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Battleship, Perfection, and Trouble

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Title Screen

Battleship, Perfection, and Trouble

Developer: ImaginEngine
Publisher: Atari, SA
Platform: Windows
Released in US: August 20, 2007

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

A collection of board games on the computer. Not very exciting.

Unused Graphics

Bsptr OKBtn0.gif Bsptr OKBtn2.gif Bsptr CancelBtn0.gif Bsptr CancelBtn2.gif

Common/OptionsDialog/OKBtn0.bik, OKBtn2.bik, CancelBtn0.bik and CancelBtn2.bik are leftover OK and cancel buttons from Boggle, Upwords, Hangman, and Word Hunter.

Bsptr earlyperfectionbackground.png

Perfection/PerfectionScreen/background.tga depicts an early version of Perfection.

Bsptr candylandBackground.png

Trouble/BoardBuilderScreen/Background.tga is a very strange graphic for Trouble. It's the same as the classic board background, except "CANDY LAND" is crudely plastered over the logo, the die has been covered up with a square and in a fashion similar to the actual game of Candy Land, there are colored boxes over the spaces leading up to "WIN!".

Bsptr profileselectBackground.png

ProfileSelection/Background.tga is a profile selection screen, despite there being no profiles at all in-game whatsoever.

Bsptr EditLinkDlgBg.png Bsptr EditNodeDlgBg.png

Trouble/BoardBuilderScreen/EditLinkDlgBg.bmp and EditNodeDlgBg.bmp seem to be debugging material.

Bsptr RefreshBtn0.png Bsptr RefreshBtn1.png Bsptr RefreshBtn2.png Bsptr RefreshBtn3.png Bsptr RefreshBtn4.png

Common/Buttons/RefreshBtn0.tga through RefreshBtn4.tga are crudely scribbled out "JOIN" buttons, apparently meant for some sort of "refresh" function.

Unused Sounds

Test sound effects for each game.

Unused Videos


Within the Splash folder is an unused, choppy intro screen.


Within the MainMenu folder is the credits screen leftover from Boggle, Upwords, Hangman, and Word Hunter.