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Alien Soldier

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Title Screen

Alien Soldier

Developer: Treasure
Publisher: Sega
Platform: Genesis
Released in JP: February 24, 1995
Released in US: November 5, 2007 (Wii Virtual Console)
Released in EU: June 1, 1995

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
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Alien Soldier is a high-octane "boss rush" style run-and-gun that was released late in the Mega Drive's life. While the US release was available on the Sega Channel, American hardcore gamers had to wait until 2007 to see a proper release on the Wii Virtual Console.


Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.

Password Screen

AlienSoldier SuperHardPassword.png

Super Hard Passwords

The password screen should technically allow the player to go to any stage on Super Hard mode using a password; the only issue is that the passwords for Super Hard are exactly the same as their Super Easy counterparts. Simply editing one of the Super Hard passwords in the ROM will cause this feature to work.

"Normal" Text

In-between the "PRESS C BUTTON" and "STAGE- LEVEL-HARD" text is unused text that reads "STAGE- LEVEL-NORMAL".

Early Title Screen Text

AlienSoldier EarlyTitleScreenText.png

The early title screen text seen in magazine previews still exists within the game. It appears that the font graphics were rearranged, resulting in discrepancies such as a "?" being where a "©" should be.

Unused Graphics

SEGA Graphic

AlienSoldier TitleScreenTextDisabled.png AlienSoldier-Sega.png

A unique ©SEGA copyright graphic is loaded on the title screen, but it's shortly overwritten by the copyright text. Disabling the text allows this graphic to be seen.

Unused big letters animation

AlienSoldier debug bigletters.gif

Enabling scene changing PAR code FFA285:78 will load somekind test of big letters animation. A more proper animation is shown after main story cutscene.

Controls: Down and Up - scrolling letters. B - changing letter. A - autoplay.

Japanese Font


Both features that would have utilized this 8×16 Japanese font were cut from the game, resulting in these graphics going unused.

Intro Sprites

AlienSoldier IntroKaede.png AlienSoldier IntroMan.png

Located at offset 0x188A16 are unused scene graphics of Kaede and an unknown man. The palette used by these sprites are loaded in during the intro, indicating that this is where they were intended to be used. The sprite of Kaede can be seen in a magazine preview.

This Thing


There is nowhere in the ROM that points to these graphics located at 0x1291DE, leaving their intended usage to be unknown. These could have possibly been used by a boss, since they're located near other boss graphics.

Unused Bosses

ID $01C0 Love Penguin

An unused boss that resembles a hand. It can be seen being fought in prerelease screenshots.

ID $03EC Lambda Bunny

AlienSoldier LambdaBunny.png

A rabbit boss with a cowboy motif. This one doesn't seem to be particularly finished; in fact, it does nothing. There does exist at least one unused animation for it, which depicts the character firing its gun. You can change the direction it's facing by pressing A/C, and you can move the gun by using the d-pad. This boss was once meant to appear on the box art of the game, but it was removed for obvious reasons.

(Source: https://twitter.com/megadriveshock/status/1336022623973748738)

ID $03FC Dragon

AlienSoldier Dragon.png

An unused dragon boss. The code for this boss doesn't work.

Harpy Force and Nemesis Force

As it turns out, Seven Force was actually intended to have 7 forms. The last 2 forms, Harpy Force and Nemesis Force, were never finished due to time constraints.

Unused Stages

X-Ages Room

AlienSoldier JampanArea.png

An entirely unused area, seen in prerelease screenshots, with 4 "stages". These stages were meant to take place after the snowy mountains area, as indicated by the location of the data in the game ROM. The first boss you must fight is Jampan, who is instead encountered in the aforementioned mountains area in the final game. The second boss is Lambda Bunny, who is unbeatable, so the game automatically advances to the next stage. The third boss doesn't work, but the graphics loaded into VRAM reveal its appearance: A praying mantis. The fourth and last boss uses code that is identical to the praying mantis'. Like the mantis, its graphics are loaded into VRAM, revealing it to be a mechanical fox, likely the scrapped "Sigma Fox" character seen in design documents. Human versions of Lambda Bunny and the mantis are loaded in as a part of the background's graphics set.

AlienSoldier Mantis.png AlienSoldier SigmaFox.png AlienSoldier UnusedHumans.png


AlienSoldier Laboratory.png

Located after the data for the stage where Missiray is encountered is unused stage data for a laboratory area. A short cutscene is played where Kaede goes down an elevator and walks into the lab. The stage then completes itself and the game moves on to the next one.

Unused Sounds

ID: $27

Unused SFX of Kaede saying "Harpy Force", meant to be used when transforming into the scrapped Seven Force form of the same name.

ID: $29

Kaede saying "Nemesis Force".

Scrapped Epsilon 1 Cutscene

AlienSoldier Spacecrafts.png

There is an unused cutscene intended to be played at the beginning of stage 17 where jets ascend into space and get obliterated by Epsilon 1's laser beams. The scene is meant to have 2 lines of dialogue, and it uses Seven Force's unused line as placeholders. An early version of this cutscene with slightly different graphics was once used in a prerelease build of the game seen in magazine screenshots.

Scrapped Text Screens

Unused screens of text that give an update on the story's current events. It can be inferred from the multiple early names that these screens derive from much earlier in development. The screens are skipped by pressing the start button. They can be activated by changing ROM offset 0x00036C to 4E714E71 and 0x01E276 to 4E714E71.

Stage 1

Text Translation
ー やってきたおとこ そして。。。 ー

いま、あいすべき ミカンせいじんたちがあぶたい!!
「アニマルギャング」の だいしんりゃくに
きょうふとかなしみが こだます、、、

きゃつらのそんざい ゆるしてはおけない!!
さあエイリアンソルジャー!! あばれてこい!!
- The man arrived, and… -

The lovable denizens of Planet Mikan are now in danger!!
With the massive invasion of the Animal Gang terrorist group,
Fear and sadness resound…

He cannot allow them to continue to exist!!
Now, rage, Alien Soldier!!

Stage 5

Text Translation
ー しのびよるびょうま やがて、、、 ー

そのブタイ  うつす。
てきの たいしょう「ワンダバ」が、ひこうきで
ズラかろうって ハラらしい。

そのとき、カレのせなかに ニブいイタミが、、、
- The demon of sickness creeps in, and soon… -

The site of the battle moves toward Mikan International Airport.
With Alien Soldier approaching, the enemy leader, Wandaba, seems to be planning to flee on an airplane.

“Not so fast, Let’s do this!!”
At that moment, he feels a dull pain in his back…

A mikan is a type of mandarin orange native to Japan, which would explain the appearance of the creatures in the background.

Stage 8

Text Translation
ー ワンダバ おえ!! しかし、、、 ー

カンいっぱつのところで アニマルギャングのボス、
ワンダバの ひこうきに とびのることのできた

じゅうりょくの そくばくから のがれた
スチールのつばさは ほうっておけば、
- Pursuing Wandaba!! But… -

By the skin of his teeth, Alien Soldier has managed to jump onto the Animal Gang boss’s airplane!!

If those steel wings, freed from the bonds of gravity, are left to their own devices, it seems they might just climb up and up to the end of the sky…

Stage 9

Text Translation
ー こうどいちまんメートルの ヤボウ ー

さぁ、のこるは アニマルギャングのドン、
ワンダバ  たおすだけ!!

じどうそうじゅうの ひこうきの うえは
にらみあいは ねっきムンムンだ!!

しかし、そのうしろから じゃあくできょだいな
- Climbing to an altitude of 10,000 meters  -

Well, all that’s left is to defeat Wandaba, the Don of the Animal Gang!!

It’s cold on top of the self-piloted airplane, but the enmity between Wandaba and Alien Soldier is steaming hot!!

But from behind them approached an enormous, evil shadow...
(Translation: Charles Norwood)

Scrapped Dialogue

Change ROM offset 0x00B462 to 67 and it will enable unused code that activates a dialogue exchange before fighting each boss. The dialogue only appears at the first attempt of a boss fight, and the text can be advanced more quickly by pressing any of the face buttons.


Text Translation

まずはこのジェットリッパーと てあわせねがあう。

ムシカラが いってくれるじゃねえかよ、オイ。

Welcome, Alien Soldier. I was getting tired of waiting.

First, I want you to go against me, JetsRipper.

Hey! You've got some nerve, you insect.

Show me what you've got! I'll turn you into sashimi!


Text Translation

スカルボスの ネムリ ジャマするんじゃない。


うんどうの じかんだ。ツキあうぜ。
Good morning. What are you?

Do not disturb Skullboss's sleep.

Did ya sleep well, baby??

It's exercise time. I'll be your partner.

Shell Shogun

Text Translation
うめっ! ケセものめ! ナニやつ!ナニやつ!!



ウドのデクのぼうめ! オレのうごきについてこれるか!
You! Ruffian! Who art thou? Who art thou?!

'Tis I, Shell Shogun!!

Well, I'm an Alien Soldier!!

Useless knave! Can you keep up with my movements?

Sniper Honeyviper

Text Translation

すまない。キサマの じんせいは、ここで あわる。

うるせえ。オレは オイボレになるまで いきてやる。

ハカに はいるのは、オマエさんのほうさ。
My name is Honeyviper.

Sorry. Your life ends here..

Shut up. I'll keep going until I'm an old coot.

You're the one who's going in your grave.

Madam Barbar

Text Translation
わたしは クラブバーバーともうします。どぞヨロシク。

だいじなトコロ チュキッといきますよ。フフフ、、、

やれるもんなら やってみろい、バーロー。

どうでもいいけど うまそうだな、オマエ。
My name is Crab Barber. Nice to meet you.

I'll just go snip that special spot. Heheheh...

Come try it if you can, you fool.

By the way, you look delicious.


Text Translation
ごぶさただな。このアサルトタイガーのツラ わすれたか?



It's been a while. Did you forget old Assault Tiger's face?

This is nice, like old times. Be my friend. The world is already over.

I can't believe you've become one of these terrorist dogs! Assault!

Where's your pride as an Alien Soldier?!


Text Translation

ワレワレは、ブリョクこうし ためらわない!

やれるものなら やってみろい、バーロー。

Warning! Warning! Drop your weapon!

I will not hesitate to use force!

Come try it if you can, you fool.

Interceptor standing by!

Seven Force

Text Translation
(Translation: Charles Norwood)

Regional Differences

Japanese English
Alien Soldier JP title.png Alien Soldier EU title.png

The Japanese version displays "VISUALSHOCK! SPEEDSHOCK! SOUNDSHOCK! NOW IS TIME TO THE 68000 HEART ON FIRE!", and displaces the logo and copyright notice downward.

"Visualshock! Speedshock! Soundshock!" was the tagline used in a Japanese Mega Drive advertisement.

Japanese English
Alien Soldier JP text.png Alien Soldier EU text.png

The introductory text scroll is different in English, with different names for A-Earth/Sierra. The Japanese version also has Japanese text scrolling right-to-left at the bottom.

Japanese English

A-Earth was in terrible crisis in the year 2015.

The shadow of the evil terrolist group called Scarlet blocked the way to the outside universe for human beings.

Members of Scarlet consist of artificial creatures created by A-Human using super genetic engineering. They are the secret society intended to destroy the entire human race.

In addition to the high intelligence and strong fighting power, they have special abilities capable of parasitic existence with human beings, animals and machinery. By using these abilities, they conquered A-Human and were about to obatin supremacy over A-Earth.

A-Human planned to assassinate Epsilon-Eagle, the boss of the Scarlet group with a special combat group capable of using super power despatched secretly.

The sudden attack by the group using its super power seriously damaged Epsilon and successfully threw him into the time space continum whitch had been liberated by using super power.

Later, as Xi-Tiger gained power from Scarlet by taking advantage of the confusion, terrorism toward A-Human became much more violent.

On the other hand, the hatred toward Xi-Tiger within the Scarlet group because of their cruel acts became bitter and voiced for restoration of Epsilon became stronger.

Xi-Tiger who was isolated form other group members decided to assassinate Epsilon. In order to Liberate the time space continum, They attacked the A-Human's research laboratory where boys and girls with super power were kidnapped.

At that time, Xi-Tiger sensed the existence of Epsilon in one of the boys. However, he could not read the evil will from Epsilon who was a parasite of the boy's body. Xi-Tiger was much confused and took a girl as hostage and demanded Epsilon to release the boy.

The boy who was beside himself with rage, converted his body into Epsilon.

A bird-man with steel wings took over the boy's will.

In his mind his real nature, human justice, battled with the foreign force.

Xi-Tiger sensed unknown power in Epsilon and escaped after killing the girl.

---Epsilon speaks--- I'll never let you go, Xi-Tiger!!

There is another bird-man who has Epsilon's body. However, his will is full of evil ambition and nobody knows his real intension.

He also flew away, chasing after Xi-Tiger.

The Year is 2015. The planet Sierra is gripped by fear and is in the midst of a deep crisis.

The evil terrorist group, Scarlet are still a commanding force. They have the power to prevent humans travelling to and from the outside universe.

Scarlet's members consist of artificial beings creates using super genetic engineering by the Sierrans. Scarlet is an underground organization that has been secretly formed with the express intention of destroying the human race.

In addition to their high level of intelligence and awesome strength, Scarlet's members are equipped with parasitic abilities that allow them to live within human beings, animals and machinery. Equipped with these abilities they conquered the Sierrans and stand on the brink of obtaining supremacy over Sierra

Epsilon-Eagle, the boss of the Scarlet group, is the intended target of an assassination attempt being planned by Sierrans. A special combat group, capable of using super powers, was secretly dispatched to carry out this mission.

Scarlet unleashed a sudden attack on epsilon with their super powers. Epsilon, seriously damaged by the attack, was thrown into the time-space continuum which had been activated by Scarlet's use of super powers.

With Epsilon seemingly gone forever, Xi-Tiger took control of Scarlet amidst the resulting confusion. With Xi-Tiger now in charge, the terrorist attacks against Sierrans became more frequent and brutal.

With this increase in attacks towards Sierrans, Xi-Tiger soon became unpopular amongst Scarlet members. As a result, the demands for the re-instatement of Epsilon as the leader of the Scarlet group became stronger.

Having been isolated from the other Scarlet members, Xi-Tiger Decided to assassinate Epsilon. In an attempt to activate the Time-space continuum, Xi-Tiger ordered an attack on the Sierrans' research laboratory, where children with super powers were behind held hostage having been kidnapped.

Xi-Tiger sensed something was wrong. He could feel the presence of Epsilon in one of the boys. However, he was unsure because he couldn't pinpoint the evil from Epsilon, who had entered the boy's body and was now living as a parasite inside of him. In an attempt to get Epsilon out of the Boy's Body, Xi-Tiger took a young girl hostage and threatened to kill her unless Epsilon released the boy.

The boy flew into a rage and morphed his body into Epsilon

Suddenly, where the boy had been standing, now stood a 'Birdman' with steel wings.

Epsilon's mind was in conflict as a battle between it's real nature, human justice, and the foreign force raged on.

Xi-Tiger could sense an unknown power within Epsilon, and fled immediately having killed the girl first.

---Epsilon--- 'Xi-Tiger, I will never let you get Away.'

Epsilon is not the only creature of his kind. Somehow Another 'Birdman' with a similar body had been created. Although their bodies were identical, their minds were very different. Unknown to everybody, the mind of the Mysterious new 'birdman' was filled with an evil ambition

He also flew off in search of Xi-Tiger..............

The Japanese version has spelling mistakes, including "terrolist", "despatched", "continum", "whitch", and "intension". The European version changes A-Earth to Sierra and A-Human to Sierrans.