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Development:Pokémon Gold and Silver/Unused Maps

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This is a sub-page of Development:Pokémon Gold and Silver.

Nihon Map

Located in MAPSCN.LZH, which is in a backup of the MAPDATA folder. This map is an updated iteration of the original overworld map first seen in the the Spaceworld '97 demo.


Spaceworld '97 Overworld Map 1998/06/05 Overworld Map
PokemonGS Proto Overworld Map.png PokemonGS Proto 050698 Overworld Map.png

The overworld hasn't changed much since the Spaceworld '97 demo, aside from introducing Magnet Train tracks in West, Newtype, and Kanto, and more signs sprinkled everywhere. Found in a backup of the root SOURCE folder, MAPLINK.DMG contains the map connection data for this version of the overworld. Due to the routes being numbered, it provides a much clearer idea of the route the player would take in this region.


PokeGoldSource Nihon Birdon.png
Nihon Towns & Cities
Small changes that go a long way.
PokeGoldSource Nihon Route 4.png
Nihon Routes
No such thing as too many signs.
PokeGoldSource RE 01.MAP.png
Scrapped interiors galore!

Revamped Map


1998/10/06 Kansai Map Final Johto Map
PokeGS DMYMAP Stitch Kansai.png PokeGS Final Stitch Johto.png
1998/10/06 Kanto Map Final Kanto Map
PokeGS DMYMAP Stitch Kanto.png PokeGS Final Stitch Kanto.png

Two early versions of Kanto and Johto, both of which more closely resemble their final counterparts. They appear in the following folders:

  • SOURCE\BACKUP\DMYMAP: The only other complete early map. Contains maps dated from October 6, 1998.
  • SOURCE\MAPDATA\BACKUP: Contains a partial map that mostly contains routes; some updated from the previous version, some not. Contains maps up to October 14, 1998.

In addition, there are more unused maps that are found in SOURCE\MAPDATA, most of which are the unused versions of maps in the final game. The BACKUP folder also contains an early version of Johto dated after May 6, 1998, indicating development had shifted to Johto after that date.


PokemonGSC ARITA.FLD early.png
Towns & Cities
A ton of differences!
PokemonGSC ROAD140.FLD early.png
Is this the effect of global warming?

Pokémon Center

Spaceworld '97 Source Map
PKMNGS-SpaceWorld97-PokemonCenter-2F.png PokeGoldSource PCN 2.MAP.png PKMNGS-Final-PokemonCenter-2F.png

An early version of the Pokémon Center Cable Club. It uses a later iteration of the intermediary Pokémon Center blockset, still featuring the Spaceworld room signs, but with the addition of Block 28, vertical wall with sign. The exact blockset used here wasn't archived, and thus a mockup was used to dump this map.

Burned Tower

PokeGoldSource KYUHOU 4.MAP.png PokeGoldSource TOWER CE.MAP.png
Mockup Mockup
PokeGoldSource KYUHOU 4.MAP Corrected.png PokeGoldSource TOWER CE.MAP Corrected.png

Two early iterations of the first floor of the Burned Tower, both of which are using an earlier iteration of the tower tileset/blockset.

Tin Tower 4F

Early Mockup
PokeGoldSource TOWER F4.MAP.png
Pokémon GS Early Tin Tower 4F Corrected.png

Most of the nine floors of a prototype Tin Tower are included in the final game, with the exception of the fourth. This floor does exist in this data for the early maps, but its inclusion was commented out of the release game for unknown reasons. It was only recovered during the source code leak, being found under TOWER_F4.MAP.