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Dragon Marked For Death

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Title Screen

Dragon Marked For Death

Also known as: DMFD, DragonMFD
Developer: Inti Creates[1]
Publishers: Marvelous Inc.[2], Inti Creates[2]
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Windows, PlayStation 4
Released internationally: April 21, 2020[1] (Steam), July 22, 2020[1] (PS4)
Released in JP: January 31, 2019[3] (Switch)
Released in US: January 31, 2019[1] (Switch)
Released in KR: March 7, 2019[4] (Switch)
Released in CN: March 7, 2019[5] (Switch)

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

NotesIcon.png This game has a notes page

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.

Dragon Marked For Death is a multiplayer-focused 2D side-scrolling action game for up to 4 players. It was in development from 2006-2019, spanning through four console generations (PSP, Xbox 360, 3DS, and Switch). The game was further heavily updated throughout 2020.

To do:
  • Add footage of newly-discovered blocked-off areas.
  • Update the video Timestamps lists to a more readable format.
  • Confirm, color, and create Unused Enemy Palettes sprite mockups.
  • Confirm and archive Unused Enemy Icons.
  • Rip, arrange, animate, and archive unused NPC sprites (there are a lot). More specifics are listed under the relevant section.
  • Confirm the list of Unused Items (ex. "Raw" / "Cooked Meat Small" is unused).
  • Update new information under the Unused Text section (ex. ways that the text can be seen through glitches in regular play, new unused texts found, etc.).
  • Rip and arrange the graphics of the unused French, Italian, German, and Spanish translations. If the section gets big enough, please move these rips to a Subpage.



Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.
Unused and Unseen Graphics
A visual representation of the game's evolution.
DragonMFD-Item Icon 1.png
Scrapped Flavor Text
We had a peek at these in Version 1.1.0n.

Unused Areas

To do:
Add footage of the blocked-off area from the Quest "Lost in White", which is confirmed a remnant of an early version of the Tarpol Mountains (Quest "The Frigid Nest") from one of the pre-release English livestreams. Discovered by Tornado Fang (please add the credit when completed).

Debug Room

The Debug Room is stored in the file st000.stb (hashed as 60e85a0ef47154b0ad108220b60b374e in the Steam version).

The room contains several similar slope testing areas with different tile types (normal, ice, conveyor belt, etc.). When loaded in place of the Sica Village location in the quest "Ogre Fort," the Debug Room has no associated minimap, and the player spawns on a semi-jagged hill area. The room ends with a long, empty stretch and a wall of normal tiles.

Lanza Channel Second Boat

Timestamp Label
00:19 Quest start
00:36 No-clipping start
00:45 Extra space at the mouth of sea monster map
01:00 1st boat map
01:22 2nd boat map

Turn on captions for more information.

Located directly to the right of the main boat is a separate map for a second boat that appears to be floating in midair, complete with its own mini-map. However, the mini-map does not match the actual location of the second boat. There is no water, no sails, and the ceiling is very low, so that the player cannot stand on the top masts. The walls and floor have collision detection. There is a wooden door that cannot be opened leading into the hull, but it is impossible to enter the hull, even through no-clipping.

Tarpol Mountains Placeholder Tiles and Odd Map Placement

Timestamp Label
00:11 Quest start
00:15 No-clipping start
00:25 Placeholder tiles in top-left corner of map
00:41 Strange level placement at the top of map
2:05 Unreachable tree branch and hook stump
2:44 Clipping through the barrier
3:31 Clipping to the inner ice cave map (used in Over the Ice Wall)

Turn on captions for more information.

In the top-left corner of the map, there are white, hollow placeholder tiles as well as what looks to be a remnant or a copy of some level tiles. Some tiles at the top include ice spikes, wooden platforms, broken wooden platforms, and some background elements. This continues until around the middle of the overall mountain map.

There appears to be an unreachable tree branch placed much higher than the other branches. In the quest "Over the Ice Wall," this branch is accompanied by a tree stump that the Empress can hook onto. However, there are no other tree stumps near that area.

In the quest "Over the Ice Wall," there is a switch across the far-right barrier of the mountain. Clipping there reveals that it is attached to the wall you must destroy in the quest "The Frigid Nest".

Labyrinth of Flame Lower Area

Timestamp Label
00:10 Quest start
00:34 No-clipping start
00:40 Out-of-bounds in beginning area
01:00 Vacant patches
01:08 Closed-off area with enemies
01:19 Accessible teleporter glyph areas
01:35 Beginning area of quest "Resurging Flames," with enemies
02:27 Out-of-bounds in opposite beginning area
02:38 Giant unused area / loading area(?) underneath the entire map
05:02 Testing pillar length, out-of-bounds

Turn on captions for more information.

Located directly underneath the main map, there appears to be an unused or placeholder loading area, with its own mini-map. This area does not appear to be traversable by any normal means. There is a copy of one of the Asura Goblin boss areas in the middle of the map. Most of it is submerged in a void with various background assets floating around. Some areas are covered in the fog filter, while others are not. There is no barrier at the bottom of the map, so it is possible to get lost by falling into the void while the camera does not follow.

(Source: xttl & CptRedder (G.R))

Unused Enemy Content

To do:
  • See if these enemies are still spawnable.
  • Confirm, color, and create Unused Enemy Palettes sprite mockups.
  • Confirm and archive Unused Enemy Icons.

Unused Common Enemy Palettes

Name Icon Sprite (Mockup)
Asura Bat DragonMFD-Unused-Enemy-Asura-Bat-Alt-1.png
Demonpillar DragonMFD-Unused-Enemy-Demonpillar-Alt-1.png DragonMFD-Unused-Enemy-Demonpillar-Alt-2.png
Lampic DragonMFD-Unused-Enemy-Lampic-Alt-1.png
Skullbee DragonMFD-Unused-Enemy-Skullbee-Alt-1.png DragonMFD-Unused-Enemy-Skullbee-Alt-2.png
Tough Chick DragonMFD-Unused-Enemy-Tough-Chick-Alt-1.png DragonMFD-Unused-Enemy-Tough-Chick-Alt-2.png
Watcher DragonMFD-Unused-Enemy-Watcher-Alt-1.png

Unused Boss Enemy Palettes

Name Icon Sprite (Mockup)
Jinryu / The Celestial's Goliath DragonMFD-Unused-Enemy-Jinryu-Alt-1.png
Lycanthrope DragonMFD-Unused-Enemy-Lycanthrope-Boss-Alt-1.png

Mismatched Lycanthrope Icons

Although this Lycanthrope palette is unused, it is incorrectly used as the Lycanthrope's icon in the final game.

Unused (Correct) Used (Incorrect)
DragonMFD-Unused-Enemy-Lycanthrope-Boss-Alt-2.png DragonMFD-Unused-Enemy-Lycanthrope-Boss-Alt-1.png

Unused Enemy Icons

To do:
Check for more unused enemy icons and make a table if there are more.

These "enemies" are in the game, but do not necessarily appear on the HUD as such.


(Source: The ZTO, "Enemy, Equipment, & Elemental Icons" Spritesheet)

Unused NPC Content

To do:
Check the NPC spritesheets of all quests to identify more unused animations.
  • Unearthed Royalty - Alba walk animation, Alba panic run animation, Alba flustered animation, Magnus mustache stroke animation, Oscutis scoff animation, Oscutis death animation

Medius City "Hopeless" Sprites

Every interactable NPC in Medius City, both in the slums and in the Upper City, have unused sprites where they appear to look sad, hopeless, and almost lifeless. There are no transitional animations for these sprites. Currently, it is unknown what would have triggered these sprites to appear.

According to DMFD's director Ryota Ito in a 2020 interview:

"Early designs for DMFD shared a system with Dragon Contract — 'Sacrifice.' The protagonist could offer the souls of his allies to the elder dragons in exchange for power. Using the dragon’s power would cause these allies’ souls to slowly erode though, which eventually rendered them unable to talk."[6]

Based on the early DMFD designs and the lack of transitional animations, these sprites may have been intended to appear as a consequence of sacrificing the related NPCs' souls.

(Source: TheFriendlyDragon)

Dreaming of Treasure Canere Run Animation

The NPC Canere from the quest "Dreaming of Treasure" has an unused run animation. In the final game, Canere is idle.

DragonMFD-Canere Run Animation (GIF).gif DragonMFD-Canere Run Animation (Spritesheet).png

Sea of Tumult Bandero Animations

The NPC Bandero from the quest "Sea of Tumult" has unused blinking and pouch animations.

DragonMFD-Bandero Blink Animation (GIF).gif DragonMFD-Bandero Blink Animation (Spritesheet).png

DragonMFD-Bandero Pouch Animation (GIF).gif DragonMFD-Bandero Pouch Animation (Spritesheet).png

Dangerous Wine Caymar Animations

The NPC Caymar from the quest "Dangerous Wine" has unused coughing and walking animations. These animations are identical to those of the NPC Capire from the Upper City.

DragonMFD-Caymar Cough Animation (GIF).gif DragonMFD-Caymar Cough Animation (Spritesheet).png

DragonMFD-Caymar Walk Animation (GIF).gif DragonMFD-Caymar Walk Animation (Spritesheet).png

Cruise Escort Yunda Animations

The NPC Yunda from the quest "Cruise Escort" has unused coughing and walking animations. These animations are identical to those of the NPC Capire from the Upper City, but in a blue costume instead of maroon.

DragonMFD-Yunda Cough Animation (GIF).gif DragonMFD-Yunda Cough Animation (Spritesheet).png

DragonMFD-Yunda Walk Animation (GIF).gif DragonMFD-Yunda Walk Animation (Spritesheet).png

Over the Ice Wall Bao Run Animation

To do:
Rearrange the order of the sprites and fix the animated gif (the order of sprites seems to have been mistakenly put backwards).

The NPC Bao from the quest "Over the Ice Wall" has an unused run animation. In the final game, Bao is idle.

DragonMFD-Bao (Over the Ice Wall) Run Animation (GIF).gif DragonMFD-Bao (Over the Ice Wall) Run Animation (Spritesheet).png

Werewolf Hunting Cauda Walk Animation

The NPC Cauda from the quest "Werewolf Hunting" has an unused walk animation. In the final game, Cauda is idle.

DragonMFD-Cauda Walk Animation (GIF).gif DragonMFD-Cauda Walk Animation (Spritesheet).png

The Bell Tolls Gratio Animations

The NPC Gratio from the quest "The Bell Tolls" has unused blinking and coughing animations. The coughing animation is identical to that of the NPC Capire from the Upper City.

DragonMFD-Gratio Blink Animation (GIF).gif DragonMFD-Gratio Blink Animation (Spritesheet).png

DragonMFD-Gratio Cough Animation (GIF).gif DragonMFD-Gratio Cough Animation (Spritesheet).png

Haunting Grounds Wursuth Animations

The NPC Wursuth from the quest "Haunting Grounds" has unused blinking, neck scratching, and walking animations.

DragonMFD-Wursuth Blink Animation (GIF).gif DragonMFD-Wursuth Blink Animation (Spritesheet).png

DragonMFD-Wursuth Neck Scratch Animation (GIF).gif DragonMFD-Wursuth Neck Scratch Animation (Spritesheet).png

DragonMFD-Wursuth Walk Animation (GIF).gif DragonMFD-Wursuth Walk Animation (Spritesheet).png

Twin Dragon's End Unknown Character

This unknown NPC from the quest "Twin Dragon's End" has unused blinking, sighing, and surveying animations. This character is shown in the game's concept art as "シスター系".

DragonMFD-Unknown Character Blink Animation (GIF).gif DragonMFD-Unknown Character Blink Animation (Spritesheet).png

DragonMFD-Unknown Character Sigh Animation (GIF).gif DragonMFD-Unknown Character Sigh Animation (Spritesheet).png

DragonMFD-Unknown Character Look Around Animation (GIF)-fixed.gif Unknown Character Look Around Animation (Spritesheet).png

The Sleeping Tome Kasper Animations

The NPC Kasper from the quest "The Sleeping Tome" has unused scratching and walking animations.

DragonMFD-Kasper Scratch Animation (GIF).gif DragonMFD-Kasper Scratch Animation (Spritesheet).png

DragonMFD-Kasper Walk Animation (GIF).gif DragonMFD-Kasper Walk Animation (Spritesheet).png

A Cry from the Tower Propei Shivering Animations

The NPC Propei from the quest "A Cry from the Tower" has unused shivering and walking animations.

DragonMFD-Propei Shiver Animation (GIF).gif DragonMFD-Propei Shiver Animation (Spritesheet).png

Pillar Maintenance Paries Animations

The NPC Paries from the quest "Pillar Maintenance" has unused animations for walking, getting alarmed, and dying. Combined with the stage dialogue, these animations imply that "Pillar Maintenance" may have been an escort mission (similar to "Undying Dragon" and "The Castle Burns") at some point. In the final game, Paries simply arrives at the top of the tower before the player.

Interestingly, a unique idle animation, in which he blinks then thumbs his nose, plays only after the quest end gate appears.

DragonMFD-Paries Walk Animation (GIF).gif DragonMFD-Paries Walk Animation (Spritesheet).png

DragonMFD-Paries Alarmed Animation (GIF).gif DragonMFD-Paries Alarmed Animation (Spritesheet).png

DragonMFD-Paries Death Animation (GIF).gif DragonMFD-Paries Death Animation (Spritesheet).png

(Source: CptRedder (G.R))

Unused Items

To do:
  • See if these unused items are still spawnable.
  • Confirm and update list for "Meat Small" items.

Food Drops


These raw meat, green apples, and green cacao fruit are in the sprite sheet for Item Drops, but are unused.

The raw meat sprites are recolors of the cooked meat sprites.

The green apple sprites are recolors of the red apple sprites with added leaves at the top.

The green cacao fruit is a recolor of the pink cacao fruit.

These food drops have names in the internal data:

Internal Name In-Game Name (All Languages)





Black Market Item Chest


Version 2.0.0n (Nintendo Switch only) introduced the Black Market system, along with the Black Market Item Chest. These small chests had a chance of dropping from certain enemies, with specific crafting materials inside. For example, killing a Battle Crab may drop an item chest with a Crab Claw.

Version 2.2.0n removed the old Black Market Item Chest system and replaced it with the regional coins system. Any crafting materials earned from Black Market Item Chests could be exchanged for Litus coins.

Unused Gemstone Drops


These gemstone drops were intended for the DLC quest "Paying the Miser". Currently, it is unknown how many points these gemstones gave.

Unused Ice Crystal Drop

Unused Used
DragonMFD-Unused-Ice-Crystal-Drop-PC-Rip-3.0.0.png DragonMFD-Used-Ice-Crystal-Drops-PC-Rip-3.0.0.png

This ice crystal drop was intended for the quest "Frozen Fusion". Although it has a noticeably different design from the used ice crystals, the ice crystal on the left has the exact same color palette as the crystals on the right. Currently, it is unknown how many points this ice crystal gave.

(Source: CptRedder (G.R))

Unused Objects

To do:
See if these objects are still spawnable.



Three pots are unused for unknown reasons.

The first is a striped pot with a woven cover.

The second is a red variant of the blue pot seen in the stage "Muramasa Castle".

The third appears to be an industrial-themed pot related to the Pagnas region ("Tarpol Mountains" and "Labyrinth of Flame").

Cavern of Torment Breakable Block


This unused block with a red eye in the center is from the stage objects spritesheet of the quest "Cavern of Torment". Currently, the behavior of this object is unknown.

Tarpol Mountains Bunny

DragonMFD-Tarpol-Mountains-Bunny-Mockup-PC-Rip-3.0.4.gif DragonMFD-Tarpol-Mountains-Bunny-Mockup-PC-Rip-3.0.4.gif

This is a mockup animation of the snow bunny found in the stage objects spritesheet of the stage "Tarpol Mountains". For some reason, there are stray red pixels in some of the frames. Currently, the behavior of this object is unknown.

Ensys Castle Rusted Bell

Unused Used
DragonMFD-Ensys-Castle-Rusted-Bell-PC-Rip-3.0.4.png DragonMFD-Ensys-Castle-Silver-Bell-PC-Rip-3.0.4.png

According to the priest's intro dialogue in the quest "The Bell Tolls," there was originally going to be a rusted bell that the player would have to clean before ringing. This is reflected in the objects spritesheet of the stage "Ensys Castle." In the final game, instead of a rusted bell, the bell is already clean.

Unused Treasure Chests

DragonMFD-Yellow-Treasure-Chest-Mockup-Gif.gif DragonMFD-Small-Treasure-Chest-Mockup-Gif.gif

In the spritesheet for treasure chests, there are two unused ones: a large yellow treasure chest and a small red treasure chest. Currently, it is unknown what these treasure chests were for.

(Source: CptRedder (G.R))

Unused Abilities

To do:
  • See if it is possible to enable the unused incantations
  • See if it is possible to enable Level 4 and Level 5 incantations

Unused Incantations and Incantation Levels



The second unused incantation sprite is similar to the Regen incantation sprite in the final game. The fourth seems to be an alternate version of the Cure incantation. Currently, it is unknown how these unused incantations functioned.

DragonMFD-Unused-Incantation-Levels-PC-Rip-3.1.5.png DragonMFD-Unused-Incantation-Levels-PC-Rip-3.1.5.png

These unused incantation levels imply that that the Witch and Oracle were originally going to be able to cast BXBXBXBX up to 4 times (Level 5).

These Level 4 and Level 5 incantation sprites were used in place of Level 2 and Level 3 incantations during the Hangin' at Inti HQ Livestream on September 27, 2018 (YouTube, Timestamped 58:54). In that build, the level-ups seemed to tint basic Wind attacks purple, and Homing Wind attacks bright green.

Warrior Guard Point

DragonMFD-Warrior-Guard-Point-Mockup-Gif.gif DragonMFD-Warrior-Guard-Point-Mockup-Gif.gif

This ability was originally used for the Warrior and the Axe weapon type. The Warrior's shield would flash orange before performing an attack similar to the Greatsword Tackle in the final game. The shield could be held onto for longer. If an enemy hit the Warrior while the shield was up, the Warrior would not be knocked over.

This ability was shown in the Hangin' at Inti HQ Livestream on August 23, 2018 (YouTube, Timestamped 32:33).

(Source: CptRedder (G.R))

Unused Text

To do:
Update new information under the Unused Text section (ex. ways that the text can be seen through glitches in regular play, new unused texts found, etc.).

Failsafe Gate Text in "Invisible Anger"


Blood has yet to be offered to every scroll.

In the quest "Invisible Anger," it is impossible to reach this area by normal means without offering blood to every scroll first, as the left side of the map is blocked off. After offering blood to all 3 scrolls, a teleporation glyph appears, which sends you to this area. However, if you somehow manage to reach this area by breaking the boundaries before this condition is fulfilled, this text appears and prevents you from fighting the boss of the quest.

Developer Text in Maps

To do:
  • Caption and describe the video showing unseen developer text and numbers in the Atruum's Den map (2 different versions: "Cavern of Torment" and "Dragon's Hoard")
  • Put screenshots or a ripped tilemap instead? Not sure if it's possible.

(Source: CptRedder (G.R))

Unused Translations

To do:
  • Planning to dump all compiled sprites of the French, Italian, German, and Spanish translations here
    • Might move those compiled sprites to the "Unused Graphics" sections if actual translated text is discovered
  • Character creation menu sprites
  • Bar menu sprites
  • Appraisal screen sprites
  • Control menu button configuration sprites
  • Character-themed options menu sprites

By the latest version of the game, Version 3.1.5 (all systems), only the languages of English, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional), and Korean are used. However, there are several traces of menu sprites showing unused translations in French, Italian, German, and Spanish. These languages are not referenced in the game's internal data.

Currently, it is unknown who worked on these translations.

Status Effects

To do:
  • There may be mistakes in the translation organization (Notably "Nv. Q" and "Niv." sprites); please fix and re-order the sheet if any errors are noticed
  • Note that it is not possible to access these translations in the game, even with cheats (there is no data in the PC version for these languages, only Japanese, English, Chinese (Traditional), and Korean).


Only the English sprites show the blue- and yellow-arrow status effects; they are present here along with the unused languages for comparison.

Loading Screen Text


Quest List Page Arrows

DragonMFD-Scrapped Languages Quest List Page Arrows - DragonMFD PC Rip 3.0.4.png

(Source: CptRedder (G.R))

Scrapped Black Market Crafting Materials

To do:
  • Check which items were or were not obtainable before 2.2.0n

Version 2.0.0n introduced the Black Market system, along with the Black Market Item Chest. These small chests had a chance of dropping from certain enemies, with specific crafting materials inside. For example, killing a Battle Crab may drop an item chest with a Crab Claw. These materials were used to create special items.

Version 2.2.0n removed the old Black Market Item Chest system and replaced it with the regional coins system. Any crafting materials earned from Black Market Item Chests could be exchanged for Litus coins.

Although these items are technically unused, they remain in the game's data to compensate for any players who still have them in their inventory post-Version 2.2.0n.

Interestingly, although the game's different console versions do not have cross-play, data for these items still exist in them. Players of the Steam and PS4 versions of the game never got to collect these crafting materials, as those versions of the game were released with 3.0.0.

Item (English) Item (Japanese) Item (Korean) Item (Chinese (Traditional)) Rarity (Stars) Dropped from Enemy Obtainable before removal
Tough Beak クチバシ 부리 1 Tough Chick
Honey 蜂蜜 벌꿀 蜂蜜 1 Skullbee
Fiendish Carapace 甲虫の甲殻 갑충의 갑각 甲蟲的甲殼 1 Demonpillar
Sticky Thread 粘糸 끈끈이 실 粘絲 3 Demonpillar
Golden Scales 金色の鱗 금빛 비늘 金色鱗片 1 Flygolin (Thunder)
Blue Scales 水色の鱗 푸른 빛 비늘 水色鱗片 1 Flygolin (Ice)
Bombud Fruit ボムツボミの実 폭탄 봉오리의 열매 炸彈花蕾果實 1 Bombud (Yellow)
Bombud Poison ボムツボミの毒 폭탄 봉오리의 독 炸彈花蕾的毒 1 Bombud (Purple)
Fly Juice 羽虫の体液 날벌레의 체액 昆蟲體液 1 Fruit Fly
Slime Juice スライムの体液 슬라임의 체액 史萊姆體液 1 Deva Slime
Ice 얼음 1 Cloudfish (Ice)
Oil 기름 1 Cloudfish (Fire)
Paralyzing Venom 麻連毒 마비 독 麻痺毒 1 Cloudfish (Thunder)
Crab Shell カニの甲羅 게의 껍데기 螃蟹殼 1 Battle Crab
Crab Claw カニの爪 게의 발톱 螃蟹爪 3 Battle Crab
Do-dune Skin ドードドーの皮 도도도의 가죽 渡渡渡鳥皮 1 Do-dune
Suspicious Fruit 怪しげな実 수상한 열매 詭異的果實 1 Currently unknown Currently unknown
Smoldering Tail 燃え続ける尻尾 불타는 꼬리 持續燃燒的尾巴 1 Asura Bat (Fire)
Smoldering Wing 燃え続ける羽 불타는 날개 持續燃燒的翅膀 4 Asura Bat (Fire)
Frozen Tail 凍った尻尾 얼어 붙은 꼬리 冰凍尾巴 1 Asura Bat (Ice)
Frozen Wing 凍った羽 얼어 붙은 날개 冰凍翅膀持 4 Asura Bat (Ice)
Twitching Tail 動き続ける尻尾 꿈틀 대는 꼬리 續蠕動的尾巴 1 Asura Bat (Wind)
Twitching Wing 動き続ける羽 꿈틀 대는 날개 持續抖動的翅膀 4 Asura Bat (Wind)
Paralyzed Tail 麻揮した尻尾 마비 된 꼬리 麻痺的尾巴 1 Asura Bat (Thunder)
Paralyzed Wing 麻痩した羽 마비 된 날개 麻痺的翅膀 4 Asura Bat (Thunder)
Toxic Tail 劇毒の尻尾 극 독성 꼬리 劇毒尾巴 1 Asura Bat (Poison)
Toxic Wing 劇毒の羽 극 독성 날개 劇毒翅膀 4 Asura Bat (Poison)
Ogre Nails オーガの爪 오우거의 손톱 巨魔指甲 1 Ogre
Shockfish Scales デンキウオの鱗 전기 어의 비늘 電魚鱗片 1 Shockfish
Shockfish Sac デンキウオの毒袋 전기 어의 독주 머니 電魚的毒袋 4 Shockfish
Goblin Bow ゴブリンの弓 고블린의 활 哥布林弓 1 Pale Goblin
Bio-bulb Husk バルブワームの抜け殻 벌브 웜의 허물 流體蟲的空殼 1 Bio-bulb
Goblin Torch ゴブリンの松明 고블린의 횃불 哥布林火把 1 Red Goblin
Fire Rat Ear 火ネズミの耳 불쥐의 귀 火鼠的耳朵 1 Deva Rat (Fire)
Water Rat Foot 水ネズミの足 물쥐의 발 水鼠的耳朵 1 Deva Rat (Ice)
Electric Rat Tail 電気ネズミの尻尾 전기 쥐의 꼬리 電鼠的耳朵 1 Deva Rat (Thunder)
Toad Oil ガマの油 두꺼비의 기름 蟾蜍油 1 Thundertoad
Beetle Wing 甲虫の超 갑충의 날개 甲蟲的翅膀 1 Gold Beetle
Rusted Chain 錆びた鎖 녹슨 사슬 生鋪的鎖 1 Lampic
Spider Cocoon クモの繭 거미의 고치 蜘蛛繭 1 Void Spider
Watcher Whiskers モルモルの髭 모르 모르의 수염 觸手眼球的鬚 1 Watcher
Watcher Guts モルモルの腸 모르 모르의 내장 觸手眼球的腸 5 Watcher
Diamond ダイアモンド 다이아몬드 鑽石 8 Unknown / None
Horse Meat 桜肉 말고기 馬肉 8 [not sure, Equus? Named Monster The Tempest Steed?] ?
Enormous Hoof 巨大な蹄 거대한 발굽 巨蹄 8 [not sure, Equus? Named Monster The Tempest Steed?] ?
Ogre Fang オーガの牙 오우거 송곳니 巨魔牙 8 [not sure, Ogre Prince? Named Monster The Horn Breaker?] ?
Gold Enhance Cube エンハンスキューブ・金 인핸스 큐브 금 增幅魔方・金 1 Unknown / None

Placeholder Black Market Crafting Materials in Japanese Version

To do:
  • Check if these items were removed or renamed in the game's latest version, 3.1.5.

These placeholder items were discovered in the Black Market shop list in Version 3.0.4s. Only in the Japanese translation do they have placeholder names. In the English, Korean, and Chinese (Traditional) translations, these item names are blank. All items listed have a rarity of 1 star and are in Item Trunk order.

(Source: Bowwow and CptRedder (G.R))