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Disney's Tarzan: Return to the Jungle

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Title Screen

Disney's Tarzan: Return to the Jungle

Developer: Digital Eclipse
Publisher: Activision
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Released in US: September 14, 2002
Released in EU: November 22, 2002

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.

Tarzan: Return to the Jungle is a platformer based on the animated series, based on Disney's 1999 movie.

Development Text

A slew of development text can be found starting at 0x43354 (US/UK version):

Tarzan v0.001 saveper=%x
Bad size=%d %x
pos(%d,%d) size=%d,%d
Increase cachecount
Can't malloc %d
Walking forward in setplayer idle
Damagedeath from KILLKRUSH
Killcrush but cp=%x
Not grabbing blocked
Set Zip mode (%d,%d) 
Can't set zip mode (%d,%d)
Splash Fally = %d
Death from breath
Recoling back due to not being able to crawl
Unland 1 in move.c
Starting yellsound Frame=%d
Yell = %d
Flipping surfjump
Flinged out
Not following the cart now
Standing up from crawl for webshot keyt=%x
De-crawling 2
De-crawling 1
Attempting to climb left block=%x
onwall dontidle=%d before
End of down wall block=%x
Jumping uff from corner
Jumping up from corner
SVINEIDLE jump off
Spider clearing standup flag
Close attack
Not firing because anim=%s
Grabbing wall %d,%d (%d,%d)
No animateobj
End of game
Unstuck a crawl to left from wall
Unstuck a ceiling climb to left from wall
Unstuck a crawl to right from wall
Unstuck a ceiling climb to right from wall
spider=%s onceil=%d onpunch=%d
WALL IDLE Should be going UP
WALL IDLE Should be going DOWN
Headjump while hit %s
Stand on ceiling
JUMP2 from headjump (%d,%d) block=%x flip:%d
For %d frames took %d vblanks
zipycalc dx = %d
Bad zipycalc c=%d
Starting boomeran
Didn't find BOOMERANG
Didn't find Spear
Skipping to end of yell
screenxw too big=%d
screenyw too big=%d
Bigram free=%d
jumpscroll Plane %d scroll at (%d,%d)
Bad mapsource = %x
Freeing a non-freetile (%d,%d)
Tile drawn=%d for c=%d
Out of tiles firsttileg=%d
No ART frame anim=%d obj=%d %s
NULL frame anim=%d obj=%d %s:%s
vf:%d Willdraw obj:(%d,%d) scrn:(%d,%d) (%d,%d,%d,%d)
NOt drawing E
NOt drawing D
NOt drawing C
NOt drawing B
don't draw 4
obj null obj=%x
Stuck in checkcling
Stuck in cling '%s' (%d,%d) (%d,%d)
%s FL_HIT due to cling
Randstart doesn't work with P_REVERSE
PINGPON0G doesn't work with P_REVERSE
Clearing out bumplast '%s'
D Queen (%d,%d)
C Queen (%d,%d)
'%s' going through hitobj probably anim='%s'
repeat setstate '%s' %d %s:%d
Holdadjust %s %s %d=%d-%d,%d=%d-%d from=%d
Returning pointtile (%d,%d) = %d
Can't standxyup 1
Can't standxyup 2
Can't standxyup 3
Can't standxyup 4
(%d,%d) Can't standdir maxx=%d dx=%d why=%d
Box (%d,%d,%d,%d)
(%d,%d) Can't standdir maxx=%d dx=%d why=%d
Not setgoaway 1
Not setgoaway 2
Not setgoaway 3
Do setgoaway 4
Can't find defobjtab %d
sprite check Bad size=%d %x
spritecheck Bad size1=%d %x '%s'
Extra damage as in punch
Bad size1=%d %x
dooropenhandle (%d,%d) (%d,%d)
no colhit a
no colhit b
initbank didn't find type=%d
Too many objects %d BADBADBAD '%s'
LInking weird object %d
Freeing already freed %d
Out of links %s:%d count=%d
getlink returned used ob=%d
Backed to itself Dodelinkobj %s numob=%d
Mallocbigram failed
Too many objects %d BADBADBAD
Total linked = %d MAX=%d numob=%d
And thenc Bigramoff=%d
oblist[%d] n in getnextobj = %d framecount=%d
oblist[%d] in getnextobj = %d
Unhiding %s at (%d,%d)
%d,%d: Found door %d %d mx=%d my=%d
%d,%d: Found D-door %d %d mx=%d my=%d
Found glasshor at %d,%d
Found glassver at %d,%d
%s Set walk f=%d
%s can't Set walk left
%s B Set walk f=%d
%s Random walk %d
%s can't Random walk %d
Obbankcnt %d = 0
Didn't getobj type %d
Unfalling %s
Not hitting due to invul
Squished Tarzan
%s is falling dy=%d
Blocked below %s,%s
Falling now %s:%s
Bad chunk type=%d
Bad FLI file
Bad line skip
Printing NULL string
Unland From platform %s
%s unfollowing %s from %s
Too many followalsos
In3d start 3d music
Unhiding %s at (%d,%d)
Killing %s at (%d,%d)
Eatkey %d
Strcpy eatkey
Message '%s'
Keyval setting %d
after Keyval setting %d
About to unhide objects key=%d
Done Eatkey %d
Breaking glass at (%d,%d)c=%x
Found a tantordoor
Not an elephant at(%d,%d)
ypmin=%d ypmax=%d
Init acid at %d,%d
Initdoor tower %d,%d
Can't find door at %d:(%d,%d)
found door at %d:(%d,%d)
Open Door (%d,%d) (%d,%d,%d,%d)
Checkdoor (%d,%d) not door
Not an elephant
Wrapping exploding door count
Couldn't isswitchuse %d
Dooropenhandle %d,%d, %d / %d
Out of links
getlink returned used ob=%d
Linking from %d,%d
Backed to itself Dodelinkobj %s numob=%d
oblist[%d] n in getnextobj = %d framecount=%d

More can be seen at 0x24849C:

REturning CUT_PAGE = %d
drawcut Next = %d
Doing credits lines=%d
Leveltimeout %d
Bad cutval=%d
Done handlecutflag
'%s:' %d at (%d,%d) despawned
Probably saving too much stuff testm=%d
Found hostage # %d count=%d
Spawning %d
delinking '%s' %d at (%d,%d) spawn
'%s:' %d at (%d,%d) unlinked due to spawn
MAXOPDOORREG too small (%d,%d)
Killing key %d
Tile overflow BADBADBAD
Updatehighscore points=%d size=%x
Saving slot %d to high score %d
Torch on
Tilex,y = (%d,%d)
bad movewallhit Collide = %d
Hit Switch
Spider Fired dart
Spawning flip=%d
Player hit barrel guy
Setting Pircap to deres
Dart hit enemy %s
Scorpion punching %s (%d,%d)
Playerpunch %s
Too many bananas
Consumed banana %d numob=%d
Platform hit player %d,%d d%d,%d
moved Player %d,%d
Couldn't move player %d,%d
Set to Invisible %s (%d,%d)
Un Invisible %s (%d,%d)
Didntdraw %s (%d,%d)
spear Delinking due to FL_HIT
Delinking due to FL_HIT
Delinking due to being past Tarzan %d,%d flp=%d
Flip direction
Flip Direction
Checkforwaterend (%d,%d)
Found water edge at (%d,%d)
Set into DIVE
Guygoidle 1 flip=%d
Guygoidle 0 flip=%d
Ending countdown %s
Set Runaway Idle counter 120 '%s'
Walking from FL2Runwayw %d %s
Un-going back  '%s' (%d,%d)
%s,%s fr=%d
Triggering %s at (%d,%d) --> (%d,%d) flip=%d tbe=(%d,%d)
Jumping Tarzan
Attempting to fire darts
Untriggered dart ai (%d,%d) t(%d,%d) fl=%x
Placing in cart %d,%d
Tarzan into cart %d,%d
Didn't find cart
Looking for cart
No cart to right
Found newlife at %d,%d
Initializing a '%s' (%d,%d)
Initializing a '%s'
initializing coaster %d,%d num=%d
Setting turtle to swim
Key (%d,%d) collide=%d key5=%d numob=%d flags=%x
Restarting Dart (%d,%d) fl=%x
Bat falling
Scorpion:%d %s:%d fr=%d (%d,%d)
After Scorpion:%d %s:%d fr=%d (%d,%d)
Trex started
Trex frame = %d framecount=%d %s
Queen now falling
Find Elephant (%d,%d)
Found Elephant (%d,%d)
Can't find elephant?
Found elephant anim = %s
Out of range
Starting Elephant
Opening door at (%d,%d)
Invisibling Elephant
Find hawk (%d,%d)
Found hawk (%d,%d)
Can't find hawk?
Found hawk anim = %s
Starting hawk
Hawk leaving
tarzan.y - obj->y = %d
Activate wartcheck %d,%d
Invisleaping wart %d,%d
Water Invisleaping wart %d,%d
Not stopping #%d
Out of voices %d framecount