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Chibi-Robo! Park Patrol

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Title Screen

Chibi-Robo! Park Patrol

Also known as: Make It Bloom! Chibi-Robo! (JP)
Developer: Skip Ltd.
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo DS
Released in JP: July 5, 2007
Released in US: October 2, 2007
Released in AU: March 20, 2008

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

NotesIcon.png This game has a notes page

Chibi-Robo! Park Patrol is the second entry in the Chibi-Robo series. This time, your job is to restore a trashed park back to normal while fighting the evils of corporate pollution. Yippee!

To do:
Many things.
  • There is a file named "Sound_E3_v2.sdat" in the game's files. Further investigate this mysterious sound file and see if there are more E3-related files still in the game and document them.
  • Look for more unused graphics. In the game's files, there are some files that have a "New" variant of them. These "New" variants of the are used, but the originals aren't. In fact, these files seem to be from pretty early versions of the game, as they contain many graphics that are in those old files and screenshots. When I replaced the new variants with the unused variants, the graphics didn't exactly work as planned but at least they can still be loaded into the game. These are in all of the regions where the game was released in.
  • Finish some sections.
  • What happens if touch.txt is deleted? Does it really do anything?


Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.

Debug Room

To do:
PLEASE find a better way to get in here.
Several objects for testing various things.
A friendly bench...?
It is a model viewer, in the sense that it views a model.
The object viewer showing an unused capsule object.

(Currently, only using Cheat Engine on DeSmuME seems to work, with other methods either failing entirely or causing room hybrids. Use the list here to find the room address in Cheat Engine, then set a write breakpoint and change the value to 04 when entering the park from the Chibi-House.)

A debug room can be accessed by changing the value of the current room to 04.

Japan US
2383CB4 23840B4

The room is a green void, with a flat plane of grass with several objects in it, mostly park attractions. Each has a different function, but most objects in here have the same function as they do in the normal park. Notably, games are not covered when not in use in this room.

Object Function
Chin-Up Bar Mostly the same as in the park, however there is no outlet next to it to charge with.
Trampoline No collision, but can be interacted with to start the trampoline minigame. The minigame functions the same as in the park. Chibi-Robo starts his ascent and bounces from inside the trampoline rather than on top of it, but this does not affect the Chibits count.
Smiling Trick Bench When interacted with, Chibi-Robo will sit on it and the camera will show a view from behind him. He will bob his head as an idle animation when allowed to sit for a few seconds. Chibi will jump upward when the touch screen is touched and then land on the bench again. There appears to be no way to leave the bench, as touching the part of the screen that would normally exit an attraction freezes the game.
Swing Works the same as in the park.
Bubble Station
Smogling Bash
Smogling Bowling
Teacup Ride Mostly the same as in the park, however there is no outlet next to it to charge with.
Tall Chin-Up Bar
Trick Bar Works the same as in the park.
Trick Bench Unlike the smiling variant, works the same as in the park.
SOON... sign Opens a model viewer. Uses the same controls as the object viewer, except the model being viewed does not actually change and is stuck displaying three blades of grass. More interesting is the sign model itself, which otherwise goes unused.
SOLD OUT sign Opens an object viewer. Down and up increment 1 up and 1 down in the list of objects. Right and left increment 10 up and 10 down. Y, X, and A set the camera to a certain distance away from the object, with Y being farthest and A being closest. B exits the viewer.
Racing Banner Works the same as in the park, with two Race Checkpoints in the room to reach.
Drink Fountain Works the same as in the park.
Trash Can
Clock Tower

Additionally, there is a green bottle next between the Windmill and Smogling Bowling. When interacted with, the US version freezes, but the Japanese version opens a menu of choices:

Option Translation Effect
[1/6]:ミニマップ Mini Map Opens the map.
[2/6]:クロ予報 Black Forecast Opens the Smogling Forecast.
[3/6]:タイトルメニュー Title Menu Resets the game to the Nintendo logo.
[4/6]:リザルト Results Opens the end of day totals screen, but does not end the day.
[5/6]:エンドクレジット End Credits Displays the text sequence for the Staff Credits, but does not change the music or have the camera pan over the town that the normal Staff Credits sequence has.
[6/6]:ステータスメニュー Status Menu Opens the pause menu.

Unused Graphics

A massive library of unused graphics can be seen in the game's files. Most of them are from early versions of the game.


ChibiRoboParkPatrol-UnusedGraphic-PlayIconNCGR-MainBattery Dummy.png
A test image with an internal name of MainBattery_Dummy, appearing as four cropped plug icons in a row. It was most likely used to test the battery meter.

Early Graphics

An early version of the bottom screen's background HUD image.

ChibiRoboParkPatrol-UnusedGraphic-ModeStatic-NCER0.png ChibiRoboParkPatrol-UnusedGraphic-ModeStatic-NCER2.png ChibiRoboParkPatrol-UnusedGraphic-ModeStatic-NCER12.png
Early versions of the music box, syringe, and clippers icons, which at the time were able to be tapped on the main HUD screen.

ChibiRoboParkPatrol-UnusedGraphic-ModeStatic-NCER6.png ChibiRoboParkPatrol-UnusedGraphic-ModeBike-NCER0.png
Early versions of the "leave vehicle" and horn icon. Like the final version, they were able to be tapped on the bike and car HUD screens.

ChibiRoboParkPatrol-UnusedGraphic-ModeStatic-NCER4.png ChibiRoboParkPatrol-UnusedGraphic-ModeStatic-NCER15.png
Early versions of the camera controls icons. Like the final version, it was able to be tapped on all of the HUD screens.

ChibiRoboParkPatrol-UnusedGraphic-PCDesktop-NCER25.png ChibiRoboParkPatrol-UnusedGraphic-PCDesktop-NCER23.png ChibiRoboParkPatrol-UnusedGraphic-PCMPCharSelect-NCER25.png ChibiRoboParkPatrol-UnusedGraphic-PCMPGameSelect-NCER21.png ChibiRoboParkPatrol-UnusedGraphic-PCMPGameSelect-NCER23.png ChibiRoboParkPatrol-UnusedGraphic-PCMPGeoSelect-NCER21.png ChibiRoboParkPatrol-UnusedGraphic-PCMPGeoSelect-NCER23.png ChibiRoboParkPatrol-UnusedGraphic-PCMPYesNoSelect-NCER21.png ChibiRoboParkPatrol-UnusedGraphic-PCMPYesNoSelect-NCER22.png
Early versions of a few of the Chibi-PC icons that you could tap. They are still in Japanese, too!

ChibiRoboParkPatrol-UnusedGraphic-ModeRadio-NCER9.png ChibiRoboParkPatrol-UnusedGraphic-ModeRadio-NCER0.png
Early versions of the bottom screen's graphics that would show when you were equipped with the music box.

Title Screen Graphics

There are not one, not two, but THREE different variants of the title screen, which are all unused. The unused logos are in English, even in the Japanese version.

TestTitle00 (Unused) TestTitle01 (Unused) Title (Unused) TitleLogo (Used, US)
ChibiRoboParkPatrol-UnusedGraphic-TestTitle00-NCER0.png ChibiRoboParkPatrol-UnusedGraphic-TestTitle01-NCER0.png ChibiRoboParkPatrol-UnusedGraphic-Title-NCER0.png ChibiRoboParkPatrol-ForComparison-UsedGraphic-TitleLogo-NCER0.png

Unused Audio

There are two separate SDAT files in the game's files. Along with SoundMaster.sdat which is used, there is an unused file named Sound_E3_v2.sdat, which unsurprisingly contains not as many sound effects as the used file.


Sound_E3_v2.sdat contains an unused title screen music track.

SEQ_TITLE is an early rendition of the title screen music, which was later remixed and used as the credits music in the final version.

Unused Text


There is a text document with the name of touch.txt in the "allanm" directory. Its contents are below.

Don't delete.

Unused Models

Ppbeta flower.png

The Flower model from an early version of the game, which was present in E3 gameplay. This appears to have an early version of the Smogling/Flower face. Additionally, The petals have different textures that don't make use of alpha, And the leaves are modelled in a leaf-like shape rather than using a leaf sprite with alpha.

Regional Differences

The international releases changed the Yes and No prompt icons due to differing usages of yes/no symbols in Japan compared to the rest of the world.

Japan International

Internal Name

According to the header.bin file in the root of the game, the game's internal name was CHIBI ROBO DS.