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Shadow Man (Windows)

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Title Screen

Shadow Man

Developer: Acclaim Studios Teesside
Publishers: Acclaim Entertainment (US/EU), Tsukuda Synergy (JP), Night Dive Studios (Steam)
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: October 18, 2013 (Steam)
Released in JP: November 12, 1999
Released in US: July 31, 1999
Released in EU: 1999

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
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DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

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Michael LeRoi (not the Bad Creepypasta dude), the Shadow Man, must use his voodoo powers and brave the labyrinthine depths of Deadside to gather all the dark souls he can, in order to prevent the apocalypse at the hands of Legion and his crew of serial killers known as "The Five". Much like Turok before him, Shadow Man was also based on a character in Valiant comics, which Acclaim owned at the time.

A remaster was released in 2021 by Night Dive Studios which just so happens to restore some of the content seen here.


Debug Menu
I am the lord of Deadside.
Unused Models
Some things were just not going to fly in 1999.
Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info

Unused Text

The script can be found in data\CutScene\Speech. For the most part, no audio remains. Included in the script file is a helpful key:

KEY:		A=	Avery Marks
		B=	Dr. Victor Batrachian
		C=	Marco Cruz
		I=	Jaunty
		J=	Jack The Ripper
		K=	Luke
		L=	Legion
		M=	Mike
		N=	Nettie
		P=	Milton Pike
		S=	Shadow Man
		W=	Victim (male) No.1
		X=	Victim (male) No.2
		Y=	Victim (female) No.1
		Z=	Victim (female) No.2

Filenames:	1st two characters refer to level number*
		2nd two charcters refer to scene number (within that level)
		3rd two charcters refer to line number (within that scene)
		4th single character refers to character speaking (see KEY: above for details)
*TT & GN describe the Titles and the General game noises

Cut Levels

Remnants of three levels that were cut before release. All three were restored in Remastered.

Florida Summer Camp


Milton Pike's level, his encounter would be moved to the Texas Prison level. Could be briefly seen in early footage of the game.

<LEVEL04_SCENE02> (Level Specific Speech - Milton Pike and Mike/Shadow Man)

Milton's other taunts are used during the encounter at the Prison, but these ones never play.

Text Clip
S040200P	I love the smell of burnin' flesh in the mornin' - smells like, victory!
S040205P	Charlie don't surf!

These lines don't have any audio in the original game, but were added in Remastered.

S040206M	Remote Control... Maybe I could use this?
S040207S	Remote Control... Maybe I could use this?

Shadow Man has one-liners finishing off all of the serial killers, except for Jack. They go unused in the original, but added back in Remastered.

Text Clip
S040208S	Consider that a dishonourable discharge - boy...

Desert Salvage Yard


Marco Cruz's level, like Milton, moved to the Texas Prison level.


Shadow Man's lines don't have any audio in the original game, but were added in Remastered.

S050200M	I smell gasoline...
S050201S	I smell gasoline...
S050204M	Holy shit!
S050205S	Holy shit!
Text Clip
S050202C	Yo!  Soul brother!  Shall we dance?  
S050203C	It's about that time - time for the fandango through the flames, the hotrock harmony to the sound of sizzling flesh and his tijuana orchestra!


Audio was reintroduced in Remastered.

S050300C	Hey there, yank!
S050301S	Damn!  This guy is really pissing me off!

<LEVEL05_SCENE04> (Level Specific Speech - Marco Cruz and Mike/Shadow Man)

Marco is a rather chatty fellow and likes to go into his own monologues, but these ones were cut. Only the last two lines were reintroduced in Remastered.

S050411C	It's all about the numbers, man - but, you can't go into space on numbers.  
S050412C	You can't, like, fly on a five, cruise on a nine, it's an abstract concept.
S050413C	It's, like, semantic numeracy, the reality takes you further - in a white-panelled tube speeding through a void, man. 
S050414C	It's Major Tom territory and ground control's no longer there!
S050415C	We have been broadcasting to you live on Kay Eye double Ell - from the End-of-the-World Sockhop at the Show Me Inn!  
S050416C	This is Marco Cruz signing off - thank you and goodnight!  Yee-haaaarrrrrgggh!!!

Extra Shadow Man lines which were added back into Remastered.

S050417M	Jesus - who's this guy's decorator - Elvis?
S050418S	Jesus - who's this guy's decorator - Elvis?
S050419M	Consider that a service to music lovers everywhere...
S050420S	Consider that a service to music lovers everywhere...

The one-liner for Marco.

Text Clip
S050421S	Elvis has left the building...


Unclear where exactly these may have been used. The folder for for this particular scene contains completely unrelated audio.

S050502M	It's Judgement day... Time to tear that Dark Soul from the body of the beast...
S050503S	My God - this is the gateway from Asylum - the place where the armies of the damned shall make their attack upon the world of the living.

Asylum Station #2: Experimentation Rooms


Another section of the Asylum, very little is left to hint at it's contents. This voice line is the only one assigned to it and is used in Remastered when Shadow Man comes across a Govi destroyed by something other than himself.

Text Clip
S090000S	Nettie said that only a Shadow Man, or something more powerful, could release a Dark Soul from a Govi.  This is bad - real bad...

Louisiana Swampland


Would fit for the bridge breaking underneath Mike on his way to the church.

N000009M	Wooooaaaaah!

A different voice line is used.

Text Clip
N000010M	Hmmm - I oughta go Deadside like Nettie suggested.  Leastways, it's safer 'n this place...


An unused version of the first conversation with Nettie at the swamp. The first six lines are the same, but the rest is completely different.

S000100M	Nettie?
S000101N	Hey, there, Mike.
S000102N	Glad you could make it.
S000103M	How could I refuse your kind offer?  How can I ever refuse you, Agnetta...
S000104N	You can't - I'm simply irresistible.
S000105N	Come on in, honey...
S000106M	Said the spider to the fly...
S000107N	There's a darkness coming - the Five are red in tooth and claw, to make the way for Apocalypse.  
S000108N	A Deadside dream, a prophecy steeped in blood, a whisper from the Wasteland.  
S000109N	In that Asylum of the heart, where the darkness is visible, stand the Many.  
S000110N	The head, the hands, the teeth, the eyes, all combine to create the Five.  
S000111N	All shall combine 'neath the engine bleak, the savage souls and their vengeance wreaked upon an unsuspecting world.  
S000112N	This is the future.  
S000113N	Your future.  
S000114N	Your destiny...
S000115N	Shadow Man... Shadow Man...


An extra line after Nettie says "Come on in, honey..."

N000308M	Said the spider to the fly...

New York Tenement


S010118M	Sure is dark in here.  I could do with some light.
S010119S 	Sure is dark in here.  I could do with some light.

The one liner for Avery.

Text Clip
S010128S	Rest in peace, geek...

London Underground

<LEVEL03_SCENE01> (Level Specific Speech - Jack the Ripper and Mike/Shadow Man)

Text referring to the unused crank seen below.

S030112M	Looks like some kind of lever...
S030113S	Looks like some kind of lever...
S030114M	Looks pretty rusted up.  I wonder if it's still working?
S030115S	Looks pretty rusted up.  I wonder if it's still working?

Text most likely referring to Jack's Journal.

S030118M	This is one screwed up, crazy place.  Maybe there's something in here that'll make sense of what's going on?
S030119S	This is one screwed up, crazy place.  Maybe there's something in here that'll make sense of what's going on?
S030120M	Maybe this'll help?  I'll look at it later...
S030121S	Maybe this'll help?  I'll look at it later...

A bit of placeholder text.

S030129J	 (laughs) Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha etc...

Out of all the bosses, Jack has the most taunts but these ones never play.

Text Clip
S030131J	No-one can catch the Springheeled Jack!
S030132J	Smoke and mirrors, Michael!  Smoke and mirrors..!
S030133J	And away!  Like a thief in the night!
S030134J	Home again, home again, jiggedy-jig!

Texas Prison

<LEVEL02_SCENE02> (Level Specific Speech - Dr. Victor Batrachian and Mike/Shadow Man)

The one-liner for Victor.

Text Clip
S020211S	So long - puppy dog...

Marrow Gates

<LEVEL06_SCENE01> (Through the Marrow Gates Sequence - Shadow Man Monologue)

A cut monologue and what seems to be Shadow Man busting open a Coffin Gate. The monologue was restored in Remastered.

S060100S	This is the Deadside, the Wasteland, the nothing beyond the bone-backed gates.  
S060101S	Here Luke, my dear lost brother wanders alone amidst the aimless ranks of those who cannot die. 
S060102S	He, still, with the ache for death I too may discover within my blighted heart.  
S060103S	Here the true darkness at the heart of all things is made real.  
S060104S	What we see in death's dominion is as void as a dead man's gaze, as cold as the light from a dying star.
S060105S	(Grunts) It won't move - there should be another way through.
S060106S	Okay, here goes - nnrrrgh!
S060107S	Nnrrrrraaaaaarrgh!
S060108S	For I am Lord of Deadside!
S060109S	Aaaaaaahhh!
S060110S	Uuuhh...


An unused conversation with Jaunty. Whenever there is nothing new to talk about, a cutscene either doesn't trigger or the most recent one is replayed.

Text Clip
S061100I	There's really no more advice I can give you, Shadow Man. 
S061101I	Just get them Dark Souls, build up your Shadowpowers and kick the arse of whatever's behind all this!
S061102I	What more do you want from me, Shadow Man?  Get mad and get even!
S061103I	There's really nothing more to say, Shadow Man...  Dark Souls, mucho-Shadowpowers, kick some arse...
S061104I	Bloody get on with it, Shadow Man!  The fate of the world lies in your hands.


Same as above.

Text Clip
S061200I	There's not much more I can tell you right now, Michael.  Go see Nettie.
S061201I	What more can I say, Michael?  Why don't you pay a visit to Nettie?
S061202I	What do you want now?  Go see Nettie.
S061203I	Nettie would be more help to you than me.
S061204I	Look - just go away.  Go see Nettie.

Temple of Life

<LEVEL07_SCENE01> (Yort Confrontation Sequence)

Text for a cut encounter with a boss named "Yort", nothing else remains. He could be seen in the unlockable concept art and would be restored in Remastered, albeit with a different set of lines.

S070100S	You know who I am - let me pass...
S070101S	All of Deadside is my kingdom, Yort.  For you shall know that all things must bow before the flaming sword of my righteousness!
S070102S	Let me pass, Yort - or so help me I'll go clean through you...
S070103S	Have it your own way...

Asylum - Schism Chambers


An extra line after "My God... It opens thus... And there is more within..."

S100003S	And within the journey continues.  Let it be so...

Asylum - The Dark Engine


More lines for Luke calling out to Mike when you first arrive at the pistons.

S110005K	This way, Mikey!
S110006K	(Giggles) C'mon, you old slowpoke!
S110007K	C'mon, Mikey!
S110008K	Try and keep up!
S110009K	Keep going, Mikey!

<LEVEL11_SCENE02> (Luke Dark Engine Sequence)

A few more lines of Luke calling out to Mike.

S110205K	Help me, Mikey!
S110206K	Please, Mikey!
S110207K	They're gonna kill me, Mike!
S110208K	Mikey - pleeease!

An extra line for the cutscene leading up to the final encounter.

S110255K	You are the soulfire at its great, dark heart.  Rise to the throne of your apotheosis-
S110256K	-and with your passing, bring forth the new age...

Asylum - The Cageways


Another unused bit of Luke calling out to Mike.

S130004K	Hey, Mikey! (distant laughter - a giggle)


A bit of dummy text corresponding to the sound of the train.

S130100S	<dummy entry - no speech - please leave>

Unused Items

These items are mentioned in data\scripts\items\inventory\english\invitems.dsc and their models can be found in data\meshes\HiDetail. None have textures.

Remote Control

ShadowMan rcbox.png

According to unused text, meant for the cut Florida Summer Camp level. Partially restored in Remastered, as it is found in that level but not as an inventory item.

$item "RCBOX"
	CAPTION = "Remote Control"

Fire Extinguisher

ShadowMan extinguisher.png

Possibly meant for the cut Desert Salvage Yard level.

$item "EXTINGUI"
	CAPTION = "Fire Extinguisher"


ShadowMan fuse.png

Unknown use.

$item "FUSE"
	CAPTION = "Fuse"


ShadowMan crank.png

According to unused text, it was meant for the London Underground level.

$item "CRANK"
	CAPTION = "Crank"

Unused Graphics

Found in data\frontend\images, logos for Iguana and Acclaim. The other images in the same folder are ones that "flash" on the screen during certain cutscenes, maybe they intended for the logos to show up in a similar manner on startup. Of note is that Iguana UK was renamed to Acclaim Studio Teesside during development.

Shadowman Iguana.pngShadowman Acclaimflash.png

Found in data\frontend\countdown are unused images for a countdown. These are used in the Dreamcast version on the copyright screen, as the game eventually counts down from five until automatically skipping the screen.


Found with the other inventory icons is TEDDYB, an unused blood splattered variant of the teddy bear.

Unused Used
ShadowMan TeddyB.png ShadowMan Teddy.png

Unused Cutscenes

Two animated cutscenes for the Acclaim and Iguana logos exist, but static images are used instead. They can be seen in-game by editing a save and adding them to the cutscene viewer. As mentioned above, Iguana UK got a name change during development, which is most likely the reason why these were scrapped. The Acclaim logo seems to be somewhat unfinished, as it has no proper audio, just a static hum. These were restored in Remastered and made available in the cutscene viewer.

Acclaim Iguana

Unused Enemy

data\baddys\FEDuppy is an unused enemy with no model or textures. It uses an otherwise unused crawling animation and can be "seen" in action at 18:22 in the embedded video.

Unused Areas

In the debug menu there are levels by the name of "Acclaim Swamp Scene," "Iguana Asylum Scene," "Profile Level," "Intro Level," and "Assault Course." These levels can only be accessed by the debug menu.

Acclaim Swamp Scene

This area is solid and can be walked on. It has birds and is a remake of Bayou Paradis, Louisiana. It was used for the canned Acclaim logo cutscene mentioned above.

ShadowmanWin Acclaim.png

Iguana Asylum Scene

Another map for a canned cutscene animation, as described above. This doesn't have any collision, so you can't walk around it.

ShadowmanWin Iggy.png

Profile Level

Crashes upon trying to load. In Shadow Man Remastered, it is an isolated, circular section of the swamp.

Assault Course

A test map used for testing player physics and movement. Contains a variety of platforms, inclines, different surfaces and even an underwater section.

ShadowManWin AssaultCourse.png

Book of Shadows Placeholder

data\SHADOWS contains placeholder data for the Book of Shadows, which contains concept art and is unlocked after collecting all 120 dark souls.


COMMENT         <



                Outside Cover
POSITION        <0, 0>
IMAGE           <Current, "Data\shadows\backdrop.Bmp">
END             <>


Shadowman backdrop.png

E3 Menu

By swapping e3.msc with release.msc in ShadowMan\data\scripts\menus\english, you can access a slightly different menu. The option to start a new game is missing from the title screen and you can only load a saved game. When playing, the option to save your game is missing from the pause menu, but you can still save your game when you are prompted to save before quitting.

Main Menu Pause Menu
Shadowman e3 (1).png Shadowman e3 (2).png

Developer Comments

Some developer comments can be found in musicp.txt, most of which describe where the music is used. Files listed without comments are left out. While the file still exists in Remastered, the comments were wiped.

"MUSIC_STOP", you can put any crap here, it won't make any difference
"MUSIC_L12_START"	//	19	Start of the level. (Start Point and Teddy save point)
"MUSIC_L12_EVENT"	//	20	Event Music for Ziggurat switches
"MUSIC_L12_ACHIEVE" 	//	21	Achievement Music for Ziggurat
"MUSIC_L12_AWAKEN"	//	22	For when the sisters wake up
"MUSIC_L12_BACK"	//	23	Standard Background version (already included in VSS)
"MUSIC_L12_ALT_BACK"	//	24	Sisters of Blood Areas
"MUSIC_L12_TRIAL"	//	25	Music for the trial room with the blades and swinging hammers
"MUSIC_L12_BACK"	//	26	Looped Battle Music for fighting the Gad Chamber Beast
"MUSIC_L12_BACK"	//	27	play when the baddies is dead
"MUSIC_L12_EPIC" 	//	28	On entry to ziggurat area first time
"MUSIC_L06_BACK" 	//	29	Blah blah.
"MUSIC_L07_BACK" 	//	30	Blah blah.
"MUSIC_L08_BACK" 	//	31	Blah blah.
"MUSIC_L06_QUEST" 	//	32	Blah blah.
"MUSIC_L13_QUEST" 	//	33	Blah blah.
"MUSIC_L13_BACK" 	//	34	Blah blah.
"MUSIC_L07_TRIAL" 	//	35	Blah blah.
"MUSIC_L08_CAR" 	//	36	Blah blah.
"MUSIC_L11_BACK" 	//	37	Blah blah.
"MUSIC_L14_BACK" 	//	38	Blah blah. 
"MUSIC_L14_CELL1" 	//	39	Blah blah.
"MUSIC_L14_CELL2" 	//	40	Blah blah.
"MUSIC_L14_CELL3" 	//	41	Blah blah.
"MUSIC_L14_CELL4" 	//	42	Blah blah.
"MUSIC_L14_CELL5" 	//	43	Blah blah.
"MUSIC_L10_AVERY" 	//	44	Blah blah.
"MUSIC_L10_JACK" 	//	45	Blah blah.
"MUSIC_L10_MARCO" 	//	46	Blah blah.
"MUSIC_L10_MILTON" 	//	47	Blah blah.
"MUSIC_L10_BACK" 	//	48	Blah blah.
"MUSIC_L18_BACK" 	//	49	Blah blah.
"MUSIC_L01_BACK" 	//	50	Blah blah.
"MUSIC_L00_BACK" 	//	51	Blah blah.
"MUSIC_L02_BACK" 	//	52	Blah blah.
"MUSIC_L03_BACK" 	//	53	Blah blah.
"MUSIC_L02_MILTON_ALIVE" 	//	54	Blah blah.
"MUSIC_L02_BATTY" 	//	55	Blah blah.
"MUSIC_L02_MARCO"	//	56	ya de da de da