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State of the art... for the late 1970s. This humble little faux-wood panelled box (also known as the Atari VCS and the Sears Tele-Games Video Arcade) helped popularize the use of ROM-based cartridges for game code (so you can play more than just Pong!) and arguably caused the American industry crash of the 80s, resulting in heavy-handed restrictions on game manufacturing by future console developers. (Not that this stopped some people...)

Don't expect to see a whole lot of things on these games, by the way. It was hard enough to squeeze a game into 4-10kb without leaving bits and pieces of cut stuff throughout the code!

Later redesigned with new joysticks and four controller ports as the Atari 2800/Sears Tele-Games II/Sears Arcade II. This model was released in Japan, where it sold poorly.

Then, the original model was bought back in 2023 as the Atari 2600+, complete with HDMI support and is compatible with every single game in the Atari 2600 library (and 7800 titles too) except a few.