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Battlefield 3

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Title Screen

Battlefield 3

Developer: EA DICE
Publishers: Electronic Arts (US/EU), Sega (JP)
Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Windows
Released in JP: November 2, 2011
Released in US: October 25, 2011
Released in EU: October 28, 2011
Released in AU: October 27, 2011

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

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  • Because the game is encrypted, it isn't known how to extract anything from the game's files. When it becomes possible to extract files, try to do that.
  • Compare between the earlier E3 prototypes to the final game
  • There's plenty of Medal of Honor (2010) leftovers
  • There is unused text for earlier versions of the missions, including unused lines for Solomon
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Battlefield 3 is the somewhat-direct sequel to Battlefield 2, featuring stunning graphics, an optimized game engine, 32-player multiplayer, and a poorly-written campaign.

Unused Text

Developer URLs

In the game's files, there are a bunch of internal URLs that simply don't work. It's possible that some of the URLs were just internal network IP addresses.


E3 Level

A reference to a deleted map named "E3_Demo" can be found in the configuration files.

#Level.Start E3_Demo

Debugging Content

"Testrange" Maps

The game has a lot of testing maps, beginning with Testrange_. There are 7 variations of this level, but they are mostly leftovers from the Devkit.


According to the title and the only files that can be ripped, it seems that this map was used to test characters and props in-game. Only 3 files can be extracted, which are 3 color templates (Red, Green and Yellow) that were probably used to represent props.


The title of the map says it all. The only files found in this folder are skybox files featuring stars and the moon. It was a map in the night. It was most likely used to test out the lighting of the Frostbite 2 engine.


This one is extremely interesting; because of the "mp02_ground_mudstones" file, the mp_02 map doesn't exist in the level folder (according to the folder structure, that's the only one missing). It was possibly a level cut from the game, or it got renamed during development. The other file is also really weird, because of the "sp03_jungleground01_N". The Sp03 mission is another weird story because the folder is almost empty. Possibly a leftover from a Rome prototype in Bad Company 2.


This map is most likely a test map used to test out the translucency capabilities of the Frostbite 2 engine.


The title says it all. It's a testing map used to test out Frostbite 2's water flowing effects.


It might be a map used to test smoke effects.


According to the only file available, this map was created to test the soldier animations and to optimize them.


Venice was the codename given to Battlefield 3. In that folder, you can find 4 levels, which must have been early tests on the new Frostbite engine. The levels don't have names.


Might be used to test explosions, because it seems to have a lot of cistern and barrels.


Nothing about this one. It's likely a map used to test scenery effects or models in the game.


Possibly Atacama Desert from Battlefield: Bad Company 2, as Rome was BC2 codename.


Test level from BF3 SDK. It's likely that this is a sandbox, as God Mode is activated by default on this map.

Debug Strings

Debug strings can be found in the game's files. At the moment, there is no way to toggle them due to the game's security.

Game.DifficultyIndex	  -1 // Debug difficulty index to data GameConfigurations/Game_Difficulty_Settings.dbx

Unreleased Elements


In the level list, three level names of interest can be found:

* TutorialMP
* TutorialMP_Sandbox
* TutorialMP_ShootHouse.

They are not present in the actual game's files.


If you compare the retail level folder with the container folder, you will notice that a lot of levels were deleted from the final game.


You can't find really useful information on this one.


Another cut co-op mission on the cliffside.


A mission that may take place in a company complex (serverroom, roof, endroom...). Seems similar to the night co-op mission from the final game.


A multiplayer map in a sand environment with a smoke pillar (crash site?).


Nothing interesting for this level, except that it has a huge cluster of cars.


Computers, an interview room, a color cube, and a window... Nothing really useful for this level. It's likely based on the interrogation scenes from the campaign mission.


You can find 3 weird maps that begin by 'XP1_'. No Information about the aim or the origin of these maps.

Level_01 to 06

Levels from the Venice prototype. Can't tell more about it due to a lack of data.


A Level from the Venice prototype. No Information about it. Possibly replaced by Operation Metro.


Another level from the Blaze (Battlelog Codename) and Venice time. This was possibly an earlier version of Operation Métro.

Unused Gamemodes

King Of The Hill

For an unknown reason, the game mode set by default in a file is KOTH. But you can't find it anywhere else.


Spectator mode can be found in some files, but isn't available in the final game. This feature was soon implemented in the PC, PS4, and Xbox One versions of Battlefield 4.


Bots were maybe used only to debug the multiplayer part of Battlefield 3, but you can still find some lines about it. They were most likely used to test out the AI bots for multiplayer during development.

Unused Weapons & Vehicles


Might be a prop created for the trailer.


Same as above.


Come from the _old folder, but looks quite complete.


Only the HUD icon remains.


The only remnant of the AH64 are the rotors remaining in the game's files.


Seems finished, as it is the default knife you carry whilst playing as Dima in the single player campaign. Was most likely intended to be different from the classic knife. It might have been the original Premium knife, which was then replaced by the ACB-90. The Machete was eventually added in Battlefield 4 as an unlockable.

Preview image of the machete used by Dima

The Hidden Vehicle

In the Mission "Kaffarov", there is a way to exit the map without being blown up, which is at the beginning of the level after the skydive cutscene. Once you get out of the map, you can keep walking to a place near Kaffarov's Compound that you can't get to normally. In this area, there is an unidentified vehicle (most likely an SUV), that you can actually drive, although it's really clunky and doesn't have very good interior textures modeled. Judging from this, it was possibly a leftover from an earlier version of the game. This could also be a remnant for some sort of vehicle test, or could have originally been used to get to the compound. This would have most likely been carried over to Battlefield 4 as the SUV that appears at the end of the first level in the game, Baku. This vehicle also functions as a regular driveable vehicle in Battlefield Hardline.