error
Entry Error
Condition Error
Item Alloc Error
Door Error
Room not Found Error
Alloc Dma Sprites Error
Energy Fucked Error
Crash Error
Dma List Overflow Error
Too Many Baddies Error