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Army Men: Air Attack 2 (PlayStation 2)

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Title Screen

Army Men: Air Attack 2

Developer: 3DO Company
Publisher: 3DO Company
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in US: March 23, 2001
Released in EU: June 8, 2001

Hidden Cheats

A total of eight cheats, never before found by the internet can be inputted below. At the menu menu go into Continue Game then hit the Password option. Input any of the following cheats:

Password Inputs Cheat Effect
Left, Down, Circle, Down, Down, Left, Circle, X Grants access to all helicopters.
Up, X, Triangle, X, Down, Circle, Square, Left Grants access to all co-pilots.
Square, Left, Right, Triangle, X, Up, Square, X Grants access to all helicopters and co-pilots.
Circle, Up, Up, X, Square, Down, X, Square Grants access to the Toy Helicopter.
Down, Right, Square, Down, Up, X, Circle, Square Grants access to the UFO.
Circle, Triangle, Square, Left, X, Square, Circle, Up Grants access to the Zeppelin.
Up, Triangle, Square, Up, Down, X, Right, Triangle Grants invincibility.
Right, Circle, X, Up, Left, Circle, Down, Square Changes everything in the game to green.
(Source: Original TCRF research)