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Cosmic Carnage

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Title Screen

Cosmic Carnage

Also known as: Cyber Brawl (JP)
Developer: Givro
Publisher: Sega
Platform: 32X
Released in JP: January 27, 1995
Released in US: November 21, 1994
Released in EU: 1995

RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

ProtoIcon.png This game has a prototype article

Cosmic Carnage is one of the few 32X-exclusive fighting games. While it does have some distinguishing components like armor selection, it's otherwise not terribly noteworthy... or good.

To do:
Does the Almanic screen from the prototypes still exist in the final game?


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info

Regional Differences

Unlike most other games, the US and European versions of the game can be played in Japanese mode: with a six-button controller plugged in, hold B + X + Z on startup.

Title Screen

Cosmic Carnage Cyber Brawl
Cosmic Carnage-title.png Cyber Brawl-title.png


The intro story was rewritten for the Japanese version, though the general premise (two damaged spacecraft with one remaining escape pod) remained the same. Oddly enough, the Japanese story was also written in English.

US/Europe Japan
Light years away, in an uncharted
star system, an incident of epic
proportions has occurred.

The banished crew of an
intergalactic prison barge enroute
to a celestial mine has
overpowered their captors.
During their rebellious assault,
most of the ship's controls and
life support systems were severely

For days, the barge drifted
aimlessly through space.
The renegade crew realized that
their only hope was to hijack
another ship. They activated a
distress beacon, and managed to
lure a military cruiser within
their reach.

The renegades engaged their
engines and smashed into the
starboard side of the unsuspecting
military cruiser and then boarded
it. What the renegades did not
anticipate was that the tremendous
impact would destroy all, but one,
of the escape pods.

Now, the four survivors of each
ship must fight for their only
chance at salvation, the last
escape pod.

The Carnage Begins...
In the distant Galaxy...

A horrible disaster occured
in the world of darkness and
dead silence.

Two experimental intergalactic
spacecraft warped to the same
coordinates; a one-in-a-million

An emergency alarm broke the
cold sleep of four crew members
on both ships, but they were
helpless. Each ship's navigation
computer tried to carry out an
evasive maneuver, but it was too
late. Both ships were heavily
damaged, and began to drift
through space, side by side.

According to the report from
the drive control computer,
the fusion reactor was fatally
damaged in the accident.

With the engines still in hyper
drive, the high speed energy
reaction process continued.
An enormous amount of energy
began to build up inside the
engines. Within a few hours,
the ship would explode.

To make matters worse, only
one small escape pod survived;
a miracle, considering the size
of the accident. This time, only
one will survive.

And so the Brawl begins...


With the exception of Naruto, all of the fighters were renamed for Cyber Brawl:

Cosmic Carnage Cyber Brawl
Cylic Jake
Zena-Lan Ray
Tyr Karl
Yug Wishbone
Deamon Finisher
Naja Stere
Talmac Bolt
Cosmic Carnage Cyber Brawl
Cylic vs. Zena-Lan
Naruto vs. Tyr
Jake vs. Ray
Naruto vs. Karl

Cylic, Zena-Lan, and Naruto were all changed into humans for Cyber Brawl, as seen above. Naturally, the background logo is also different for each version.