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Title Screen


Developer: Artificial Mind and Movement
Publisher: THQ
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Released in US: October 9, 2005

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: See if the debug menu can be accessed.

Development-Related Text

Build Date

Present at 0x3E19A8.

Jul 31 2005 10:23:12

Debug Menu

Present at 0x369C4:

Fx Player
Music Player
Obj Viewer
Photo 1
Race 1
Episode-1 Quest-15
Episode-1 Quest-14
Episode-1 Quest-13
Episode-1 Quest-12
Episode-1 Quest-11
Episode-1 Quest-10
Episode-1 Quest-9
Episode-1 Quest-8
Episode-1 Quest-7
Episode-1 Quest-6
Episode-1 Quest-5
Episode-1 Quest-4
Episode-1 Quest-3
Episode-1 Quest-2
Episode-1 Quest-1
Episode-2 Quest-15
Episode-2 Quest-14
Episode-2 Quest-13
Episode-2 Quest-12
Episode-2 Quest-11
Episode-2 Quest-10
Episode-2 Quest-9
Episode-2 Quest-8
Episode-2 Quest-7
Episode-2 Quest-6
Episode-2 Quest-5
Episode-2 Quest-4
Episode-2 Quest-3
Episode-2 Quest-2
Episode-2 Quest-1
Episode-3 Quest-15
Episode-3 Quest-14
Episode-3 Quest-13
Episode-3 Quest-12
Episode-3 Quest-11
Episode-3 Quest-10
Episode-3 Quest-9
Episode-3 Quest-8
Episode-3 Quest-7
Episode-3 Quest-6
Episode-3 Quest-5
Episode-3 Quest-4
Episode-3 Quest-3
Episode-3 Quest-2
Episode-3 Quest-1
Episode-4 Quest-15
Episode-4 Quest-14
Episode-4 Quest-13
Episode-4 Quest-12
Episode-4 Quest-11
Episode-4 Quest-10
Episode-4 Quest-9
Episode-4 Quest-8
Episode-4 Quest-7
Episode-4 Quest-6
Episode-4 Quest-5
Episode-4 Quest-4
Episode-4 Quest-3
Episode-4 Quest-2
Episode-4 Quest-1
Episode-5 Quest-15
Episode-5 Quest-14
Episode-5 Quest-13
Episode-5 Quest-12
Episode-5 Quest-11
Episode-5 Quest-10
Episode-5 Quest-9
Episode-5 Quest-8
Episode-5 Quest-7
Episode-5 Quest-6
Episode-5 Quest-5
Episode-5 Quest-4
Episode-5 Quest-3
Episode-5 Quest-2
Episode-5 Quest-1
Episode-6 Quest-15
Episode-6 Quest-14
Episode-6 Quest-13
Episode-6 Quest-12
Episode-6 Quest-11
Episode-6 Quest-10
Episode-6 Quest-9
Episode-6 Quest-8
Episode-6 Quest-7
Episode-6 Quest-6
Episode-6 Quest-5
Episode-6 Quest-4
Episode-6 Quest-3
Episode-6 Quest-2
Episode-6 Quest-1
Episode-7 Quest-15
Episode-7 Quest-14
Episode-7 Quest-13
Episode-7 Quest-12
Episode-7 Quest-11
Episode-7 Quest-10
Episode-7 Quest-9
Episode-7 Quest-8
Episode-7 Quest-7
Episode-7 Quest-6
Episode-7 Quest-5
Episode-7 Quest-4
Episode-7 Quest-3
Episode-7 Quest-2
Episode-7 Quest-1
Episode-8 Quest-15
Episode-8 Quest-14
Episode-8 Quest-13
Episode-8 Quest-12
Episode-8 Quest-11
Episode-8 Quest-10
Episode-8 Quest-9
Episode-8 Quest-8
Episode-8 Quest-7
Episode-8 Quest-6
Episode-8 Quest-5
Episode-8 Quest-4
Episode-8 Quest-3
Episode-8 Quest-2
Episode-8 Quest-1
Episode-9 Quest-15
Episode-9 Quest-14
Episode-9 Quest-13
Episode-9 Quest-12
Episode-9 Quest-11
Episode-9 Quest-10
Episode-9 Quest-9
Episode-9 Quest-8
Episode-9 Quest-7
Episode-9 Quest-6
Episode-9 Quest-5
Episode-9 Quest-4
Episode-9 Quest-3
Episode-9 Quest-2
Episode-9 Quest-1
Episode-10 Quest-15
Episode-10 Quest-14
Episode-10 Quest-13
Episode-10 Quest-12
Episode-10 Quest-11
Episode-10 Quest-10
Episode-10 Quest-9
Episode-10 Quest-8
Episode-10 Quest-7
Episode-10 Quest-6
Episode-10 Quest-5
Episode-10 Quest-4
Episode-10 Quest-3
Episode-10 Quest-2
Episode-10 Quest-1
Episode-11 Quest-15
Episode-11 Quest-14
Episode-11 Quest-13
Episode-11 Quest-12
Episode-11 Quest-11
Episode-11 Quest-10
Episode-11 Quest-9
Episode-11 Quest-8
Episode-11 Quest-7
Episode-11 Quest-6
Episode-11 Quest-5
Episode-11 Quest-4
Episode-11 Quest-3
Episode-11 Quest-2
Episode-11 Quest-1
Episode-12 Quest-15
Episode-12 Quest-14
Episode-12 Quest-13
Episode-12 Quest-12
Episode-12 Quest-11
Episode-12 Quest-10
Episode-12 Quest-9
Episode-12 Quest-8
Episode-12 Quest-7
Episode-12 Quest-6
Episode-12 Quest-5
Episode-12 Quest-4
Episode-12 Quest-3
Episode-12 Quest-2
Episode-12 Quest-1
Episode-13 Quest-15
Episode-13 Quest-14
Episode-13 Quest-13
Episode-13 Quest-12
Episode-13 Quest-11
Episode-13 Quest-10
Episode-13 Quest-9
Episode-13 Quest-8
Episode-13 Quest-7
Episode-13 Quest-6
Episode-13 Quest-5
Episode-13 Quest-4
Episode-13 Quest-3
Episode-13 Quest-2
Episode-13 Quest-1
Episode-14 Quest-15
Episode-14 Quest-14
Episode-14 Quest-13
Episode-14 Quest-12
Episode-14 Quest-11
Episode-14 Quest-10
Episode-14 Quest-9
Episode-14 Quest-8
Episode-14 Quest-7
Episode-14 Quest-6
Episode-14 Quest-5
Episode-14 Quest-4
Episode-14 Quest-3
Episode-14 Quest-2
Episode-14 Quest-1
Episode 14
Episode 13
Episode 12
Episode 11
Episode 10
Episode 9
Episode 8
Episode 7
Episode 6
Episode 5
Episode 4
Episode 3
Episode 2
Episode 1
Select Episode
Asset Viewer
Normal Boot
Test Room

Text for an OBJ Viewer, Music Player, and FX Player is stored at 0x140D2C:

Obj No:
Anim No:
Anim Mode:

Music No:

Fx No: