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Proto:Battlefield 4

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Battlefield 4.

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The earliest version of Battlefield 4 that was leaked after E3 2013. This version was mainly played by YouTube Celebrities at DICE Headquarters in Los Angeles, California.


  • All the servers that were open in the Alpha are Unranked, meaning everything is unlocked (even the DICE Developer camo) at the cost of ranks resetting at the end of each round.
  • The M16A3 was planned to make a return, as shown in the alpha, but was scrapped in favor of the M16A4, due to the lack of burst-fire only weapons.
  • Camos that were later released as Premium-Only camos such as KLMK were originally part of the base game.
  • Only one level is playable: Paracel Storm.
  • The Battlelog platoon tags default to the team the player is on (CN for Team China, US for Team USA, despite the American Faction being absent in the Alpha, and RU for Team Russia).
  • The American faction is omitted on Paracel Storm in the Alpha, being replaced by the Russian Faction. This was changed in the final, as Russians fighting Chinese was just to show off the third faction.
  • Most of the Russian voice clips are recycled from Battlefield 3 only on multiplayer. These voice clips are also sometimes heard among the Russian Soldiers in the Final product's Single Player Campaign.
  • When capturing objectives in Conquest, the on-screen progress bar says "Capturing" instead of the final's "Flag Status".

Private/Open Beta

A version made playable from March 3-14 via Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, and Origin for PC. Owners of Medal of Honor: Warfighter Digital Deluxe Edition for PC (or Gold Edition for Consoles), Limited Edition, Project Honor Edition or Battlefield 3 Premium would get two days of early access.


  • Siege of Shanghai is the only playable level in the Beta.
  • Three modes to choose from: Conquest, Obliteration (For PC only. Though this is a selectable option on consoles, selecting it will do nothing.), and Domination.
  • Only two of each weapon type can be obtained, see below.
  • The weapons available are as follows:
    • Assault Rifles: SCAR-H and AK-12.
    • Carbines: AK-5C and ACW-R.
    • Sidearms: P226 and M9.
    • LMGs: U-100 MK5 and Type 88.
    • PDWs: MX4 and UMP-45.
    • Sniper Rifles: CS-LR4 and M40A5.
    • Shotguns: QBS-09 and 870 MCS.
    • DMRs: MK11 Mod 0 and RFB.
    • Rocket Launchers: RPG-7V2 and FIM-92.
  • In Domination mode, there is an M82A3 CQB by the store at Objective A. The final replaced this with an M32 MGL for balancing reasons.
  • Also in Domination, the reward for capturing points was 100 in the Beta, then reduced to 25 in the final.
  • In order to get a melee kill, you had to wait until the knifing animation was done, unlike the final version that gives you the kill mid-animation, most likely to prevent frustration.
  • The Counter-knife text prompt was omitted in the beta.
  • Iron sights on sniper rifles had to be unlocked via battlepacks.
  • The "Reload Full Mags" server option in the final version is enabled by default. The feature, when reloading, depletes one magazine from the player's ammo count when reloading, whether or not any bullets were in the previous magazine. This feature enables a bug when using shotguns in the beta, as reloading one shell takes away six (QBS-09) or eight (870 MCS) spare shells. This was fixed in the final, where all spare ammo in the magazine goes straight into spare ammo storage. The "Reload Full Mags" option is disabled by default in the final version, except when playing on the Classic preset or when a purchased server enables this feature.
  • The RPG-7V2 can lock on to Recon-designated targets (including Scout Helicopters) in the Beta, an attribute that is not carried by the final version's variant of the RPG-7V2.