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Bratz: Forever Diamondz (GameCube)

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Title Screen

Bratz: Forever Diamondz

Developer: Blitz Games[1]
Publisher: THQ[1]
Platform: GameCube
Released in US: September 18, 2006[1]
Released in EU: November 3, 2006[1]
Released in AU: November 9, 2006[1]

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.

Doez the letter S even exizt in the Bratz univerze?

Development Text

Bratz_Gamecube Master Fast Build.map

Download.png Download Bratz_Gamecube Master Fast Build.map
File: BratzDiamondzMasterFastBuildMAP.rar (info)

Is a rather large file containing a map as seen below.

Address  Size     Align Out     In      File    Symbol
00000000 00000000     1 .comment
00000000 00000000     1         .comment
00000000 00000000     1         <default>
80003100 0000038c     4 .init
80003100 0000038c     4         .init
80003100 00000368     1                 C:\Program Files\SN Systems\ngc\lib\libsn.a(crt0.o)
80003100 00000000     0                         __start
80003464 00000000     0                         __init_vm
80003464 00000000     0                         __premain
80003468 00000024     4                 C:\DolphinSDK1.0\HW2\lib\os.a(__ppc_eabi_init.o)
80003468 00000024     0                         __init_hardware
8000348c 00000000     1         <default>
800034a0 002ef578    10 .text
800034a0 002ee540    10         .text
800034a0 000ed91c     4                 c:\Projects\Bratz\Objects\Gamecube Master Fast Build\BratzSourceFiles.obj
800034a0 00000154     0                         SetFacialExpression(CFSetFacialExpression *)
800c98d4 0000008c     0                         CFacialExpressionManager::SetExpression(EPSEFacialExpression)
800035f4 00000428     0                         PlayFootstep(CFPlayFootstep *)
800eea38 000000d0     0                         CGameMode_HubWorld::IsNodeInCurrentLocation(CFWorldNode *)
800e3844 00000008     0                         CCharacter::GetCharacterIndex(void)
800e8584 0000002c     0                         CSimulationObject::IsInContactWithGround(void)

Bratz_Gamecube Master Fast Build.ddf

; [Input] Section
;   DvdRoot="<Root Directory>"
;       The name of the directory containing files to be emulated.
;       A table for the FST file is generated by retrieving files under the
;       directory specified here.
;   LDRFileName="<LDR File Name>"
;       The name of the Application Loader file.
;   BI2FileName="<BI2 File Name>"
; [Output] Section
;   LayoutFileName="<output Dlf-File>"
;       The name of a disk layout file. 
;   SystemFileName="<output Dsf-File>"
;       The name of a system binary file. 
;   FsInfoFileName="<output Dif-File>"
;       The name of a FST information file. 
;       * This is a text file for checking the FST layout. The optical disk emulator
;         does not reference this file.
; [DiskID] Section
;   GameName=<Game Name>
;       The video game title in the 4Byte ASCII code supplied by Nintendo.
;   Company=<Company Name>
;       The company name in the 2Byte ASCII code supplied by Nintendo.
;   DiskNumber=<Disk Number>
;       Disk number information for multiple disks.  The number starts from 0.
;       If there is only a single disk, the disk number will be 0.
;   GameVersion=<Game Version>
;       The version number of the video game.
;   Streaming=<Streaming Flag>
;       The flag for the streaming mode.  "1" should be specified for the
;       streaming mode, otherwise "0" should be specified.
;   StreamingBufSize=<Streaming Buffer Size>
;       Number of Streaming buffers.
;   DiskInfo="<Long Game Name>"
;       The character string of the video game title (Kanji characters are
;       available.).
;   TotalDisk=<Total Number of Disks>
;       Total number of disks.
DiskInfo="Bratz: Forever Diamondz"
; [BB2] Section
;   FSTMaxLength=<size>
;       The size of the area reserved for FST.
;   FSTAddress=<address>
;       The address where FST should be put.(Start address is specified by FSTAddress.)
;   FSTEndAddress=<address>
;       The address where FST should be put.(End address is specified by FSTEndAddress.)
;   FSTuserTop=<lba>
;       The start of LBA in the user area.(If omitted, this is set the start of LBA in the usable free area.)
;   FSTuserEnd=<lba>
;       The end of LBA in the user area.
; RJC: Setup for master builds (max: 1459978240 bytes)
; [BI2] Section
;   DEBUGFLAG=<flag>
;       Set this to 0 when not using the any debugger on GDEV, set to 3  when using the CodeWarrior debugger on GDEV.
;   LongFileNameSupport=<flag>
;       Set to 1 for long file name support; set to 0 to restrict file to 8.3 format.
;   Arguments="<arg>"{[,"<arg>"]}
; [LbaAlign] Section
;   <Priority>="<File Name>",<LBA Align>
;       Aligns the <File Name> file with the <LBA Align> boundary on the
;       optical disk.
;       This is used for the files which need the boundary for the starting
;       position like ADPCM data.  (ADPCM needs to be aligned with a 32KByte
;       boundary according to the specification.)
;       The evaluation priority is decided depending on the <Priority> value.
;       (A bigger numerical value takes higher priority.) 
; [Layout] Section
;   <Priority>="<File Name>",<laypout val>
;       The <File Name> file is laid out on the optical disk according to the
;       <layout val> value.
;       If the <layout val> value is negative, the files are laid out from the inside of the disk, and if it is positive, they are laid out from the outside of the disk.
;       This is used to lay out files on the outer area to shorten the access
;       time.
;       The evaluation priority is decided depending on the <Priority> value.
;       (A bigger numerical value takes higher priority.)