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Title Screen


Also known as: ChäoS;Child
Developer: 5pb. Games
Publishers: 5pb. Games (JP), pQube (PS4/Vita, US/EU), Spike Chunsoft (PC, INT)
Platforms: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Windows
Released internationally: January 23, 2019
Released in JP: December 18, 2014
Released in US: October 13, 2017
Released in EU: October 17, 2017

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

Chaos;Child is the fourth mainline entry in the Science Adventure series, and the thematic sequel to Chaos;Head.

Unused Graphics

ChaosChild data03.png

Spritesheet that seems unused, and doesn't look like it would fit anywhere in the game.

ChaosChild gsysmes.png

A background and a set of graphics for a button, used for system messages if the file name is to be believed. The text reads "Confirm".

ChaosChild data01 install.png

Some sort of installation progress bar.

Unused Used
ChaosChild CC PBG041A.png ChaosChild CC PBG042A.png

A placeholder for the "your own fault" text Hana shows at some point during the story. It seems to be a real Wordpad screenshot, whereas a mockup of a Notepad window is used in-game.

ChaosChild CC IBG107a.png

A placeholder for the chat scene with Knighthart in Hana's route. The Japanese text reads "chat scene with Knighthart".

Early Skip and Auto Graphics

Early Final
ChaosChild data01 auto early.png ChaosChild data01 auto final.png
ChaosChild data01 skip early.png ChaosChild data01 skip final.png

The data01.png spritesheet contains early graphics for the auto and skip modes. The final version of the game uses animated ones.

Xbox One Leftover

ChaosChild titlechip activeuser.png

The Xbox One version allows multiple users on the same console to have different save data, and displays the current user on the title screen. This feature is only available on the aforementioned platform, so this text goes unused in the other versions.

Demo Leftovers

ChaosChild demo watermark.png

Demo watermark that appears at the top-right of the screen in the Japanese demo versions. It's still present in the full game despite being unused. Interestingly enough, it has been translated in the English versions of the game, despite none having a demo.

ChaosChild Z SALES.png

This screen is supposedly shown to the player once they complete the demo. It's still present in the final versions of the game.

Alpha Channel Oddity

Some of the game's textures have an alpha channel that, when removed, reveal illustrations that can't be seen during normal gameplay.

Original No alpha channel
ChaosChild MTRG SEL.png ChaosChild MTRG SEL noalpha.png
ChaosChild MTRG POSI.png ChaosChild MTRG POSI noalpha.png
ChaosChild MTRG NEGA.png ChaosChild MTRG NEGA noalpha.png

Cut Bad Ending

A cut bad ending exists in the game's files, complete with voice acting. Despite being inaccessible in-game, it was translated during the localization process.

(Source: Committee of Zero)