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Super Boy I

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Title Screen

Super Boy I

Developer: Zemina
Publisher: Zemina
Platforms: MSX, Unlicensed Sega Master System
Released in KR: January 1989[1]

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

Super Boy I is a bite-sized MSX port of Super Mario Bros., containing half the worlds and nobody to rescue.


Unused Graphics

Superboymsx zeminalogo.png

The logo of Zemina, the game's developer/publisher. Likely intended for the title screen.


A crouching sprite for Super Boy after being powered up by a Super Mushroom. However, pressing Down while powered up has no function, leaving this heavily-squashed sprite unused.

Superboymsx ax.png

The axe seen at the end of each castle level goes completely unused here - the player simply walks off to the right of Bowser's bridge to finish the stage.

Superboymsx coincounter.png

The coin counter icon. In-game, the word "COIN" is displayed instead.


The end-of-stage flagpole and castle flag aren't used, either.

Superboymsx mushroomstem.png

Part of the stem for a mushroom platform. The rest of the graphics don't seem to exist in the ROM.

Superboymsx watercoral.png Superboymsx waterground.png

Coral and ground for underwater stages. As there are no water levels in the game, they have no use.

Superboymsx spinyegg.png

A falling Spiny Egg. Spinies fall to the ground in their final form and standing in-game.


Piranha Plants. None of the pipes in any level contain them.


The flames Bowser fires in the castle stages, compressed in size compared to their SMB1 originals. Bowser is programmed only to hop around the bridge, thus the fire graphics are never seen.


A Hammer Bro. Like Piranha Plants, none of them appear in any level in the game.


A Buzzy Beetle with no legs.

Unused Music

The theme that plays upon completing a castle level in Super Mario Bros..

An off-key version of the classic Mario death jingle. The power-down sound effect plays instead.

Unused Sounds

A different version of the coin sound.

An unused variation of an item appearing from an Item Block.

Audio Differences

The Master System version of Super Boy is a rather cheap conversion that, likely due to a poor understanding of the console's hardware, lacks noise effects on certain sound effects and music tracks.

Break Block

MSX Sega Master System


MSX Sega Master System

Overworld Theme

MSX Sega Master System