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Crazy Chase

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Title Screen

Crazy Chase

Developer: Kemco
Publisher: Kemco
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Released in US: October 23, 2002
Released in EU: October 21, 2002

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

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Crazy Chase is the GBA version of Kid Klown in Crazy Chase, this time not released in Japan. Nonetheless, it restored the villain known as Blackjack in the English SNES version to his original name of Dirty Joe.

To do:
  • A prerelease page. IGN seems to have pictures of the canned Japanese version.
  • There are US and European, prototypes, look into them. More details are on the talk page.

Unused Graphics

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Japanese Letters

A small few Japanese letters remain in the game.

Warner Bros.

Leftover copyright info for Warner Bros. exists, presumably from Tweety and the Magic Gems.

Menu Graphics

A set of menu graphics in a different, less colorful style than the final game, suggesting planned options for a stage select, invincibility toggle, and a way to erase saved data. The language selection graphics are also unlike what was used in the European version.

Inexplicably, part of the "S" in "Special" has been moved.