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Rest in peace. This user will remember Satoru Iwata's great contributions for the rest of his life.
~ This user uses the first userbox ever. And is proud of it.

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Name: Mantis

Located in: Right behind you...

Steam: Here
Also known in other places as: BalmyMantis

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Everyman: Just a good guy who shows up on occasion.

I have no idea what a football is.


WIP stuff for specific games.

Killer Instinct (2013)


Stuff that's not quite ready for the wiki.

Multi-Platform Games
A sandbox for improving articles of multi-platform games (mostly just removing "Windows" tags from article titles).
Raven Software Sandbox
A sandbox for games by Raven Software currently not covered on this wiki.
Duke Nukem Sandbox
"I guess I DO have time to play with myself!"
Random Sandbox
A page for whatever I put here.

Prerelease Sandboxes

Pages about games that never were (or are yet to be).

Beyond Good and Evil 2
...or: How I learned to stop worrying and never trust Ubisoft to deliver a sequel to a cult classic.
Half-Life 2: Episode Three
What a shame this never came out.
Prey 2
The Prey that got away.

Retired/Finished Projects

ProjectsI'm workin' on it!

Stuff I'm planning to do in the future, if anybody's got to these first or don't need much work to begin with, tell me please.

  • Duke Nukem Endangered Species
  • Duke Nukem Forever, of course.
  • Duke Nukem 3D Reloaded
  • Duke Nukem 3D prerelease
  • Duke Nukem Critical Mass PSP
  • Really any cancelled Duke Nukem game (that has publicly available prototype\s)
  • Alien Rampage and it's prototype Ravager
  • Namco X Capcom/Project X Zone series
  • Bombshell
  • Killer Instinct (2013)
  • Super Mario RPG prerelease
  • A whole bunch of SNK games and stuff (mostly just The King of Fighters.)
  • Doom series, mostly prerelease stuff
  • Quake series
  • Compilations like The Orange Box and the ports of Final Fantasy games on PlayStation.
  • Prey (2006) and related sub-pages.
  • Prey Invasion, first I would want to do the original before doing this one.
  • Sigil/Sigil 2 (The Doom Megawads by John Romero) reasons for doing so are kinda obvious.
  • Zeebo versions of some games (like Quake I/II).
  • Plenty more games I'm forgetting about.
  • Stuff thats on the backburner (and I may or may not ever get back to)
    • Rare Replay
    • Final Fantasy VII prerelease
    • Final Fantasy XV prerelease
    • I might consider doing the Kingdom Hearts III prerelease page someday, if only for it being another game Tetsuya Nomura was trying to juggle development for.
    • Likewise, I will do the FFVII Remake prerelease page when the OG VII's page is done first (by me or someone else).
    • Maybe things from the Gigaleak like the tech demos?
    • Spider-Man 4 (Wii) prototype
    • Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions
    • Daikatana prerelease
    • Guilty Gear series

Notable ContributionsNow that's a pretty good

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