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Title Screen


Also known as: Super Columns (MSX revision, SMS)
Developer: Screen Software
Publishers: Screen Software (MSX original), HiCOM (MSX revision, SMS)
Platforms: MSX, Unlicensed Sega Master System
Released in KR: 1990

SourceIcon.png This game has uncompiled source code.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

An unlicensed port of Columns. From where did Screen Software got this original title remains a mystery.

Uncompiled Source Code

Several snippets of uncompiled source code can be found within the game's releases. Offsets are listed as appropriate.

0xBA3 (MSX, earlier) / 0xBC3 (MSX, later) / 0x4BC3 (SMS)
Red - Exclusive to earlier MSX revision

  LD A,0
  LD E,B
  CALL C0093

0x1EAC (MSX, both) / 0x4EAC (SMS)


Additionally, exclusive to the earlier MSX version at offset 0x7D86 is a credit that is likely a leftover from something else.


 |  ─ BAD COMPANY ─  |
 | Original theme    |
 |      By (C)IREM  .|
 |   Msx arranged    |
 |        By         |
 |     lee.k-h!      |
 |    1988.12.01     |

Revisional Differences

To do:
Extract the music

Two versions of the game are known to exist.

  • The earlier MSX revision, known as L.3.W, published by Screen Software
  • The later MSX revision, known as Super Columns, published by HiCOM and also released for the Sega Master System:


  • Super Columns uses a nearly completely updated font:
L.3.W Super Columns
L.3.W-fontOLD.png L.3.W-fontNEW.png
  • No year is displayed in the title screen. The date shown during gameplay was also shortened to just the year in order to make up for the game's title.
  • The "3" in L.3.W's title graphic flickers red and blue; no such effect is present in Super Columns.
L.3.W Super Columns
L.3.W-title.png L.3.W-titleLATER.png
L.3.W-gameplay.png L.3.W-gameplayLATER.png
  • There is an additional Tetris game mode in Super Columns.


  • The music is completely different between both versions of the game. Additionally, while L.3.W uses two BGM tracks, Super Columns uses only one.