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October 10th, 5:00 o'clock version is the very first string in the game's script. It was likely to indicate when the script was last updated (as the English version was released in December 1995, it was probably the final version before the game when into the publication stages).

Maybe it appears in the game because as a default value for a character not programmed to have a normal line?

Probably worth adding when I'm not half-asleep.--Xkeeper 07:29, 23 May 2010 (EDT)

Dummied monsters

There are some dummied monsters mentioned in the code: C.Kameo, Headhutr, Warrior, KARI, and Chairman. However, I don't know anything else about them. --Kahran042 05:57, 11 August 2010 (EDT)

Hidden rooms

From SA:

Something was discovered in Capcom's classic RPG Breath of Fire II late last year, and I'm here to spread the word because I dismissed the story of it as a dumb internet rumor.

There is a dungeon beneath the Bando church where you step on directional arrows (left and right) to make a path to the next door appear. (This closes off the previously opened doors.) You step on the arrow, the doorway moves. To get to the boss, you gotta step on the right button four times.
The rumor was that there were secret bonus rooms beyond that. But stepping on the right arrow won't move the door any further, so any reasonable person gives up here.

What you have to do is stand still on the arrow for some ridiculous amount of time. There is no indication you should do so. But if you do stand there for ten minutes or so, you'll get access to five hidden rooms. Two have rare treasures, one holds prisoners, in one there's a mini-boss (not even) fight, and in one you get Seny, the holy shaman, earlier than you usually would.

One reason this wasn't made common knowledge earlier is that the arrows stop working after you beat the boss of the dungeon.

Probably worth getting a video of (obviously shortened) and put up, maybe? --Xk-sig.png Xkeeper (talk) 23:43, 25 February 2012 (EST)

Unused place names

Listed with the other place names, I saw two that aren't used - Scrt.Psg and FlowTown. I wonder if it would be possible to do further research into them? --Kahran042 15:13, 13 April 2012 (EDT)

Scrt.Psg is one room under SimaFort, the first B(lue).Roach maze. For some reason deeper rooms revert back to SimaFort.--PlNG (talk) 21:39, 1 February 2020 (EST)