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Team Fortress 2

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Title Screen

Team Fortress 2

Developers: Valve, EA UK (PlayStation 3)
Publishers: Valve, Electronic Arts (PlayStation 3)
Platforms: Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Mac OS X, Linux
Released internationally: October 10, 2007[1] (Windows), June 10, 2010[2] (Mac OS X), February 14, 2013[3] (Linux)
Released in US: October 10, 2007[1] (Xbox 360), November 11, 2007[4] (PlayStation 3)
Released in EU: October 18, 2007[4] (Xbox 360), November 23, 2007[4] (PlayStation 3)
Released in AU: October 25, 2007[4] (Xbox 360), November 22, 2007[4] (PlayStation 3)

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To do:
  • Add in a header for unused logic entities found in the game via the FGD;
  • Unused nextbots
    • bot_npc_archer, red sniper with a bow, require "base_boss" to work.
    • bot_npc_decoy, entites for scrapped spy weapon, ask to set an owner to make it appears, it is not precise how to set one. it seem to be just a running engineer once in game
    • simple_bot, half-life 2 citizen that can move sometime, come from cs source.

L337 KR3W's todo:

  • Unused entities that don't appear in any of the official maps. (By that I mean maps you can play in Valve servers)

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  • The Revisional Differences subpage needs finishing.
  • Many of the namespace articles also need work done on them, such as the prerelease page.
  • There's quite a lot of bugs, glitches and other oversights in the game that should be documented in a Bugs page.

Team Fortress 2 (shortened to "TF2" by many) is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter created by Valve, the same creators behind the Half-Life series among others. Starting its life as a far more gritty and realistic military shooter more in the vein of its predecessor (and having its life end at various points according to the community), it was initially released on the Orange Box in 2007 for Windows, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 (Although developed by EA UK). It was also ported to Mac OS X in 2010, with the Linux community seeing a port in 2013. The game features nine different classes to play, all with their different features, weapons, and cosmetics. Oh, so many cosmetics...


Read about development information and materials for this game.
Development Info
Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
TF2 ID Badge.png
Unused Items
Scrapped hats, weapons and other items.
TF2 NeutralBriefcase.png
Unused Assets
Scrapped machines and unrefined items that have been reclaimed.
TF2 InfoSpeech.png
Unused Sounds
They just couldn't get them to shut up!
TF2 Book.png
Unused Text
Do not look upon the forbidden text!
TF2 Turret.png
Leftover Assets
Leftovers from past games.
Debug Commands
Tons of debug commands.
TF2 CorpseCarrierIconOld.png
Revisional Differences
Stuff changed, altered or removed over the games life.

Civilian Class

Not to be confused with the numerous reference pose glitch(es) which are not in any way related to the Civilian class, the Civilian is a very unfinished class that would have assumedly been a revamped version of Team Fortress Classic's Civilian, a very weak VIP-mode class that had to make it from one point to the other while under attack. This Civilian shares his older incarnation's 50 HP, but has no weapons, voice lines, animations, or even his own model (though he does have unique death screams and Medic calls), meaning he can do nothing but slide around and jump. The Civilian class could be easily accessed early on in the game's life by typing join_class civilian in the console, but this was quickly patched out in the December 20, 2007 Patch.

It's not entirely known if Valve ever intended to complete the Civilian or the VIP game mode, but he does make a small cameo at the beginning of the Meet the Sniper trailer in the form of a bobblehead on the dashboard of the Sniper's trailer, which also serves as a nod to Sniper's role as the defending Assassins in VIP.

The file tf/scripts/playerclasses/civilian.ctx has been in the game files since release, but has only ever been updated twice.


On release, the civilian.ctx file was pretty barebones. The Civilian class used the Scout as its base model and had no weapons. It did however have 4 primary grenades and 4 special grenades. The primary grenade could have been the cut Frag Grenade, but it is not known if there was a special grenade designed specifically for the Civilian. However, due to the lack of any info in the "Grenades" portion of the file, it appears that the Civilian wouldn't have even had grenades, so the inclusion of the ammunition for them wouldn't take effect.

// Team Fortress - Civilian Non-Player Class
    // Attributes.
    "name"        "civilian"
    "model"       "models/player/scout.mdl"
    "speed_max"   "240"
    "health_max"     "50"
    "armor_max"   "0"
    // Grenades.
    // Weapons.
    // Ammo.
        "tf_ammo_grenades1" "4"
        "tf_ammo_grenades2" "4"

Update #1

The civilian.ctx file was first updated in the August 19, 2008 Patch. The following changes were made:

  • The file header was changed from "Non-Player Class" to "Player Class".
  • Added class name localization string.
  • model_hwm and model_hands were added to define which HWM model and which class hands model the Civilian should use.
  • Added the Scout's bat as the only weapon the Civilian should spawn with.
  • Added amount of primary & secondary weapon ammunition the Civilian should spawn with.
  • Added amount of metal the Civilian should spawn with.
  • Added death sound definitions that the Civilian should use upon death.
  • Increased speed_max to 250 (from 240).
  • Increased health_max to 200 (from 50).
  • Decreased tf_ammo_grenades1 and tf_ammo_grenades2 to 0 (from 4).
  • Removed comment header above AmmoMax section.
// Team Fortress - Civilian Player Class
    // Attributes.
    "name"        "civilian"
    "model"       "models/player/scout.mdl"
    "model_hwm"   "models/player/hwm/scout.mdl"
    "model_hands"    "models/weapons/c_models/c_medic_arms.mdl"
    "localize_name"  "TF_Class_Name_Civilian"
    "speed_max"   "250"
    "health_max"     "200"
    "armor_max"   "0"
    // Grenades.
    // Weapons.
    "weapon1"     "TF_WEAPON_BAT"
    "weapon2"     ""
    "weapon3"     ""
        "tf_ammo_primary"   "0"
        "tf_ammo_secondary" "0" 
        "tf_ammo_metal"     "0"
        "tf_ammo_grenades1" "0"
        "tf_ammo_grenades2" "0"
    // Death Sounds
    "sound_death"              "Civilian.Death"
    "sound_crit_death"         "Civilian.CritDeath"
    "sound_melee_death"        "Civilian.MeleeDeath"
    "sound_explosion_death"    "Civilian.ExplosionDeath"

Update #2

The second and final time that civilian.ctx was updated came about in the February 24, 2009 Patch. The only addition to the file in this patch were three thirdperson camera offset variables.

// Team Fortress - Civilian Player Class
    // Attributes.
    "name"        "civilian"
    "model"       "models/player/scout.mdl"
    "model_hwm"   "models/player/hwm/scout.mdl"
    "model_hands"    "models/weapons/c_models/c_medic_arms.mdl"
    "localize_name"  "TF_Class_Name_Civilian"
    "speed_max"   "250"
    "health_max"     "200"
    "armor_max"   "0"
    // Grenades.
    // Weapons.
    "weapon1"     "TF_WEAPON_BAT"
    "weapon2"     ""
    "weapon3"     ""
    "cameraoffset_forward"  "85"
    "cameraoffset_right"    "25"
    "cameraoffset_up"  "0"
        "tf_ammo_primary"   "0"
        "tf_ammo_secondary" "0" 
        "tf_ammo_metal"     "0"
        "tf_ammo_grenades1" "0"
        "tf_ammo_grenades2" "0"
    // Death Sounds
    "sound_death"              "Civilian.Death"
    "sound_crit_death"         "Civilian.CritDeath"
    "sound_melee_death"        "Civilian.MeleeDeath"
    "sound_explosion_death"    "Civilian.ExplosionDeath"

(Source: civilian.ctx Update Information - TF2CutContent on Twitter)

Unused Maps


To do:
Maybe get a picture of the re-enabled menu on the pre-Meet Your Match TF2 as well?

Initially used as the background for the main menu in the beta and console versions, tf\maps\background01.bsp also had the hidden purpose of pre-caching assets, namely class models and map-universal props, hence why these are in the map "off screen" if one were to access it in-game. The map itself is based on the final capture point of tf\maps\cp_dustbowl.bsp. The main menu was reworked during the beta period in the September 21, 2007 Patch, leaving this unused outside of the console versions. This map can be accessed using the console command map background01 and can also be re-enabled as a menu background with map_background background01.

Xbox 360 Main Menu PC
(Post-Meet Your Match)
Hidden Precached Props
Tf2-background01-xbox360.png TF2-MapBackground2020.png Team Fortress 2-background01.png


An oddity in the truest sense of the word. Nobody really knows what the true purpose of tf\maps\cp_cloak.bsp is. What was it used for? Nobody is certain. The map features a control point, and giant scaled-up player models standing in the skybox area of the map, seemingly staring in through the windows in the map.

One possibility for the purpose of this map could be for testing eye movements of player models. And as the map name is Cloak, perhaps it could have also been used for testing the Spy's cloaking ability? The control point would allow testing of being unable to capture it while cloaked, and if the giant player models were for testing eye movements, it could have also been perfect for testing if the classes don't look directly at a nearby cloaked enemy Spy. However, the giant player models' eyes are seemingly missing their irises (or their eyes have just rolled back into their heads) which does put a small hole in this theory.

Cactus Canyon

tf\maps\pl_cactuscanyon.bsp is a Payload map first released in 2014. Valve had intended to complete work on the map, with it receiving a total of 9 updates before Valve shelved the project indefinitely.


Also releasing in 2014 alongside Cactus Canyon, we have tf\maps\rd_asteroid.bsp, a Robot Destruction map. The map takes place in a space station with outdoor areas in open space. After initially being added to the game, it received a total of 12 updates before work on it was shelved.

In the April 2020 source code leak, there is "staging" code for a new player condition and some code for jetpack functionality. The code is related to two concepts that were being tested for Asteroid;

  • All classes were meant to get a jetpack while out in the outdoor areas of the map ("in the vacuum of space") and could use up an amount of charge to use the jetpack.
  • While outdoors, the player's gravity would also be lowered.

Valve tackled this idea by creating a new player condition. The player condition TF_COND_SPACE_GRAVITY was intended to be applied to the player while outdoors, which would then modify that player's gravity and equip them with a jetpack. The space gravity concept never made it into the map proper, and the all-class jetpack concept was further refined into what we now know as the Pyro's jetpack weapon, the Thermal Thruster.

Unused Map Areas

While the following maps are not unused, there are areas of them that are normally inaccessible without noclipping or other means. This does not count areas that the player was blatantly never meant to be in, such as the ghost's spawn area in Harvest Event.


Considering the lengthy development cycle of Powerhouse, tf\maps\cp_powerhouse.bsp may have had more areas that Valve intended for players to be able to access at one point. This included an area at the final control point of both teams, which leads to an unfinished pathway, potentially for another path to the control point or for another control point entirely. With this also comes a waterfall which cannot be properly seen without using noclip.

Mercenary Park

Two unused areas exist in tf\maps\cp_mercenarypark.bsp. The first one, located just outside the first control point, is a simple two-tiered room. Considering its design, it may have been considered as a spawn point at one point of development. The second area, however, is more intriguing. Located below the second control point, this area has more detail put into it, with cages and containers in it.

Unused Training Mode

Spy was going to have a training sequence in Dustbowl, but it was cut. It is fully functional minus some missing text. To access it, go to Training and select Spy, then press ~ (default key) to open the console, type "map tr_dustbowl", and press enter.

If you try this with either Demoman or Engineer, the hint box will show only a title and the countdown clock will freeze at 9 seconds.

(Source: Spyrin (Reddit))

Unused Taunts and Animations

Click on still images to see them animated

All Classes

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: This video plus all of the grenade nonsense complicates the second bullet point a lot.

Note(s) for investigations: Grenades were cut way early on in development so nothing throwing-animation-related would be for the original grenade stuff. There were some throwable weapons and new grenades that were found in staging build code that Valve tested. As well, bread textures are located in materials/models/weapons, so make of that what you will. Bread could have been intended to be a throwable. Far as anyone can tell, the throwing animations were for the bread, and if memory serves, were added roughly around the same time as the bread, but they could've easily been used for any of the throwables in the future as well. Such is the nature of the beast.

  • Four of the weapon viewmodels in models/weapons/v_models have unused holster animations, leftovers from when the scrapped Grenades were being tested. The Scouts bat is one such viewmodel, but the bat phases into the Scouts arm in the current builds model. If you obtain the June 25th, 2007 proto however, the bat viewmodel in that build has a fully functional holster animation. These animations need to be documented.
  • All classes minus Soldier and Heavy had a taunt named taunt_loot. The taunt depicted the characters taking something out of a chest or box. They are quite rough, especially the Engineer's, which is sped up a bit. As of the Gun Mettle update, the animations were removed entirely, but can still be found in Source Filmmaker under "Animation Sequences" for the characters that have this taunt.
  • All classes have animations for throwing something in their c_arms models, and are presumably used for the Water Balloon weapons although throwable bread was a possibility as well. Other throwable weapons and new grenades were experimented with by Valve, so it's anyone's guess as to what the animations were actually for. As well, the spell animations and the Scout's and Sniper's throwing animations are different.
  • Animations for death by fire are present for all classes excluding Pyro. Some seem more fleshed out than others, and it's likely they were removed due to how distracting they would have been.
  • TF2-Scoutprimary death burning.gifTF2-Soldierprimary death burning.gifTF2-Demomanprimary death burning.gifTF2-Heavyprimary death burning.gifTF2-Engineerprimary death burning.gifTF2-Medicprimary death burning.gifTF2-Sniperprimary death burning.gifTF2-Spyprimary death burning.gif


    • taunt_come_and_get_me has him gyrating his body in an extremely...taunting way.



    • show1 had him stand up straight, cross his arms, and then extend them to assumedly show something off. It was removed entirely some time after May 2012.

    TF2 Solder show1.gif

    • taunt_slit_throat which has him make a slitting throat gesture.

    TF2 Soldier taunt slit throat.gif

    • taunt_gimmie_20 which has him point forward and then point to the ground. Both taunt_slit_throat and taunt_gimmie_20 are still in Soldier's animation files, but were dummied out some time after November 2013.

    TF2 Soldier taunt gimmie 20.gif

    • The aptly named test has Soldier standing somewhat awkwardly, assumedly loading two rockets into his rocket launcher.



    • taunt_sit had him sit down enthusiastically and then jump back up, possibly a reference to him sitting in the True Meaning comic (or the other way around). The sequence is still in the Pyro's animation files, but has been dummied out some time after November 2013.

    TF2-Pyrotaunt sit.gif

    (Source: TF2 Wiki (GIF))


    • An unnamed taunt that had him raise his weapon triumphantly in the air. It was removed entirely some time after November 2013. Later during the 2023 gigaleaks, we learned that the taunt is called taunt_battlecry_secondary

    TF2 Demo taunt battlecry secondary.gif


    • taunt_big_gorilla had him put down his minigun and pound his chest like, predictably, a gorilla. The animation was removed entirely on an unknown date.
    (Source: TF2 Wiki)

    TF2 Heavy taunt big gorilla.gif

    • show1 had him boisterously lean back before showing off something. It was removed entirely some time after May 2012 alongside Soldier's equivalent.

    TF2 Heavy show1.gif


    • An unnamed taunt where he would take out his guitar and play a long tune on it. Possibly an early version of the Frontier Justice taunt kill. The animation was removed entirely on an unknown date. In the 2023 gigaleak, it's name was revealed to be taunt08.
    (Source: TF2 Wiki)

    TF2 Engineer taunt08.gifTF2 Engineer taunt08 with guitar.gif

    • taunt10 has the Engineer stumble around for a few seconds before assumedly puking. Originally meant to be used as a taunt for the Brundle Bet set, as indicated by the internal suffix it has in the repository leak, taunt10_halloween.


    • taunt_test had him put down his shotgun and tap his hardhat. It was removed entirely on an unknown date and was probably never intended to be used based on the name.
    (Source: TF2 Wiki)

    TF2 Engineer taunt test.gif

    • Engineer's c_arms model has four animations for a potential Engineer revolver, all with the simple prefix revolver. Internally dated September 15th 2014, this was originally planned for the scrapped Spy vs. Engineer War update.

    TF2-Engineerrevolver draw.gifTF2-Engineerrevolver idle.gifTF2-Engineerrevolver fire.gifTF2-Engineerrevolver reload.gif


    To do:
    • Check when the SMG animations were removed (A good place to look would be the Official TF2 Wiki), as well as check what the actual sequence names were called. In the 2023 gigaleak, they were called "hogan_smg", but they could've been different back then.
  • taunt_saxophone was fairly similar to the used Killer Solo taunt's animation with slight differences and a little jump at the end. It was used in the Expiration Date short, so they may have planned to reuse that animation, but ultimately altered it. This taunt was removed from the files some time after November 2013.
  • TF2 Sniper taunt saxaphone.gif

    • During the Australian Christmas Update in 2011, 4 animations related to a new SMG were added. They were removed at an unknown date and the .qc files for the animations later showed up in the 2023 gigaleak.

    TF2 Sniper Hogan SMG Draw.gifTF2 Sniper Hogan SMG Fire.gifTF2 Sniper Hogan SMG Reload.gifTF2 Sniper Hogan SMG Idle.gif

    • Sniper's c_arms model has four unused animations with the prefix rifrevolver, possibly meant for the High Noon community weapon, which has not been put in the game as of March 2021. Attempting to play them in the Half-Life Model Viewer will crash the program. In 2022, these animations were removed to fix an issue with Sniper eating his gun.
      • In the 2023 gigaleak, the animations for this, as well as the .qc file for the animations, were included. With a bit of work, you can restore them. The idle animation included was broken, causing the Sniper's right hand to jitter in place on a loop. It also has two separate reload animations, alluding to the fact that the weapon that it's commonly thought to be based off of was intended to have a clip.

    TF2 Sniper Revolver Draw.gifTF2 Sniper Revolver Fire.gifTF2 Sniper Revolver Fire Reload.gifTF2 Sniper Revolver Idle Bugged.gif


    • Spy's c_arms model contains four unused animations with the prefix c_dart_gun, intended for the Intruder (Dart Gun/DNA Gun). The animations were added to the Spy's c_arms model in the June 18th, 2014 patch (Love and War update), but are internally dated to March 14th 2014. For some reason, Spy's left hand will twitch a bit at the end of the idle animation.

    TF2-Spyc dart gun draw.gifTF2-Spyc dart gun idle.gifTF2-Spyc dart gun fire.gifTF2-Spyc dart gun reload.gif


    • All robot classes minus Engineer have unique animations for dying from headshots and/or being backstabbed. The Engineer's animations for these are the same as its human counterpart (down to having the unused burning animation present), and all robots in-game will simply ragdoll when killed in these ways.

    TF2-BotScoutprimary death headshot.gifTF2-BotScoutprimary death backstab.gifTF2-BotSoldierprimary death headshot.gifTF2-BotSoldierprimary death backStab.gifTF2-BotPyroprimary death headshot.gifTF2-BotPyroprimary death backstab.gifTF2-BotDemomanprimary death headshot.gifTF2-BotHeavyprimary death headshot.gifTF2-BotMedicprimary death headshot.gifTF2-BotMedicprimary death backstab.gifTF2-BotSniperprimary death headshot.gifTF2-BotSniperprimary death backstab.gifTF2-BotSpyprimary death backstab.gif

    Robot Demoman

    • The Demoman Bot has unused animations related to the Stickybomb Launcher. It is unknown how it would be used, but they were likely for robots who wielded the Stickybomb launcher and its associated variants.


    Unused Item Qualities

    Within the game files, there are 4 item qualities that currently remain unused. "Completed" and "Customized" use the same colors as Unusual and Vintage quality, respectively.

    • "Completed" - #8650AC
    • "Customized" - #476291
    • "rarity2" ("Customized") - #8D834B
    • "rarity3" ("Well-Designed" / "Artisan") - #70550F

    (Source: https://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Item_quality#Unused_content)

    Unused Marketing Poses

    The following poses were used in marketing images, but never actually used in-game. The animations have been removed from the TF2 player model animation .MDL's, but can still be found in the Source Filmmaker animation .MDL's.

    Unreachable Objects


    Right behind the bathrooms, there are two misplaced objects (a medium medkit and a large ammobox).

    TeamFortress2 Misplaced Objects mvmghosttown.png


    A similar situation. These are leftovers of a room found in an earlier version of the map that was later deleted.

    TF2-Unused stuff on mvm coaltown.png

    Loading Screen Map Thumbnail Differences


    The bottom screenshot among the two photos was taken during development and was kept for the release. The following differences can be seen:

    • Although the same sun angles seem to be used, the lighting differs between the prototype and the final.
    • The Dam control point is shown belonging to the blue team although that area belongs to the red team on a new game in the final.
    • The control point's hologram matches the model seen in the June 25th, 2007 prototype's version of the Well intro.
    • The sheet of metal on the left is rusty and nearly upright in the prototype whereas it is clear and slightly slanted in the final.
    • The sign of the gate that separates the Dam from the Power Plant is completely different than the one seen in-game and on the top photo of the thumbnail.
    • The windows near the center of the picture are darker in the final.
    • There are undistinguishable objects overlooking the dam on top of the background mountain in the prototype that do not exist in the final.
    • Some cosmetic vegetation is missing in the prototype.
    Proto Final Training Video
    Tf2-prerelease-hydro-in-thumbnail.png TF2-Hydro-Dam-Screenshot.png TF2-P3-Well-BLU-Hologram.png


    • The furthest left and right fences did not have a rock behind them in the prototype.
      • The entire left side also visibly has much more snow piled up compared to the final. This is most obvious with the brick chimney base on the cabin.
    • The prototype cabin has more "complete" entrances, having the "CAPTURE POINT" text moved onto these planks along with the neon CP signs above that.
    • A boulder was added to the cliff near the medkit in the final version of the map.
    Proto Final
    TF2 Menu photos cp coldfront.png
    TF2 Coldfront Comparison.png


    • A fence was added near the leftmost train gate, between it and the cargo boxes.
    • The buildings to the left and right of the central control point had different geometry in the prototype, the most noticeable difference being the platform above the water canal room.
    • The building containing RED's next control point has different exterior wall textures.
    Proto Final
    TF2 Menu photos cp freight final1.png
    TF2 Freight Comparison.png


    • The map seems generally brighter in the prototype, most noticeably on the RED silo whose lighting actually looks broken.
    • There are two gates to the left of the RED silo in the prototype version featuring big "1" and "2" labels on them.
    • The gate near the BLU shipping containers doesn't have a spotlight above it in the prototype.
    Proto Final
    TF2 Menu photos cp process final.png
    TF2 Process Comparison.png

    Regional Differences

    Several regional differences are present within Team Fortress 2;

    German - "Low Violence" Files

    The German release of the game contains several changes to avoid getting a "keine Jugendfreigabe" ("adults only") rating. Blood particles for players are replaced with sparks to make it appear as if the player characters are all robots. Instead of the default player model gibs that would appear when the player gets exploded, the "silly" gibs from the TF2 Birthday event are used. There are also "bloodless" versions of the Axtinguisher and the Ubersaw. Other weapons were added over time that had blood on them, but bloodless versions were never made for this low-violence version. Much more recently, the ability to have the low-violence files removed from your account has been made available.

    Low Violence Bloody
    TF2 LowViolenceUbersawRED3D.png
    TF2 LowViolenceUbersawBLU3D.png TF2 LowViolenceAxtinguisher3D.png
    TF2 DefaultUbersawRED3D.png
    TF2 DefaultUbersawBLU3D.png TF2 DefaultAxtinguisher3D.png
    (Source: Schnittberichte)

    French - Spy Voice Lines

    In the French version of the game, the Spy is actually British instead of French unlike all other international voice dubs. Spy's French origin in other versions was intentionally done to give him a "foreign accent" so the French dub decided to make this change to keep this "foreign" characteristic.

    Sound Filename Dialogue
    Spy_specialcompleted-assistedkill02.wav Mille mercis, my friend.
    Spy_jaratehit01.wav Mais c'est… Oh My God!

    Belgium & Netherlands - Mann Co. Supply Crate Restrictions

    Due to anti-gambling laws in Belgium & the Netherlands, the ability to purchase keys and open crates is restricted entirely for players from those countries.


    • Mannhattan's map-specific sounds are located in a directory called mvm_warehouse (under ambient or ambient_mp3) in "tf2_sound_misc_dir.vpk". This was the map's name during development, as indicated from file leaks.

    Platform differences

    On the PS3 version of the game included with The Orange Box, you had to connect to EA servers before accessing the main menu as the port of The Orange Box for the PS3 was published and developed by EA. However, due to EA shutting down the servers on March 28, 2023, the game became practically unplayable after that date. The Xbox 360 servers remain accessible due to it running independent servers not by EA.