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Monopoly (Game Boy)

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Title Screen


Developer: Sculptured Software
Publishers: Parker Brothers (US), Majesco Sales (US GBC), Hasbro Interactive (EU, JP GBC), Tomy (JP)
Platforms: Game Boy, Super Game Boy, Game Boy Color
Released in JP: December 20, 1991 (GB), December 11, 1998 (GBC)
Released in US: December 1991 (GB), May 1999 (GBC)
Released in EU: 1998

RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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Bugs page/Unused text: Reports of a blank screen in GBC version that follows receiving mortgaged properties from a bankrupted player; screen is supposed to display text on how to unmortgage.

Regional Differences

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Check European GB version
Japan US
Monopoly jpn gbc setup.png Monopoly us gbc setup.png

The "HOW MANY PLAYERS?" screen is much more bland in the Japanese version.

Japan International
Monopoly gb jpn setup.png Monopoly gb usa setup.png

The GB version's change was simpler.

Japan US
Monopoly jpn gbc cast 1.png
Monopoly jpn gbc cast 2.png
Monopoly us gbc cast 1.png
Monopoly us gbc cast 2.png

The computer opponents are completely different between the Japanese and US versions. This change is GBC specific. The names of the opponents are Yasushi (ヤスシ), Yone (ヨネ), Taku (タク), Hitomi (ヒトミ), Tomo (トモ), Ryohko (リョーコ), Mayu (マユ), and Ken (ケン).

Monopoly gb us cpu.png
Monopoly gb us cpu two.png
Monopoly us gbc cast 1.png
Monopoly us gbc cast 2.png

They were also touched up for the US GBC version.

Japan US
Monopoly jpn gbc title.png Monopoly us gbc title.png

The title screen was made somewhat more interesting (and Rich Uncle Pennybags became even whiter!) for the US GBC release. Note that both US versions omit the option to choose the number of Game Boys.

Monopoly jpn gb title.png

The Japanese GB version has a Japanese title, something that was omitted from the later GBC release.

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Add the rest of the animations from the Japanese GB version as an animated GIF.

Monopoly jpn gb pennybags.png

An addition to the Japanese GB version is an animation of Rich Uncle Pennybags jumping around with a property card, played every time someone buys a new property. This was omitted from the later releases.

Super Game Boy

Monopoly J SGB Title.png

Monopoly was later re-released for the Game Boy Color in Japan and was given a few Super Game Boy features, though it dropped four-player support. There's your get out of jail free card.

The US Game Boy Color version does not have any SGB support.


The Japanese Game Boy version contains various cutscenes, a few of which were also used in the NES version. However, they are not in the US version of the game.


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Check which board the Japanese versions use.
  • Only the versions published by Hasbro Interactive (European GB and Japanese GBC) use a full-screen logo.
  • As expected, property names and currencies were changed for each region. The Japanese and US versions all use dollars, while the European version changes the currency based on the language:
    • English: Pounds (£)
    • French: No symbol (just numbers)
    • German: Deutsch marks (DM)