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Golvellius (MSX)

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Title Screen


Also known as: Maou Golvellius
Developer: Compile
Publisher: Compile
Platform: MSX
Released in JP: 1987

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

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Prerelease Info

Hidden Developer Faces

On the title screen, first press RETURN, and then enter the following codes on the keyboard (no Shift key), then press RETURN again. If done correctly, Kelesis' face will be replaced by a different one.

Given that the codes in correspond to employees at Compile, the hidden faces are likely caricaturized portrayals of said people.

Code Title Screen Notes
Golvellius MSX Title - KELESIS.png Main character of Golvellius. Default face shown on title screen, and the only one not related to a Compile employee.
JEMINI Golvellius MSX Title - JEMINI.png Takayuki "Jemini" Hirono, credited for music programming and SFX.
MOO Golvellius MSX Title - MOO.png Masamitsu "Moo" Niitani, founder of Compile.
WAO Golvellius MSX Title - WAO.png Tadashi "Wao" Ishimaru
LUNARIAN Golvellius MSX Title - LUNARIAN.png Kenji "Lunarian" Shintani
HOMME Golvellius MSX Title - HOMME.png Homme Okazaki - full name currently unknown. Given "Special Thanks" in the credits.
MIYAMOTO Golvellius MSX Title - MIYAMOTO.png Masatomo Miyamoto, one of the composers credited for this game.
JANUS Golvellius MSX Title - JANUS.png Koji "Janus" Teramoto
YORIKI Golvellius MSX Title - YORIKI.png Unknown - credited for graphics in Zanac (MSX), test play in Zanac (NES), and character assist in Guardic. Also given "Special Thanks" in the MSX and Master System versions of this game.
PAC Golvellius MSX Title - PAC.png Satoshi "Pac" Fujishima, the main designer, programmer, and director of this game.
(Source: Manuel Pazos)