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Bully (PlayStation 2)/Development Leftovers and Oversights

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This is a sub-page of Bully (PlayStation 2).

To do:
Pretty long and diversified. Might be worth looking into organizing this differently.
  • The minimap is full of inconsistencies, so make a section for that.
  • Gord's default model's UV mapping is incorrect, resulting in his tie taking its texture from his pants.
  • Ivanovich's default model's UV mapping is incorrect, resulting in his badge not appearing properly.
  • Adding more technicality would be nice.


Mr. Galloway could have helped revising these...


Introduction video

The introduction was recorded using a slightly earlier version of the game.

  • (0:13) The streetlights on the left have a fake shadow.
  • (0:13) The bus bench is missing.
  • (0:17) The bus stop sign is white with red text.
  • (1:05) Gord can be seen wearing a sweater.

Loading Screen Art

The widescreen variation of the second splash art with Mr. Burton wasn't updated and still features a slightly earlier design of his shorts.

4:3 Splash Art 16:9 Splash Art
Bully loadsc02.png Bully wloads02.png


Bully Yearbook.gif

The Yearbook uses pictures from earlier character designs:

  • Bo and Kirby have the Bullworth crest instead of the shield.
  • Bucky wears a nerd sweater instead of a vest.
  • Chad wears an earring, which was present in his original design, and is still there in his Boxing model.
  • Dan's picture is of his earlier design, being unique instead of a clone of Kirby's model. He's also not posed like the other students.
  • Derby is misplaced between Dan and Davis as his original name was Darby, earlier in development. He also wears an ascot, part of his earlier design and his appearance during Complete Mayhem.
  • Gord and Tad are wearing sweaters instead of vests.
  • Gordon has a different sweater.
  • Jimmy is shown with an earlier model.
  • Karen's hair is different and notably darker.
  • Lance has a different sweater.
  • Mandy is using an earlier design.
  • Pete is shown using his nickname known as "Petey", for some reason.
  • Russell, Trent, Wade, and Tom wear sweaters over their shirts.
  • Tad and Gord are wearing sweaters instead of vests.
  • Zoe wears her casual outfit instead of her school uniform. It's possible that her school uniform wasn't designed yet.
  • Strangely, this also goes over to the Anniversary Edition, even though it was previously fixed on the Wii version.


Welcome to Bullworth

During the fight against Wade, if all moves are unlocked via cheating/modding, the player can perform a heavy uppercut instead of the overhead punch.

The developers forgot to apply a late change made to Jimmy's fighting style to the one used in this tutorial.

The Setup

In the intro cutscene, school ambiance noises can clearly be heard, a leftover from when the mission started inside the school.

Clips of the cutscene taking place inside the school can be seen in the game's first trailer.

Filename Audio

The Diary

In the intro cutscene, Beatrice has a unique model for which the developers forgot to make a winter variation of, in case the player plays the mission in Chapter III.


Bully HalloweenCutsceneProps.png

In the intro cutscene, the game spawns the CS_PILLOW and CS_CHAIR models, with the latter never being in camera view.

Prep Challenge

The script makes Jimmy play an animation when he's checking the poster.
The animation group containing it, however, isn't loaded, resulting in Jimmy temporarily being in an A-pose.

The animation in question can be seen being used twice by Jimmy when talking to the nerds during Nerd Challenge.

As-is Intended
Bully PrepChallengeBeachHouseLowQuality.png

After beating the mission, the game attempts to spawn Jimmy on the beach, and then focuses the camera on the beach house.
However, that spawn point, 3_R09_BEACH, doesn't exist, so Jimmy will be teleported in front of the Boxing Gym.
Because of that, and due to how the game handles the loading of assets far from Jimmy, the beach house's model won't have some of its assets loaded.

This was later fixed on the Wii version of Scholarship Edition.

The Eggs

  • In the cutscene where Jimmy arrives at Tad's house with eggs, one of the characters in the prep trio is Parker, but is replaced with Gord in-game after the cutscene ends. This indicates one of the two was planned to replace the other in this role.
  • While fighting Justin, he says lines that are clearly not appropriate for the situation: making remarks about being fast. These quotes show that originally, instead of him fighting, the player was supposed to chase him around Tad's yard.
Filename Audio Transcript
You won't catch me, Hopkins!
See ya!
I'm too fast for you, Hopkins.
Nice try, slowpoke!

Weed Killer

Any Tad ped will run faster than normal if this mission is active, as scripted in Prep_Walk.cat.
This is a leftover from a scrapped objective.

Dishonorable Fight

The ropes Jimmy uses during the mission's intro can be interacted with at all times and have multiple interaction points.
They, however, will only properly work during the mission, resulting in Jimmy A-posing in freeroam.

It's possible Jimmy was supposed to manually get out of the ring, earlier in development.

Cook's Date

Bully CooksDateMugs.png

Two mugs are supposed to spawn only when this mission is active.
However, they can only appear if the map is reloaded.

In normal circumstances, due to the mission's timer, they can only be seen if the player enters the nearby Aquaberry store and leaves.

Jealous Johnny

At the end of the intro cutscene, Johnny tells Jimmy to meet him in the New Coventry underpass, which might not seem weird at first... except they are already there!

This references the fact that the cutscene originally took place in the Auto Shop, and resulted in Johnny seeming kinda dumb due to the dialogue remaining unchanged.

Wrong Part of Town

Cornelius' dialogue mentions a pizza parlor that doesn't exist in the actual game. It was redesigned into a police station.

The Rumble

The mission's script spawns a few props that are no longer relevant:

  • The ones in the alleyway might have been meant for when chasing Peanut.
  • Despite one already being loaded all the time, a copy of a train carriage gets spawned in the same spot. Causing Z-fighting in motion.
Bully TheRumbleOutOfBoundsCop.png

Officer Williams is meant to be present in the scenario where Norton is being inspected by Officer Monson.
The script, however, disables his collision, so he falls off the map.


  • Just like Tad in Weed Killer, Peanut is programmed to run faster during this mission in Walk_Greasers.cat. Originally, he was going to escape on foot rather than on a bicycle.
  • Aside from Peanut, the greasers that the player fights in the alleyway at the end of the mission don't match the ones seen in the intro cutscene of Fighting Johnny Vincent: Lefty and Vance get replaced with Hal and Ricky.
    As shown by the unused dialogue, this was originally supposed to be consistent, and the conversation with Vance was meant to instead happen when searching for Peanut.

Funhouse Fun

When operating the reapers, Jimmy is teleported by the entrance of the cemetery, out of view, and the player is expected to watch the screen and press X at times.
The developers, however, forgot to disable Jimmy's controls, meaning the player can do whatever they want for the whole segment.

The Big Game

When Kirby gets the rigged ball, he is briefly in focus before the camera is moved further away.
This is to hide the fact that the animation he plays has him look at his left hand, while the ball gets attached to his right hand.

The animation in question was originally meant for Damon in the scrapped mission The Paddle and was recycled here.

Chapter IV Transition

During the cutscene, Jimmy is shown getting kissed on his left cheek by Mandy, but judging by her voice, she was clearly supposed to be Lola instead.

Busting In Part II

This mission's .DAT file spawns several items, but 8 of which are placed on unreachable buildings.

(Source: TheNathanNS)

The Wonder Meats slaughterhouse is not relevant during the mission, but if the player goes there, townies can be seen present: two stationary ones outside the front entrance and two roaming inside the building. When the player gets close to the building, Zoe will say a line that is more noticeable with subtitles on, as the voice clip can barely be heard due to her being programmed to stand still in areas far from there.

As shown by unused dialogue, there was going to be an objective where the player had to activate the switch inside this building, with the player having the option to be stealthy.

Showdown at the Plant


The mission's script has a thread running in the background at all times, allowing the player to interact with the elevator Edgar uses with the Triangle button.

It's possible the player was supposed to use it at some point, earlier in development.

(Source: deadpoolXYZ (Discovery), SimonBestia (Recording))

Complete Mayhem

Bully CompleteMayhemDumpster.png

The script spawns a dumpster in one of the walls of Blues Skies Shipping, a location that is never visited during the mission. Jimmy was supposed to climb on it to sneak to the Wonder Meats factory, earlier in development, but in the final game, this area leading to Wonder Meats is covered with a fence that doesn't allow access.

In the NIS after saving Russell, the script restores Jimmy's controls after he is done talking, for some reason, allowing the player to do whatever they want until the next part's script disables them again.

The collision set for the vandalized library differs from the normal one, being simpler.
As the walls lack collision past a certain height in this set, the player can jump out of bounds because of the ruined fences on the second floor.

Final Showdown

To do:
Figure out why.

The mission's script spawns two Beam Colas, however, the game fails to do so.


Art Class

Bully ArtClassBrush.png

The instructions for Art Class mention a power-up called Brush; it, however, is unused.

This mention was removed on the Wii and PC versions of Scholarship Edition.

(Source: EdgarPrastio)

Gym Class

During Wrestling lessons, holding L3 while moving and pressing Triangle will make Jimmy perform a running tackle, which will deal damage to Fatty if done in Gym 1.
The game can potentially softlock if the player lets Fatty disappear after being knocked out before the player is tasked with defeating him.

This is likely a leftover from an earlier control scheme for the wrestling fighting style.

Another leftover is a choke grapple that can only be performed if the player is crouching and is behind their opponent, which is normally impossible during the class.

Combining the previous oversight to get Fatty stuck by leaving the mat after knocking him out, with modding to make the game believe Jimmy is crouching, it's possible to perform it.

(Source: deadpoolXYZ (Discovery) SimonBestia (Recording))

One of the moves taught to the player in Gym 3 is the 3 Hit Combo Takedown, which wouldn't be odd... except the player already has this move since the beginning of the game.

It's possible that this combo got added to Jimmy's starting moveset late in development and after they had already programmed it to be taught here.

Go-Kart Races

Bully GoKartRaceFailText.png

When failing a Go-Kart race, the text is scripted to be displayed in yellow, rather than the usual red color that's used for mission failures.



School Entrance Mold

Bully SchoolEntranceMold.png

One of the mold patches on the entrance's structures is misplaced.

This was fixed in Scholarship Edition.

Rocket in my Pocket Windows

The Rocket in my Pocket store in Bullworth Town has three destroyable windows.

This is a leftover of a scrapped objective in the mission Movie Tickets.

Old Bullworth Vale Lamps

Bully OldBullworthValeLamps.png

The lamps in one of the houses in Old Bullworth Vale are misplaced. Their model is mostly hiding inside its structure.

Russell's House Missing Geometry

Bully RussellHouseGeometry.png

The front side of Russell's house has a piece of geometry missing.

Bullworth Town Movie Teather doorways


Behind the broken doors of the closed-down cinema in Bullworth Town, a doorway can be seen.

As seen in pre-release material, earlier in development the cinema was actually operational and the Movie Tickets mission originally took place there.

Bullworth Town Motel doorways

Bully InAndOutMotelDoorway.png

Behind the central door of the closed-down motel in Bullworth Town, a doorway can be seen.

It's possible it was operational earlier in development, like the cinema.

Spazz Industries Molds

Some of the molds on the Spazz Industries' building are misplaced.

Judging by how they're perfectly in line with the others, it's possible the building was different at some point.

Wonder Meats Factory Window

A texture for a window is placed inside the model of the factory. Its intended look can be seen in early renders.

Bully WonderMeatsOutOfBoundsWindow1.png

School Geometry

Behind one of the walls on the second floor of the school, there is a window that would go on top of a door. This matches with one of the pre-rendered images of the school. It's entirely black on PlayStation 2 due to a lack of lighting.

Bully SchoolDoorLeftover.png BullySE SchoolDoorLeftover.png

Two Halloween decorations are misplaced.

Two Christmas decorations are misplaced.

Bully SchoolOutOfBoundsFood.png

There is an out of bounds food texture behind the kitchen in the cafeteria.

Gym Geometry

Bully GymDoorsReflection.png

The doors for the reflection under the floor use the older brown design instead of the blue one.

Tenements Geometry

Bully TenementsOutOfBoundsWall.png

In the balcony area, there is a texture placed behind one of the walls.


Early Character Textures

Some of the variations of the characters weren't updated to match their default counterparts.

CS_JKH1_Damon JKH1_Damon
Bully CS JKH1 Damon.png Bully JKH1 Damon.png
Damon's cutscene variation has different shoes, a leftover from his earlier design.
JKH3_Casey_Ween JKH3_Casey
Bully JKH3 Casey Ween.png Bully JKH3 Casey.png
Casey's Halloween variation has the academy crest.
PRH2_Bryce_OBOX PRH2_Bryce
Bully PRH2 Bryce OBOX.png Bully PRH2 Bryce.png
Bryce's boxing variation has darker hair, a leftover from an earlier design.
CS_TE_MathTeacher_W TE_Math_Body_W
Bully CS TE MathTeacher W.png Bully TE Math Body W.png
Mr. Hattrick's winter cutscene variation has a slightly different jacket, and pants. And also features a white dress shirt.
Bully CARNIKID1.png Bully GN Boy02.png
Trevor's carnival variation has the academy crest.
CARNIKID2 GN_Asiangirl
Bully CARNIKID2.png Bully GN Asiangirl.png
Angie's carnival variation has the academy crest.
Bully CARNIKID3.png Bully GN WhiteBoy.png
Gordon's carnival variation has the academy crest.

Texture Leftovers

Texture areas that aren't mapped to anything due to design changes.

Texture Notes
Bully JK Dan01.png Dan's JK_Dan01 texture contains a part of a shirt under his left eye meant for his earlier design.
Bully CS PR2nd Bif 01.png Bif's CS_PR2nd_Bif_01 texture contains a watch strap at the bottom-left corner and the watch itself next to it meant for his earlier design.
Bully PRlead Darby 01.png Derby's PRlead_Darby_01 texture contains a red scarf at the bottom-left corner meant for his earlier design.
DOlead Russell 01.png Russell's DOlead_Russell_01 texture contains a tie at the upper-left corner meant for his earlier design.
Bully TO Fireman01.png O'Rourke's TO_Fireman01 texture contains a cigarette at the upper-left corner meant for his earlier design.

Pre-rendered Screens

To do:
  • Add comparison screenshots where they're missing or remove them if they have no differences.
  • The texture on the window leading to the girls' dorm attic has some differences, locate the texture and compare it here.

Behind the doors that transition to another area of the game, there are low-resolution textures showing a picture of where the player is going.
A lot of them show differences from the time these were taken.
Note that the textures have been enlarged here for better visibility.


SC_HallScreen In-game
BullySE-SC HallScreen.png BullySchoolInfirmaryDoorExterior.png

In front of the Infirmary door, in the first floor's left wing.

  • The hole connecting to the lobby near the cafeteria used to be blocked off, with another set of lockers being there, instead.
SC_AudiScreenA In-game
BullySE-SC AudiScreenA.png Placeholder.png

In front of the auditorium's entrance.

SC_AudiScreenB In-game
BullySE-SC AudiScreenB.png Placeholder.png

In front of the auditorium's balcony entrance.

SC_HallScreen1 In-game
BullySE-SC HallScreen1.png BullySchoolCafeteriaExterior.png

Outside the cafeteria.

  • As seen more clearly in the game's first trailer, the staircases leading to the second floor used to extend to the pillars on its sides, thus why the left view is being blocked.
  • The flag on the wall was missing.
  • The "Cafeteria" sign cannot be seen, it was either missing or placed elsewhere.
  • There was an unknown object on the floor that is not present in the final game, possibly a garbage bin.
BullySE-SC MHallScreen5.png

A picture taken on the right wing of the removed third floor, as evidenced by the presence of red lockers, which follows the pattern of each floor having its own locker color (the first floor has brown and the second floor has blue).
The red locker, NLock03B, still remains the game, unused.

SC_MHallScreen7 In-game
BullySE-SC MHallScreen7.png BullySchoolBiologyDoorExterior.png

In front of the Biology door, on the second floor's left wing.

  • The "2" sign either looked different or something else used to be in its place.
  • On the wall on the right there used some kind of board where there now is a bunch of papers.
  • The fire alarm beacon at the end of this area was not present.
  • This picture reveals that at the end of this part there used to be the stairs leading to the removed third floor, where there now is a conspicuously empty large wall.
  • There used to be an unknown sign on the left of the aforementioned stairs.

Main Map

SC_DormScreen1/SC_DormScreen2 In-game
Bully-SC DormScreen1.png Bully-SC DormScreen2.png BullyBoysDormExteriorInFrontDay.png BullyBoysDormExteriorInFrontNight.png

In front of the boys' dorm.

  • Some trees were absent.
GdormScreen/GdormScreenN In-game
Bully-GdormScreen.png Bully-GdormScreenN.png BullyGirlsDormAtticExteriorDay.png BullyGirlsDormAtticExteriorNight.png

In front of the girls' dorm's attic window.

  • Some trees were absent.
  • The biggest rock was shorter and flat on the top.
SC_ObservScreen1/SC_ObservScreen2 In-game
BullySE-SC ObservScreen1.png BullySE-SC ObservScreen2.png BullyObservatoryExteriorDay.png BullyObservatoryExteriorNight.png

In front of the observatory.

  • The wall on the left of the stairs seems to not have been present.
  • The right-most tree in the background was not present, this later-added tree does somewhat stick out in the final game since it can be seen clipping through the rock it's supposed to be placed next to.
SC_PoolScreen1/SC_PoolScreen2 In-game
BullySE-SC PoolScreen1.png BullySE-SC PoolScreen2.png BullyGymExteriorDay.png BullyGymExteriorNight.png

In front of the gym.

  • Some trees were missing.
  • The left basketball hoop was absent. It's unknown if the one on the right also was.
  • There was a "Go Bullworth Go!" sign going across the soccer goal drawing on the wall, which got removed.
  • There was a "Go Team!" sign on the right, which got removed.
SC_PrepScreen1/SC_PrepScreen2 In-game
BullySE-SC PrepScreen1.png BullySE-SC PrepScreen2.png BullyHarringtonHouseExteriorDay.png BullyHarringtonHouseExteriorNight.png

In front of Harrington House.

  • Some trees were missing.
SC_RoofScreen1/SC_Roofscreen2 In-game
BullySE-SC RoofScreen1.png BullySE-SC Roofscreen2.png Placeholder.png Placeholder.png

In front of the Roof Access door.

  • There are fences on the platform on the right. While they're not in the final game, their collision is still present.
SC_SCMainScreen1/SC_SCMainScreen2 In-game
BullySE-SC SCMainScreen1.png BullySE-SC SCMainScreen2.png BullySchoolMainBuildingInFrontDay.png BullySchoolMainBuildingInFrontNight.png

In front of the Infirmary door outside the school's main building.

  • The floor in the elevated part of the school's front was different.
  • The railings were different, they can be seen a bit better in early screenshots.
  • Although barely visible, the exterior model of the boys' dorm can be seen with the design from when it had two floors.
BU_BarbrScreen1/BU_BarbrScreen2 In-game
BullySE-BU BarbrScreen1.png BullySE-BU BarbrScreen2.png BullyBullworthTownTheHappyMulletExteriorDay.png BullyBullworthTownTheHappyMulletExteriorNight.png

In front of The Happy Mullet in Bullworth Town.

  • The Bullworth Town garbage bins were colored brown instead of marine green.
  • The Happy Diner had some differences:
    • The door was red instead of gray, and it had a big window instead of a small one.
    • The door roof was colored orange and blue instead of white and green.
BU_BikeScreen1/BU_BikeScreen2 In-game
BullySE-BU BikeScreen1.png BullySE-BU BikeScreen2.png BullyBullworthTownShinyBikesExteriorDay.png BullyBullworthTownShinyBikesExteriorNight.png

In front of Shiny Bikes in Bullworth Town.

  • The nearest lamppost was located further left.
  • There was a lamppost in front of the J store. It got either removed or moved elsewhere.
BU_ClothpScreen1/BU_ClothpScreen2 In-game
BullySE-BU ClothpScreen1.png BullySE-BU ClothpScreen2.png BullyBullworthTownWornInExteriorDay.png BullyBullworthTownWornInExteriorNight.png

In front of Worn In in Bullworth Town.

  • The Come Hither store had differences:
    • The sign was different and less plain: the name of the store was smaller and there was an image of a woman.
    • The windows were different.
    • The lamps on the sides were absent.
BU_ComScreen1/BU_ComScreen2 In-game
BullySE-BU ComScreen1.png BullySE-BU ComScreen2.png BullyBullworthTownDragonsWingExteriorDay.png BullyBullworthTownDragonsWingExteriorNight.png

In front of Dragon's Wing in Bullworth Town.

  • The beauty shop had some differences:
    • The pillars on the building's sides were beige-colored instead of blue.
    • The windows were different and they used to produce light at night, unlike the ones in the final game.
BU_GrocyScreen1/BU_GrocyScreen2 In-game
BullySE-BU GrocyScreen1.png BullySE-BU GrocyScreen2.png BullyBullworthTownYumYumMarketExteriorDay.png BullyBullworthTownYumYumMarketExteriorNight.png

In front of Yum Yum Market in Bullworth Town.

  • There was a lamppost that got either removed or moved elsewhere.
  • There was an unknown sign on the front block's sidewalk that got removed.
  • Due to the fact that the movie theater wasn't abandoned, its windows used to light up at night.
RC_BoxingScreen1/RC_BoxingScreen2 In-game
BullySE-RC BoxingScreen1.png BullySE-RC BoxingScreen2.png BullyOldBullworthValeBoxingClubExteriorDay.png BullyOldBullworthValeBoxingClubExteriorNight.png

In front of the boxing club in Old Bullworth Vale.

  • The lamppost on the left was located in front of the Easy-Drugs store.
  • The garbage bin next to the aforementioned lamppost was missing.
  • The edge of the road was flat instead of curved.
  • The removed archway on the stairs leading to the beach, seen better in an early screenshot, was present.
RC_ClothRScreen1/RC_ClothRScreen2 In-game
BullySE-RC ClothRScreen1.png BullySE-RC ClothRScreen2.png BullyOldBullworthValeAquaberryStoreExteriorDay.png BullyOldBullworthValeAquaberryStoreExteriorNight.png

In front of the Aquaberry store in Old Bullworth Vale.

  • The garbage bin in front of the hotel was missing.
  • The roof doors on the sides of the hotel were blue instead of red.
  • The rails surrounding the tables on the right appear to have been missing.
RC_iPrepSScreen1/RC_iPrepSScreen2 In-game
BullySE-RC iPrepSScreen1.png BullySE-RC iPrepSScreen2.png BullyOldBullworthValeBeachHouseExteriorDay.png BullyOldBullworthValeBeachHouseExteriorNight.png

In front of the beach house in Old Bullworth Vale.

  • The sides of the pier had circular parts on it that got removed.
RC_SalonScreen1/RC_SalonScreen2 In-game
BullySE-RC SalonScreen1.png BullySE-RC SalonScreen2.png BullyOldBullworthValeBeautySalonExteriorDay.png BullyOldBullworthValeBeautySalonExteriorNight.png

In front of the beauty salon in Old Bullworth Vale.

  • The bicycle parking spot was absent.
PR_BarbScreen1/PR_BarbScreen2 In-game
BullySE-PR BarbScreen1.png BullySE-PR BarbScreen2.png BullyNewCoventryTheFinalCutExteriorDay.png BullyNewCoventryTheFinalCutExteriorNight.png

In front of The Final Cut in New Coventry.

  • The left building's part above the garage and door looked different.
  • The Beam Cola sign was different and it called the brand by the name it's internally referred to: Fraffy Pop.
  • At the edge of the right building there was a sign of Shinjo's.
  • The purple "BAR" neon sign was missing.
  • The garbage bin on the right was missing.
IN_iAsylumScreen3/IN_iAsylumScreen4 In-game
BullySE-IN iAsylumScreen3.png BullySE-IN iAsylumScreen4.png Placeholder.png Placeholder.png

In front of the asylum's side door.

IN_iAsylumScreen5/IN_iAsylumScreen6 In-game
BullySE-IN iAsylumScreen5.png BullySE-IN iAsylumScreen6.png BullyAsylumMainExteriorDay.png BullyAsylumMainExteriorNight.png

In front of the asylum's main doors.

  • The tree to the left of the building on the asylum grounds was absent.
  • The big bushes on the sides of the statue were absent.
IN_iChemScreen1/IN_iChemScreen2 In-game
BullySE-IN iChemScreen1.png BullySE-IN iChemScreen2.png Placeholder.png Placeholder.png

In front of the chemical plant's original entrance in Blue Skies.

IN_iDropSScreen1/IN_iDropSScrren2 In-game
BullySE-IN iDropSScreen1.png BullySE-IN iDropSScrren2.png BullyBlueSkiesTownieHideoutExteriorDay.png BullyBlueSkiesTownieHideoutExteriorNight.png

In front of the Townie Hideout in Blue Skies.

  • The sidewalk outside the hideout was originally flat instead of curved. However, the outline marking where the sidewalk used to end is still visible in the final game.
  • The light blue-colored train wagons used to be a deeper blue.
  • The road markings were absent.


CN00_Screen1/CN00_Screen2 In-game
BullySE-CN00 Screen1.png BullySE-CN00 Screen2.png BullyCarnivalSouvenirShopExteriorDay.png BullyCarnivalSouvenirShopExteriorNight.png

In front of the souvenir shop in the carnival.

  • Various trees in the background were missing.
  • Although barely visible, the left side reveals where the exterior of the scrapped Gift Shop used to be: it got redesigned into what is now a cotton candy shop.
CN00_Screen3/CN00_Screen4 In-game
BullySE-CN00 Screen3.png BullySE-CN00 Screen4.png BullyCarnivalFreakShowEntranceInFrontDay.png BullyCarnivalFreakShowEntranceInFrontNight.png

In front of the freak show's entrance in the carnival.

  • On the right, the item next to the rollercoaster platform can be seen being surrounded by the early GTA: Vice City-style aura for pickups.
CN00_Screen5/CN00_Screen6 In-game
BullySE-CN00 Screen5.png BullySE-CN00 Screen6.png BullyCarnivalFreakShowExitInFrontDay.png BullyCarnivalFreakShowExitInFrontNight.png

In front of the freak show's exit in the carnival.

  • Just like the previous textures, the early pickup effect can be seen with the item next to the rollercoaster platform.


Early Character Models

PRH2A_Chad_OBOX PRH2a_Chad
Bully PRH2A Chad OBOX.png Bully PRH2a Chad.png
Chad's Boxing variation still has a ring on his left ear originally also present in his main model.

Lawnmower UV mapping

Aside from the change in aesthetics, a pre-release screenshot shows the lawnmower having its textures properly mapped, but in the final game, they are not.

This was fixed on the Xbox 360 and PC versions of Scholarship Edition.

Pre-release Screenshot Final Game
Bully Prerelease Lawnmower.jpg Bully Lawnmower.png


Saw Mill Smoke Particle

Bully SawMillSmoke.png

There is some smoke coming out of nowhere in the sky on top of a small island near Blue Skies.

This is one of the very few leftovers of the scrapped saw will.

Paint Supply Smoke Particle

Bully BlueSkiesSmoke.png

There is some smoke coming out of nowhere on top of the Paint Supply building in Blue Skies.

Unknown Shadow

Bully UnknownShadow.png

A shadow is on the ground in Old Bullworth Vale, nothing is on top of it, though.

Floating Light Beam

Bully FloatingLightBeam.png

There is a light beam in Old Bullworth Vale that can be seen at night not attached to any street lamp.

Since light beams automatically spawn on a street lamp in the final game, it is possible the developers had to spawn light beams manually earlier in development, and they just forgot to remove this one.

Old Bullworth Vale Floating Lights

Some of the house models have lights but no lamps for them.

Carnival Floating Lights

Bully CarnivalFloatingLights.png

There are 4 lights coming from nowhere in front of the entrance at the carnival.

Come Hither Incomplete Neon

Bully ComeHitherNeon.png

The Come Hither store is missing a piece of its neon.

This is a leftover from an early design that can be seen in one of the pre-rendered images.

School Lights

There is a third set of beam light textures behind the front wall.

Two lights have their effect misplaced.

Four lights are missing theirs entirely.

Bully OutOfBoundsSchoolLight.png

There is a light between the school's store and the basement's room.

Out of bounds Basement Floating Light

Bully BasementOutOfBoundsLight.png

There is a red light coming from nowhere next to the stairs leading to the boiler room in the basement.

Out of bounds Library Lights and Geometry Changes

There are lights behind the walls on both left and right sides of the library.

Also on both left and right sides of the library, a clear cut in shadow effects and the geometry's colors can be seen.

Boys' Dorm Second Floor Bathroom Mirror

There's a normally-unseen mirror reflection above the left side of the lounge. This was part of the second floor's bathroom, as shown by its position on the minimap.

It can be seen in pre-release screenshots.

Pre-release Screenshot Leftover Reflection
Bully Prerelease BoysDormBathroomMirror.jpg Bully-BoysDormBathroomRemaints.png

Out of bounds Grocery Store Lights

Bully OutOfBoundsGroceryStoreLight.png

There are four lights behind the Yum Yum Market's interior.

Out of bounds Girls' Dorm Effects

The attic is full of beam light textures behind the walls for windows that don't exist.


Island Collision

Right underneath the bridge which connects Blue Skies with the terrain leading to the academy, there is some misplaced collision.

It could potentially be an unintended leftover of the wood logs' collision blocking the way to the island near Blue Skies until Chapter IV is beaten.

Buildings' Rooftop Collision

The unreachable buildings on which some items spawn during Busting In Part II. These rooftops have parts with missing railings, possibly from where townies would throw stuff at the player during the mission.

Wonder Meats

There is collision on top of the Wonder Meats building. It's pretty basic and doesn't seem to match the shape of the actual building.

Spazz Industries

There is collision all over the upper area of the Spazz Industries factory in Blue Skies, but the player can't explore it due to a big metal fence blocking the way. Not everything has collision though, this includes the big bridge that leads to a mechanical door that can otherwise never be interacted with.

As shown by other leftovers, in Revenge on Mr. Burton, the player was originally meant to obtain bolt cutters from here, but they were moved to the hardware store in Bullworth Town.

Chemical Plant Early Entrance

The original entrance for the chemical plant can still be seen, but is impossible to reach without modding.

The walls and the fence don't have collision.

Principal's Office

There is collision for a tiny room on the left side of the office.

Harrington House

There is a big chunk of collision behind the closed doors on the first floor of Harrington House.

The interior's .DAT file suggests it was a lounge area, as the blocked doors are called Door_PrepHouse_Lounge and Door_PrepHouse_Lounge_02.


Boys' Dorm

Similar to the girls' dorm, the left side of the boys' dorm has transition points, both outside and inside, but they are normally unreachable.

If Jimmy enters from the outside, he will fall out of bounds. It originally led to where the second floor's bathroom used to be.


Bully AsylumSideDoor.png

The infamous door at the side of the Asylum is locked from the inside, meaning it is impossible to leave the area and players will be stuck.

If unlocked via modding, Jimmy will try to interact with the door, but as it lacks a transition point, it results in a softlock.



Plot inconsistency

Various peds' Chapter II gossip lines mention how Edna fell in love with Dr. Slawter, while the actual plot has her fall in love with Dr. Watts.

Filename Audio Transcript
I saw that Dr. Slawter at the store. He was talking of some old lady fumbling all over his words. I think the old coot's got a crush.
I think Jimmy is gonna get Slawter to finally notice me.
Did you know that Edna's got some crush on that biology teacher? Don't know why I know that, but word travels fast, my friend.
I know this seems kinda weird but I saw the lunch lady staring at Dr. Slawter. It was kind of creepy.


The voice acting director can be heard in these quotes.

Filename Audio Transcript
BOOM Stop it, right now!
Ugh... I gotta start getting danger-pay... ugh... Perfect.

Different voices

All of the bullies, except Tom, have some quotes recorded by different actors. Most notably, Trent seems to have been voiced by Otto's actor at one point.

Filename Audio Transcript
Come on!
Get lost!
Buzz off!
Shut up!
Haha! New kid!
Bad idea!
Oh, yeah?!
Woah, man!
Shut it!
Don't talk!
Whatever, jerkface!
New kid, you suck!
No talk!
Shut it!
You stupid!
Bad idea!
Not cool!
Watch it!
Whatever, trash!
Get lost!
Shut up!
You're dead, new kid!
Wanna fight?!
Oh, yeah?!
Don't do that!
You suck!
Shut it!
Whatever, jerk!
New kid! Hahaha!
You get it!
No way, dude!
Bad idea, jerk!
Don't talk!
You're a jerk!
Shut it, wimp!
New kid! You stink!

In Last Minute Shopping, Mr. Oh speaks with a different, oriental voice and accent.
The same voice is heard in his unused Oh_HELPEX_v2 quote.

Those takes were likely by a previous actor, and many older takes of them were brought back by mistake in Scholarship Edition.

Filename Audio Transcript
Aaah yes, the discount meat. It expires at midnight.

Sound Effects

Police Station's Pizza Parlor Ambiance Sound

As mentioned previously, the New Coventry police station is a redesigned pizza parlor, but an ambiance sound can be heard emitting from it (PizzaParlourMx), still reflecting what it used to be.

Library's Tunnels

Some ambiance sound effects can be heard when inside the Library_Tunnels trigger behind the bookshelf which led to a scrapped part of the library.

Staff Room's Pendulum Clock

A pendulum clock can be heard while inside the Staff Room, but it's nowhere to be seen.

Boxing Club's Coffee Machine

A coffee machine can be heard in the lounge on the second floor of the Boxing Club, but it's nowhere to be seen.

A model of it (DPI_Coffee), exists but is unused.


Algie Misplaced 1_05 Quotes
On top of his CHATTER set of quotes, used while peds walk around, Algie might say the following set of lines. Their internal filenames show they were supposed to be used only in the mission Save Algie (where they are also subtitled when said there).
While they don't sound completely out of place, they weren't really meant to be used here.

Filename Audio Transcript
I've been thinking a lot about snails recently. They're slimy.
I always wondered what it'd be like to be big and tough and really stupid.
My mom calls me "Prince Algie"... she says I'm really special. Like a prince, you know?
Hey Jimmy... did you ever play Grottos and Gremlins? It's really keen. You can like totally be a cool hero who kicks ass and stuff.
You know Lola? She's really hot and actually talked to me the other day. I think maybe she wants to be my girlfriend or something. Haha...

Bryce Misplaced 2_08 Quotes

While fighting Bryce, he might say some lines that were meant for the mission Weed Killer.
These two quotes are part of a set labeled 2-08_052, which would otherwise be unused along with other sets in the sequence, as they're not used in the mission.

Mute Peds

Juri, Bo, and Justin don't have a voice assigned to their alternate gym uniform models.

The same applies to Damon, though he can't normally be seen in freeroam.

Wrong Shooting Range Attendant

To do:
Find the logic behind this, as peds can't have whoever's voice assigned. Perhaps it classifies better as an oddity. The devs did this deliberately.

The carnival worker running the Shooting Range booth is supposed to be the midget Brandy, as the voice clips heard when standing in front of the booth are hers. The ped's model, however, is Crystal.

Greasers' Roundhouse Counterhit Followup Animation Swap

The animations for this move are mistakenly swapped.
While styles using this attack properly assign the _GV animation to the giver and the _RCV animation to the receiver, G_STRIKER/GRAB_KNEE_2_GV actually portrays the receiver, and vice versa, G_STRIKER/GRAB_KNEE_2_RCV actually portrays the giver.

As-is Intended


Skateboard Pickup Behaviour

The skateboard can't normally be seen as a pickup, but when spawned as one via modding, it behaves differently from other pickups: it rotates instead of just standing still and sparkling.
This is because it's the only weapon in Global_Weapons.cat to have "Spinning" set to true.

This behavior is likely a leftover from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

(Source: deadpoolXYZ (Discovery), SimonBestia (Recording))

Out of bounds Items

In the front of the building next to the church in the cemetery.
One of the bricks is placed just enough to be able to be seen, while the other is unreachable.

Behind the building next to the bus stop near the tenements in New Coventry.

Behind the hospital in New Coventry.


Bully BrokenPOI.png

The bench in front of the Pool building is shorter than the one near the Gym building to accommodate a climbable ladder.
Despite this, a ped may sometimes try to sit next to it but will fail to do so and just stand for a couple of seconds before leaving.

The bench was longer earlier in development, and after adding the ladder and shortening the bench, this POI was broken.

Inside the elevated platform on the back of the academy's main building, there is a tiny spot with collision inside of it, where a Smoking POI takes place.
The bully will likely fall off the map after being done.
As shown by an early render, the elevated platform didn't exist earlier in the development, so this might date back to that.

At the movie theatre in Old Bullworth Vale, there's a kissing POI where one of the peds is spawned inside the building and therefore can't quite make contact with the other.

Under the Carnival sign in Old Bullworth Vale, there's a Spectator POI out of bounds and behind the sign itself.
The ped will be stuck there.

At the docks in Blue Skies, there's a Smoking POI taking place in an area the player can't normally see.
The townie will take a few steps only to then fall off the map.


Broken Mirror Idling

Standing in front of a mirror will cause Jimmy to stop doing his occasional idle animations.
Pressing R1 or Triangle after a few seconds results in Jimmy playing an animation for a few frames before stopping.

The intended outcome was for Jimmy's idle animations to be replaced by others that can be seen done by peds when in the bathrooms.
Why this doesn't work as intended is unknown.

Bulletin Board variations

All the boards are unique and scripted to swap their model after certain missions have been beaten. This behavior is almost impossible to notice as most of the models, with the exception of two (one being unused), share the same texture, making this feature pointless.

From the start of the game until The Candidate, the Bulletin Board near the entrance of the boys' dorm uses a unique texture with a blank page, after which it switches to another texture with no page. This is the only time the player can notice a change in texture, despite the frequent model changes throughout the story.

The Bulletin Board near the boys' dorm entrance is scripted to change after the following missions:

  • The Candidate
  • Panty Raid
  • Fighting Johnny Vincent
  • Preppies Vandalized
  • Final Showdown

The Bulletin Board in the boys' dorm recreation room is scripted to change after the following missions:

  • Slingshot
  • Russell In the Hole
  • Dishonorable Fight
  • Fighting Johnny Vincent
  • Nerd Boss Fight
  • Preppies Vandalized

The Bulletin Board in the school's lobby is scripted to change after the following missions:

  • The Candidate
  • Tad's House
  • Fighting Johnny Vincent
  • Making a Mark
  • Final Showdown

The Bulletin Board in the school, next to the English classroom is scripted to change after the following missions:

  • The Diary
  • Russell In the Hole
  • Weed Killer
  • The scrapped mission "The Paddle"
  • Final Showdown

The Bulletin Board on the school's second floor in front of the girls' bathroom is scripted to change after the following missions:

  • The Diary
  • Russell In the Hole
  • Weed Killer
  • Dishonorable Fight
  • Nerd Boss Fight
  • Preppies Vandalized
  • Final Showdown

Old Bullworth Vale Bus

The bus that comes to pick the player up at the bus stop in Old Bullworth Vale near the Aquaberry store is diagonally tilted, even though the road is flat.

This might suggest a possible layout change in the map.

Bully TiltedBus.png

Interaction Spots


To do:
Add the others, preferably as screenshots instead of external videos (and replace this one), as they don't do anything, anyways.

This spawns 7 pxTarget, an interactable that doesn't do anything, around the map.
All but one can't normally be reached as they're at a slightly higher level than the ground.


Observatory Door

The Observatory door is interactable. It won't show any prompt text, though.

This is likely an unintended side effect of how it can be manipulated either by scripts (like in Defender of the Castle) or using firecrackers to destroy it.

Clint's Garage

Exactly like the former.

This one's probably due to how the garage was meant to be manipulated by the game in the scrapped The Collector mission.

Junkyard Crane

There is an unknown interaction spot where the crane's control area is located.

Inconsistent Names

Derby or Darby?

Derby Harrington is internally referred to as Darby and is called like that by all characters (except by Chad in Complete Mayhem), despite the game's text always referring to him as Derby.
As already mentioned, his name was originally Darby and his position in the yearbook still reflects this.

Clint or Henry?

When hired as a bodyguard, Clint's name shows up as Henry. In the credits, he's named "Clint (AKA Henry)". Internally, he is mostly referred to as Clint but still has few mentions with Henry.
It's possible the developers couldn't settle on a name for him until very late into development and didn't have enough time to change all his mentions.

Townies or Dropouts?

The Townies were originally known as "Dropouts" and are internally called that.
Despite the name change, however, they are referred to with both terms throughout the game. For example, they are referred to as "Dropouts" in Finding Johnny Vincent and Busting In Part I.