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Shining Force III

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Title Screen

Shining Force III

Also known as: Shining Force III Scenario 1: Outo no Kyoshin (JP)
Developers: Camelot Software Planning, Sonic! Software Planning
Publisher: Sega
Platform: Sega Saturn
Released in JP: December 11, 1997
Released in US: July 31, 1998
Released in EU: June 1998

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
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Shining Force III was the first of a highly ambitious trilogy. Unfortunately, Part 1 was also Sega of America's final Saturn game, and the second to last Saturn game to come out in America overall, only beaten by Magic Knight Rayearth released 4 months later.

To do:
  • Get some addresses for the 8th resistance and Pacify.
  • FACE64D.DAT seems to contain slightly different profile pictures for Medion and Campbell, as well as duplicate profile pictures for 2nd Promotional Synbios, Dantares, Grace and Masqurin present at the very end of the file.
  • X004.BIN is an unused file in every version of the game, including all prototypes found.
  • Enkei 0, 5, 7, 8, 13, 14, 19, 24, 26, 38 and 39 do not load/are broken in the US version, are they still in the original japanese release?
  • Playable character models are divided into multiple files, one for each type of weapon, and each one is denoted with a letter. Many of these characters appear to be missing files, suggesting either cut weapon types or that the character was intended to be able to use another type. Find a way to document this.
  • Getting too massive again, needs a lookover, some verfication, maybe another sub-page?


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.
Read about notable bugs and errors in this game.
Debug Mode
An incredibly robust debug mode is buried deep within the game.
Regional Differences
They really didn't want you to know there were any sequels.
Unused Areas
A massive amount of unused places.
Unused Graphics
Did you know? Edmund was originally suppose to die, and Conrad could walk. All this and more inside
Unused Text
"A strange feeling eminates from it."

Eighth Resistance Type

Each character in the game's ram has an value reserved for a nameless 8th resistance type. The order is as follows:


Setting the bit at should give Symbios some resistance in that type, though nothing in the game uses that value at any point.

Hidden Map Events

  • Empty Search Point

In Battle 16(The first battle of Chapter 4), a certain spot in the mountains closest to the start was flagged as a search point, but doesn't contain an item.

(Source: [1] mutatedspleen via SFC)
  • Alternate Map Move

SF3 Hidden Map Move.png
The bridge to the Switching Point in Battle 7 contains an alternate warp to the Chapter 2 ruins. It only works if you've inspected the Ruins beforehand.

  • Aspia Castle Chests
Download.png Download X1ASCASL.BIN
File: SF3X1ASCASL.zip (info)

In Aspia Castle there is a Treasury with 5 locked chests that the player can never open. This is due to the chests being set to use a type that the player cannot open. Editing X1ASCASL.BIN(or patching the file provided above using a program such as CDmage) to revert them back into normal chests will reveal that they do contain an item, the loincloth. However, it seems they never finished item placement, as all 5 chests use the same flag, 07F8-7, meaning once the item is obtained the other chests will also be marked as empty.

Multiple Attacks

The options D2 and D3 in the fight Debug Menu are tied to an unused feature from the original Sega Genesis games. Depending on how high the values are set, characters are given a chance to hit up to three times in battle. By default the value of D2 is always set to -1, meaning neither step can be triggered. It also appears that the functionality was either broken or removed in future scenarios. The function is complete, but buggy. The game repeats a message about the target was killed after every attack, and can crash on occasion.

Unseen Behavior

  • File Select

SF3SC1File Select.png
If the party is edited so that 13-14 characters are active in the party instead of the 12 possible, the portraits shown during file select will be altered accordingly. This does not appear to be an overflow error, as adding more than 14 doesn't appear to change anything.

  • Railhead
    • HOME.MPD
    • X5STRI_H.BIN
To do:
Review this.

Train station spawn.png

If this map is loaded in directly, instead of the normal entrance/exit, you will spawn right next to the train doors. This did not happen in earlier versions of the game, which had you spawn in the middle of the center platform instead, indicating a deliberate change... Additionally, the script for Storich's(X5STRI_H.BIN, The town where the train's supposed to stop.) HQ contains almost all of the plot important dialogue for Railhead. X5RAIL.BIN and X5RAIL_S.BIN themselves are only used for a scene that blocks you from entering the train and the obligatory Shop/NPC dialogue.

  • Forgetting Magic

If the game detects a character does not have a spell they should at the proper level(i.e. replacing the return spell), it will force you to learn it upon the next level up. As is it's not really unused(i.e. if you promote a character before learning all the spells) but what makes it odd is there is dialogue relating to forgetting Magic, similar to that of the Move Deleter from Pokémon:

移動中の魔法を 覚えていません
{NAME} does not know
any field magic.
魔法は かき消されてしまった!
The magic has been
completely erased!
{NAME}殿の 魔法は
すベて 消えさることになるが
それで よろしいかな?
{NAME} magic
will all vanish.
Is that all right?

Unused Animations

Domaric tied up has talking animations, despite the only line being "......". They can be seen if you clip through the walls and save Bernard before speaking to the Bulzome high priests.

Unused Audio

  • Track 02

If inserted into a CD player, the Sonic! Software Planning jingle will play.

  • Toshi.SAP

This is removed after the original V1.006 Japanese release. A CD quality version of the Title Screen, used in the FSS and Segakore demo. The Final replaces this with a Sequenced MIDI file, whereas the later Otanoshimi demo uses a song from the game's credits.

  • Track 40(Sound Test)
Scenario 1 Scenario 3

An early rendition of The Lone Wolf, a song later used in Scenario 3.

  • A Time of Rest

Track 43 in Sound Test. While not unused, the song is so obscure that most players are likely to have never heard the entire track. It only plays in a very brief post credits scene, which lasts about a minute. Meanwhile, this song is almost 4 minutes

  • Deleted Tracks

Entries 08 and 09 in the sound test appear to be placeholders, as they are repeats of the track 07 "The Mercenary Soldier"(Julian's theme), Track 10 is also a duplicate of "Soldier of the Republic"(Synbios's theme). In Scenario 2 Track 9 is replaced with "Devil's Fury" and Scenario 3 replaces 10 with "Apostle Of Light". Track 8 is never changed. Perhaps related to this, and unlike the other two characters, Julian's theme remains unchanged after promotion.

  • Voices
To do:
The Japanese version has 6 more voices than the US version.


Voice 125 in Sound Test. For some reason they decided to dub Fiale's first line using a completely different voice and or "actor".

Unused Battles

  • BTL99

All of the files needed to run a "BTL99" are buried in the games directory: X1BTL99.BIN(Binary), X5BTL99.BIN(Dialogue), XBTL99.CHR(Sprites), and FIELD.MPD(Map). Due to it reading from the wrong addresses, the battle does not load normally in the final, though you can get it to partially run in the Segakore prototype. It's dialogue, when loading into the game reads:

Just a teaser to begin with.
You will win by killing off all the enemies. 
I would not tolerate it if {Synbios} gets killed.
The commanding officer cannot go to such a place...!
Name of the savior is {JuMSy}.

It is also worth noting that typically, the game uses "9" internally to denote debug, though as there was obviously going to be more than 9 battles, this is named 99 instead.

  • BTL197 Unused Battles/使わない戦闘

Judging by the file name it seems to be a demo battle. Script is the same as battle 12, but it incorrectly uses Z_AS.MPD for the field, making the battle unplayable as you and all the enemies are placed out of bounds. Swapping that map out for BTL12.MPD will get it in a functional state. It's a repeat of Battle 12, however, due to what is either outdated/incorrect IDs or a missing .CHR file, most enemy sprites(Except Spiriel and a Succubus, for some reason) fail to load. Beating the map simply repeats itself, or returns to title screen if the map wasn't swapped out.

  • BTL198 On Roof of FSS Train/FSS列車屋根

A variation of Battle 10. The changes are fairly minor, Enemy variation has changed, and Shiraf was replaced by an assassin, but aside from that it's the same battle. Beating the map kicks you to the SEGA logo.

  • BTL199 FSS Suspension Bridge/FSS吊リ橋

The Demo Dwarf Valley, and the second map to feature it's own script, and fully translated as well. Features a very simplified version of the Battle 15 map, and the enemies are fairly random assortment of both early and late game. Beating the map kicks you back to the SEGA logo.

Unused Characters

There are 60 character slots present in the game, more than 2/3rds of the list aren't used, and only 6 contain anything worth note, while the rest are "PC##" placeholders. To add these characters, use Prm in the debug menu to edit them onto the team, or the following Action Replay codes to add them to your main force (Swapping the 1 at the end to 9 add will add that character to reserves, though doing so will crash the game if you attempt a transfer):

AR Code Icon Sprite Name Has stats?
6202F3FA 0010 Campbell.png SF3Campbell.gif Campbell
6202F404 0001 Glacia.png None Glacia
6202F3FA 0001 Medion.png SF3Medion.gif Medion
LV 1, 5 ATK, and a Steel Sword.
6202F3FB 0001 Syntesis.png SF3Syntesis.gif Syntesis
6202F3FB 0010 Uryudo.png SF3Uryudo.gif Uryudo
6202F3FC 0001 Zero.png SF3Zero.gif Zero
N/A N/A SF3EarlyWaltz.gif N/A(ID:0025) No

Most of the files relating to these characters appear to have been either omitted or dummied out. The only remnants to survive are the profile pictures present in FACE64D.DAT used for the save screen, their names, and the sprite files related to cutscenes. The original 1.006 version of the game also contains early sprites for the character Waltz in XTEST.CHR(ID:0025). The sprite itself appears to be similar one used to represent Waltz in Balsamo(ID: 200 in XBALSHP.CHR), but with more frames of animation, 48 verses the final's 32, something generally reserved for playable characters. Additionally, Waltz's starting class, Ranger is present at the very end of the pre-promoted class files in the game's script. It's likely it was also intended for the character Justin as well, as the character contains an extra set of sprite files usually reserved for characters with pre-promotions, though the sprites are the same as the ones used in-game.

Stats-wise, all but Medion are completely unfinished, and Medion only differs by being equipped with a Sword Sword, thus giving him 5 ATK. Models either don't exist or are dummy files, and while SRAM keeps an entry just for Medion, it's only there to keep track of the name entered at the start. Most have sprites, but they aren't stored in the format used for Player Characters, thus they end up blank if taken into battle. On top of that, it appears Uryudo's sprite is incorrectly stored.

Third Promotion remnants

  • Profiles

The 3rd promotional class is a feature reserved for scenario 3 and Premium disk, but appears to been planned well in advance. Each four of the FACE64[X].DAT (FACE64A.DAT to FACE64D.DAT) start with a set of placeholder images. They change depending on what promotion level a character is, depending on the game's region. Japan appears to skip over the first in favor of the Second/Third(This can only be seen through the game's demos. For example, adding and promoting Irene through debug, and then warping to TESMAP to check the character under status will result in that image), while the US version and Scenario 2 only use the first image.

  • Unused Classes

At the very end of the script, past all the reserved names for the 2nd Promotional level, are six promotional classes not used by the game at all. "Swordsmaster"(剣名人), "Paladin"(親衛騎士), "Berserker"(狂戦士), "Holy Knight"(聖戦士), "Sorcerer"(上位魔法使い), and "Sumonner"(召喚士) are class names that fit the characters Synbios, Dantares, Obright, Grace, and Masqurin, while the 6th is unknown. However, it seems to conform with the unique scripting order the previous two promotion levels have followed.

Unused Enemies

Buried in the game are a slew of unused enemy entries almost all of which still have model files present, with quite a few returning from Shining the Holy Ark or the first two Shining Force games. All but 5 files are placeholders, with their only contents being the word "Dummy.". They follow X8PC[###].BIN(### being the values below) Note: The file number is for Model IDs. To get the Sprite IDs, simply subtract 500 from the model file number(For example: Sara Sldr's Sprite set is 201)

Name Sprite HP/MP Level Attack Defense Agility Mov Luck Equipment Gold ID/File ### Notes
N/A 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Nothing 0 0x00/700 The Sprite ID is assigned to multiple sprites(Mostly Penn, but also the early sprite for the character Waltz).
It's model appears to be a distinct, albeit broken, version of the Phoenix.
Sara Sldr
SF3SaraSldr.gif 10
1 12 6 5 6 2 Halberd 36 0x01/701 A recolor of Aspia Sldr and Dest Sldr, though this sprite came first.
The final uses a different entry, called Def Comdr.
Not Found 20
0 15 5 5 6 2 Nothing 10 0x03/703(Dummy) It seems this enemy didn't get far in development before being cut.
Pegasus Kt
SF3PegasusKnt.gif 20
0 15 5 5 7 2 Iron Lance 10 0x06/706(Dummy) Sprite is from Scenario 2.
SF3Horseman.gif 20
0 15 5 5 5 2 Light X-Bow 10 0x08/708(Dummy) It appears to be an upgrade to Bow Knight
Black Knt
SF3BlackKnt.gif 20
0 15 5 5 6 2 Bastard Sword 10 0x0A/710(Dummy)
White Knt
SF3WhiteKnt.gif 20
0 15 5 5 6 2 Mace 10 0x0B/711(Dummy) An early version of the White Lord enemy, it's sprites are included in XBTL114.CHR. Was reworked into Domaric's Guard in Scenario 2.
SF3Saint.gif 20
0 15 5 5 5 2 Flail 10 0x0C/712(Dummy)
Giant Knt
SF3GiantKnight.gif 20
0 15 5 5 5 2 Halberd 10 0x0E/714(Dummy) Becomes Hill Giant in Scenario 2
SF3DragonNewt.gif 20
0 15 5 5 5 2 Power Axe 10 0x10/716(Dummy)
Wolf Baron
SF3WolfBaron.gif 20
0 15 5 5 6 2 Nothing 10 0x18/724 Later used for Scenario 2.
SF3GolemAlt.gif 20
0 15 5 5 4 2 Nothing 10 0x19/725(Dummy) Sprite is from Scenario 3. Not to be confused with the Golem in Chapter 5, that is entry 731
SF3Durahan.gif 20
0 15 5 5 6 2 Steel Sword 10 0x1B/727(Dummy) An enemy from the original Shining Force. Later used in Scenario 3.
Mad Muscle
Not Found 20
0 15 5 5 4 2 Nothing 0 0x20/732(Dummy) Possible Shining the Holy Ark leftover. Gets replaced with Ice Golem by Scenario 3.
SF3Taros.gif 20
0 15 5 5 4 2 Great Sword 10 0x22/734(Dummy) Mistranslation of Taros. Shining Force II boss, later used in Scenario 3.
Not Found 20
0 15 5 5 6 2 Nothing 10 0x23/735(Dummy) There is evidence that the enemy was working at some point, but no version of the game contains any files for it.
Was ultimately replaced with Giant Ant by Scenario 3.
SF3Colossus.gif 20
0 15 5 5 5 2 Nothing 10 0x24/736(Dummy) Not to be confused with the Enemy in the final battle, that is called Titan in Japanese.
Sprite taken from Scenario 3.
Slash Bat
SF3SlashBat.gif 20
0 15 5 5 6 2 Nothing 10 0x26/738(Dummy)
SF3Dragon.gif 20
0 15 5 5 6 2 Nothing 10 0x29/741 This specific entry becomes Ark Dragon in Scenario 2, and Green Dragon in Scenario 3.
The assets are also used for the Black Dragon in Scenario 3.
Not Found 20
0 15 5 5 6 2 Nothing 10 0x2A/742(Dummy) The Japanese name suggests it was merely a lazy recolor of Dragon. Replaced with Skull Warrior(スカルウォリアー) by Scenario 3.
Dragon Kgt
Not Found 20
0 15 5 5 6 2 Nothing 10 0x2B/743(Dummy) Dragon Knight. English doesn't follow the usual naming trend for Knight.
Not Found 20
0 15 5 5 6 2 Nothing 10 0x2F/747(Dummy) A Chimera is used in the other scenarios, but that is set to a different entry, while this gets replaced by Hell Succubus.
SF3HellSniper.gif 20
0 15 5 5 5 2 Faerie Bow 10 0x33/751(Dummy) Sprite is from Scenario 2.
Not Found 20
0 15 5 5 5 2 Long Bow 10 0x35/753(Dummy) Replaced with Metal Gunner(メタルガンナー) by Scenario 3.
Not Found 20
0 15 5 5 4 2 Long Bow 0 0x36/754(Dummy) Replaced with Bugbear by Scenario 3.
Death Mage
SF3DeathMage.gif 20
0 15 5 5 5 2 Bronze Rod 0 0x3A/758(Dummy) It's sprites are included in the files for battle 20, 21, and 24, and 99.
Demon Mage
Not Found 20
0 15 5 5 5 2 Bronze Rod 10 0x3B/759(Dummy) Has Tornado Lv 1, making it the only one in the lot with a spell/special programmed in. Replaced with Arch Demon(アークデーモン) by Scenario 3.
SF3Monk.gif 20 0 15 5 5 6 2 Bronze Claw 10 0x3F/763(Dummy) Has (Item 91 Fairy Powder) as a drop. Sprite is only a guess, as it was used a fair bit to represent enemies during development.
SF3Blue.gif 20
0 15 5 5 5 2 Power Ankh 10 0x41/765(Dummy) Shining Force II enemy, seems the translators didn't know what to make of it. Later used in Scenario 3.
Mask Monk
SF3MaskMonk.gif 15
6 12 8 12 6 3 Gladius 42 0X51/781 Unused Brown variant. It's sprites are included in the files of Battle 2, 3, and 24.
N/A 16
5 14 8 8 5 2 Small Bow 36 0x5B/791(Dummy) This appears to be an earlier incarnation of Hayward.
Bat Leader
N/A 40
5 18 11 9 6 4 Halberd 70 0x60/796(Dummy) Gives Healing Drop on death. Either short for Battalion Leader, or may be a generic Bat character that would've been tagged with the BOSS class.
SF3Conrad.gif 43
12 24 16 16 5 6 Nothing 0 0x8A/838(Dummy) Conrad is technically used, in that the version slumped over a chair can have their status checked, but they have no interaction with the battle itself, and it seems as if that wasn't always the case.
Silver Knt
SF30339.gif 57
33 59 40 21 5 3 Iron Lance 830 0X8B/839(Dummy) Why this duplicate entry exists is unknown. Has Healing Drop as a drop.
Bow Knight
SF3340.gif 43
34 59 40 21 5 3 Hvy Long Bow 860 0x8C/840(Doesn't exist.) Has Fairy Powder as a drop.
Monster ID (0x8D) N/A 66536
0 0 0 0 0 0 Nothing 0 0x8D/841(Doesn't exist.) Possible test enemy. Has no name associated with it. If graphics exist, they have yet to be found.
(Source: Knight0fDragon(Sprite Rips); Original TCRF Research)


ID HP/MP Level Attack Defense Agility Mov Luck Equipment Gold Spells
0x75 280/120 37 43 44 28 5 9 Negate Cane 1800 Thanatos Lv 2, Blaze Lv 3
0x82 20/0 27 68 46 35 5 9 Divine Cane 1800 ??? Lv 1

Additionally it seems the Basanda that appears in Battle 14(Enemy ID 0x82) has a strange discrepancy. Aside from her HP/MP being a placeholder, she appears to be stronger than the one you actually fight(Enemy ID 0x75) near the end of the game. What makes this odd is Fiale, another boss who has multiple entries, is given the same stats across all of them. She also drops 1800 gold upon defeat(which can't happen as she is heavily scripted) and is set to have a level 1 spell, but no spell was defined...

Unused Items

Multiple unused items exist in the game. To access them, use the Itm menu in debug or use the following Action Replay code 16032060 ???? (where "????" is one of the below) to place the corresponding item in Synbios' first item slot.

Value Image Name Description Stats Notes
000E SF3Booty Sword.png Booty Sword
6 ATK The English name appears to have been completely made up. Keeping with the naming convention, the Japanese name would translate out to "Ninja Katana".
000F SF3Iron Ninjato.png Iron Ninjato
12 ATK Early game Ninja weapons. Goes unused as the earliest you can get a Ninja on your team is near the very end of the game.
0042 SF3Schimitar.png Scimitar
5 ATK Enemy only weapon, the Mask Monk enemies all equip these.
0043 SF3Gladius.png Gladius
5 ATK Functionally identical to the Scimitar, the only enemy that uses it goes unused.
0072 SF3Sneaky Knife.png Sneaky Knife
ATK 13 AGL 5 Also known as the "Thief Knife".
0073 SF3Joker Knife.png Joker Knife
ATK 13
007D SF3Dark Rapier.png Dark Rapier
Rapier - has Special Attack, Curse
レイピア系統の武器 必殺技発動 呪い
ATK 28 Crit + 5 Dark 30 Special Attack is "Demon Call"
0079 SF3JusticeSword.png JusticeSword
Sword - has Special Attack
レイピア系統の武器 必殺技発動
ATK 41 Dark + 20 Light + 20 The single most powerful weapon in the game, there is nothing close to beating it. Special Attack is "Dazzle Edge"
0082 SF3Force Blade.png Force Blade
Blade - has Special Attack
ブレ一ド系統の武器 必殺技発動
ATK 28 Dark + 30 Light + 30 The strongest Blade weapon in the game, though nowhere near as powerful as the previous. Special attack is "Force Edge".
008A SF3Beast Spear.png Beast Spear
ATK 18
008B SF3Comet Spear.png Comet Spear
Spear - has Special Attack
スピア系統の武器 必殺技発動
ATK 18 Special Attack is "Meteor"
0098 SF3Ultra Axe.png Ultra Axe
スカイ トマホーク
Hand Axe - has Special Attack
トマホーク系統の武器 必殺技発動
ATK 20 Also known as Ultra Tomahawk. Special attack is "Mist Storm".
00A9 SF3Holy Cestus.png Holy Cestus
Cestus - recovers HP every turn
ナックル系統の武器 必殺技発動
ATK 19 Crit + 5 Also known as Dragon Knuckle in Japanese.
00B2 SF3Spark Wand.png Spark Wand
Wand - has Special Attack, Spark
ワンド系統の武器 必殺技発動 スパーク
ATK 19 AGL 5 Also known as Pyra's Wand, a reference to Shining in The Darkness. Special Attack is "Stone Circle". The concept for this wand would later be reused for Scenario 3's Eternal Wand. If this weapon was intended for this game, it was likely meant for Grace, the only wand user who can't learn Spark naturally.
00BC SF3Caylons bow.png Caylon's Bow
Bow - has Special Attack
矢系統の武器 必殺技発動
ATK 24 AGL 3 Special Attack is "Charm Arrow". The English name almost certainly seems to be a mistranslation, as the name Caylon seems to have no obvious meaning. "Chiron Arrow" seems to be what it translates out to
00C0 SF3Needle Xbow.png Needle X-bow
X-bow - has Special Attack
クォレル系統の武器 必殺技発動
ATK 22 AGL 2 Crit + 5 Also known as Needle Crossbow. Special Attack is "Stun Needle".
00C4 SF3Pulsar Bow.png Pulsar Bow
LBow - has Special Attack
シェル系統の武器 必殺技発動
ATK 23 DEF 7
00D7 SF3Stealth Wing.png Stealth Wing
Wing - Confuse L1 if used
ウイング系統の武器 使うとコンフュ一ズL1
ATK 21 DEF 5 Crit + 5
00D8 SF3Light Anchor.png Light Anchor
ATK 8 An early game weapon. Goes unused in every game as the anchor users cannot be recruited until long after this would be rendered useless.
00E5 SF3ElbesemOrb.png Elbesem Orb
Holy power damages enemy
使うと 聖なる力で敵にダメ一ジ
N/A A duplicate introduced between Final and one of the demos. This item cannot be removed once equipped, but is fully functional. Can be obtained through an obscure bug.
00E6 SF3Cane.png Negate Cane
Controls Giant (Basanda only)
バサンダ専用 巨神を操る杖
ATK 16 Divine Cane but without the item use. Appears to have some connection with the Bld-Cane spell.
00E7 SF3Cane.png Divine Cane
Helps recovery (Basanda only)
バサンダ専用 回復のカを備えた武器
ATK 16 This is used by the game in a single battle, and is clearly not intended for player use. Despite this, the item has its own unique description which cannot be seen during normal gameplay, and can be used by Masqurin and Noon. The game is set to use the standard wand attack animations in battle, no critical hit exists for it, and if you attempt to use it as an item use, you'll find it has no range.
00E8 SF3Spark Blade.png Spark Blade
Spark(Arrwnt only)
アロガント専用武器 使うとスパーク
ATK 24 Counter + 20 The final boss was given his own unique weapon, yet it can be equipped by any blade user.
240-253(Debug) SF3NOTSET.png
SF3Light Anchor.png
????? N/A Entries 240-253 all contain placeholders. Most oddly use the unused Light Anchor icon, but 2 have unique graphics.

It's likely a good portion of these were intended to be used for future games, as many of these weapons either are or tie for the strongest in their respective groups, while others, such as the Spark Rod, would be redundant .

Unused Spells

To access these, use Action Replay code 36032264 00?? (where "??" is one of the below) to replace Grace's first spell slot with these.

Value Image Animation Spell Max LV MP Range Description Notes
06 SF3Inferno.png
2 30/30 3/3 Blinds with light
光の力で 敵にダメ一ジを与える
DO NOT WATCH THE VIDEO IF YOU'RE PRONE TO SEIZURES Very different to the one used in Scenario 3. The animation is similar to an attack the colossus uses, but that is it's own unique attack.
09 SF3Pacify.png
2 5/9 1/2 Increases magic resistance
失われた魔法 味方の魔法耐性を上げる
Seems to just be Shield from Shining the Holy Ark(Confusingly there's two spells with the same Japanese name, Shield and Calming Spell). Animation is almost the same as Resist, though it appears that animation was also used as a placeholder. Possible leftover?
0F SF3CharmSC1.png
1 7 2 Charm the enemy
Uses the Elemental icon from Shining the Holy Ark. The spell is unused, but the status effect is used in-game by a few special attacks, including those by the Succubus enemy.
10 SF3Tsunami.png
1 7 2 Dispells magic power
The Negate spell from Shining the Holy Ark. Animation appears to be a placeholder
13 SF3Chant.png
2 6/12 1/2 Recover HP for 4 turns
味方のHPが 4タ一ン回復する
Has the same Japanese name as Praying and uses the Restore spell icon from Shining the Holy Ark, though the description and animation suggest that this was more than just a placeholder. Text related to the spell exists, but the status effect it's supposed to apply doesn't appear to be functional.
25 SF3Bldcane.png
1 N/A N/A Summons chaos vortex
混沌の渦を呼び寄せ ダメ一ジを与える
This cannot be seen or used by normal means, as setting the ID will only result in a blank nonfunctional entry. However, by using the Fight Menu, setting ACT to Magic and NO to 37, the attack can be seen. A Enemy special attacked used by Galm in Scenario 3 and bosses on the Premium Disc, though at this stage it's more or less just a placeholder.
2A SF3Berserk.png
1 8 1 Brings berserker rage
仲間を狂乱させ 会心攻撃をさせる
This spell is functionally complete, only missing a proper Icon. The status effect it applies is used, but only by two very late game weapons most players may never see.
2B SF3HolyCane.png
2 0/0 2 Missing Item - Priest Cane
It's name and description suggest this is a prototype for Scenario 3's Shining spell. As is, the spell does nothing.
2C SF3ORB.png
1 0 2 Elbesem's Treasure Orb
Not particularly different from the item, but might still cause a seizure. Has a unique description compared to the other Item spells. May have originally intended to be a equip spell.
33 SF3Bldcane.png
1 0 3 Full magic recover w Negate
The english version seems to be going with Blood Cane, though the Japanese suggests it was Negate Cane. It's a Long-range healing spell similar to Aura Lv 2, similar to the Divine Cane item used in a scripted event in Battle 14. Perhaps related to this, the Basanda used for that battle has a spell level of 1 defined in the first slot, but no spell was set.
34 SF3Question.png
4 1/18/2/1 0(self) ???? It's icon and attack animation(Which appears to be called from X3BUTTFL.BIN) are garbage data , but the functionality is most certainly not. It acts as a self-destruct spell of sorts, though as-is it can only target and damage other allies.

Items/Enemy Attacks

To do:
Now that i think about it, how many of those breath attacks are actually used?

Consumable items, and enemy attacks appear to be programmed as Spells. However, attempting to load it as a Spell slot results in it being set to 00(???/?????), though the descriptions can still be viewed under Status Menu -> Magic. All of these work, however if you select them through the Fight menu. The values listed here are all hexidecimal, however, so you will need to convert it back to alphanumeric if done through that manner.

Value Name Description Notes
16 *Heal
Med Herb, Heal Drop, Potion, Heal Rain
薬草 いやしのしずく いやしの水 恵みの雨
Description is a list of items that call the spell.
17 *Restore
Goddess Tear, Holy Rain, Magic Ring
女神の涙 希望の光 マジックリング
18 *Cure
Antidote, Fairy Powder
毒消し草 妖精の粉
19 *Return
Angel Wing
The normal Return spell is Value 15.
1A *Raise 1
Power Wine, Armor Milk, Quick Chickn
力のワイン 守リのミルク はやてのチキン
Chicken was shortened.
1B *Raise 2
Agile Onion, Happy Cookie
いだてんピ一マン 幸運のクッキ一
1C *Raise 3
Health Bread, Brain Food
元気のパン さとリのミツ
1D *Level
Brave Apple
1E Fire Brt
Spit fire
火炎を吐き ダメ一ジを与える
1F Bliz Brt
Spit blizzard
吹雪を吐き ダメ一ジを与える
20 Thun Brt
Spit lightning
雷を吐き ダメ一ジを与える
21 Windwing
Wind attack
羽ばたき攻撃で ダメ一ジを与える
22 DemonBrt
Summons evil spirit
邪悪な気を吐き ダメ一ジを与える
23 Aqua Brt
Spits water
水を吐き ダメ一ジを与える
24 Acid Brt
Acid burns and slows
酸のブレスで ダメ一ジとスロウの効果
2D X-Spark
Colossus,Multi-Target Laser
巨神戦士 遠距離複数対象レ一ザ一
2E Hammer
Colossus,High Damage Punch
巨神戦士 大ダメ一ジパンチ
2F Boomrang
Colossus,Multi-Target Punch
巨神戦士 広範囲複数対象パンチ
Shortened Boomerang.
30 Panic
Harpy hyper-sonic blast
31 Tremor
Golem Right punch L1, Left punch L2
ゴ一レム右殴リL1 左殴リL2
32 RockFall
Golem's Boulder-throwing Laser Eye

Each one of these seems to come with a corresponding icon, but they're merely leftovers from Shining the Holy Ark and likely aren't set to appear in-game.

Unused Special Attacks

To do:
  • 1-17 all contain generic enemy attacks, many of which don't seem to be used.
    • There is a Berserk special attack(14, バ一サ一ク). Doesn't seem to be used...
  • Rerecord Schwarchshilt with a shell weapon.
KAI No Video Name Notes
Cold Attack
An attack that should freeze, grouped with generic enemy attacks, but for whatever reason no enemy uses it.
Maximal Atk
Appears to be a duplicate of Critical Hit. The one the game uses is called 会心の一撃 in Japanese.
They are last of the generic enemy specials, and seem to be placeholders. They may have some relation to the options "S--H" and "N--H" in the fight menu.
Demon Call
Rapier Special. Used by the Dark Rapier, an unused weapon.
Poison Blade
An oddly plain looking special attack, it's possible that it may not have been finished. This would go perfectly with the Venom Blade weapon, but instead that uses the special Dimension.
Force Edge
Force Blade's Special. The game seems to struggle with the attack.
Comet Spear's Special. Has a space in the English name.
Mist Storm
Ultra Axe's Special.
Stone Circle
Spark Wand Special. Can inflict Freeze.
Charm Arrow
Arrow Special. Can inflict Charm. Used by the unused Caylon's Bow.
Stun Needle
Needle X-Bow special.
Shell Special.
Death Club
Stored with the Ninja specials.
Road Rush
Shares the same name as a halberd special in Japanese(The US version tries to differentiate it by calling that one Road Rash.) but is listed among other Mace specials. It comes after Light Sphere and Star Bomb.
Thunder Blow
Grouped near the end of the list, with other enemy specials.
(Measurement Test)
At the very end of the list are two generic placeholders. They don't have names, so the game takes one from the next entry on the list, which is the start of location data.
(Store Test)
The very final Critical Hit. Same deal as the last one, it's a standard attack.

Unused Status conditions

Name(Japanese) In-Game Text Notes
{NAME}は メロウスぺルの効果が消えた!

The PACIFY spell on {NAME} wore off!

The spell itself acts similar to resistance spells such as, well, Resist, but no effect is applied. There appears to be a duplicate line with the control code {06}, or PROMPT added in at the end.
{NAME}は 悪霊にとリつかれた!

{NAME}の 悪霊が消えた!

{NAME} is wrestling with an evil ghost!

{NAME} defeated the evil spirit!
Based on the order provided in the X5 scripts, changing the bit at 060322E5 should afflict Grace with the condition, but nothing changes. A disassembly of the character stats suggests that work on this was never started, as it is nothing more than a reserved bit and was never functionally implemented into the game.
{NAME}は リフレインの効果!

{NAME}は リフレインの効果が消えた!

{NAME} is chanting!

{NAME} stops chanting!
Again, changing 060322E7 should afflict Grace with the condition, but nothing changes. Again, it seems work on this was never started.

See Notes for more details.