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The Super Game Boy was Nintendo's solution to playing Game Boy games on the big screen. A few games used special features, such as new soundtracks, voice samples, and running native SNES code (Space Invaders '94 and Nekketsu! Beach Volley dayo Kunio-kun are the only examples of running custom code using the SNES hardware).

Games released prior to the Super Game Boy were assigned palette settings based on the games' respective themes; Nintendo released a Player's Guide offering additional palettes per game situation rather than the static palette setting.

Originally released without a Game Link Cable port and slightly faster game speed, Nintendo tackled both these issues in Japan by releasing the Super Game Boy 2 (plans for an international release were scrapped due to the SNES being on its last legs). Some games have alternate enhancements for the Super Game Boy 2, such as Tetris DX displaying a different border.


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