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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

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Title Screen

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Developer: Bethesda Game Studios
Publishers: 2K Games (Windows/Xbox 360), Bethesda Softworks (PS3)
Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Released in JP: July 26, 2007 (Windows/Xbox 360), September 27, 2007 (PS3)
Released in US: March 20, 2006 (Windows/Xbox 360), March 20, 2007 (PS3)
Released in EU: March 24, 2006 (Windows/Xbox 360), April 27, 2007 (PS3)
Released in AU: March 23, 2006 (Windows/Xbox 360), April 26, 2007 (PS3)

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

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In The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Patrick Stewart Uriel Septim VII is assassinated by the Mythic Dawn. Before his death, however, Uriel gives an Amulet of Kings to the player character, who is asked to stop the realm of Oblivion from taking over Tamriel. In the Knights of the Nine expansion, the Hero learns about the titular faction, that wants to obtain certain relics that can stop Umaril, a man who seeks revenge on the Nine Divines. In the Shivering Isles expansion, the Hero ends up in Sheogorath's realm in Oblivion, where he learns about the Daedric Prince's past.

To do:
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  • E3 Maps, including "E3Kvatch" cell and associated quests
  • The many test maps, including DLC test maps
  • City of Sutch and references in the final game
  • Unused test items
  • Unused models
  • MANY unused spells, including ones that can only be obtained through "psb" command
  • Unused scripts
  • Unused water types
  • Unused skies
  • Unused weather effects
  • AI packages
  • A good source of information [1]


Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Read about notable bugs and errors in this game.
Unused Dialogue
Bethesda removed the other arenas and around 800 lines of dialogue because they had problems with disc space. So what's all this, then?!
Unused Maps
Too much to list them on the main page.
Unused NPCs
Unused or completely removed NPCs that do not appear anywhere in-game.
OB BrumaArena.PNG
Unused, Changed & Altered Quests
Simplified or completely removed quests and questlines.
Testing Content
Bethesda removed the other arenas and around 800 lines of dialogue because they had problems with disc space. SO WHAT'S ALL THIS, THEN?!!


Shivering Isles
Unused content found in the game's second expansion pack.

Unused Icons

Arena Armor

ESIV Arena Boots.pngESIV Arena Gauntlets.png

Apparently the arena armor was split into three parts originally.

ESIV Blindfold.png
It seems that the blindfold was intended to be an item at some point. In the final game, it's a "hairstyle" used only by the Blind Moth Priests (and many test NPCs). It's actually also the "default" hairstyle for NPCs in the Construction Set that will be used when their hairstyle is set to NONE.

Mythic Dawn Armor
ESIV Mythicdawnhelmet.png ESIV Mythicdawnm.png

At some point, the Mythic Dawn Armor may have been meant to be usable by the player. Interestingly, the helmet icon is missing the mask. This item can be obtained in one of the test levels. Normally, the game treats it as a bound item, but bound items have their own objects and IDs.

Imperial Watch Armor
ESIV ImperialWatchBoots.png ESIV ImperialWatchGreaves.png ESIV ImperialWatchCuirass.png ESIV ImperialWatchGauntlets.png ESIV ImperialWatchHelmet.png

Like the Mythic Dawn Armor, this armor has its own unique icons for inventory menus, but aside from the shield (due to the fact that characters drop their shields to the ground as an item when they die), the armor cannot be picked up by the player due to it being marked as non-playable in the Construction Set. Even if you did manage to pick it up or add it to your inventory via the console, it would not appear in your inventory, and will not appear in the inventories or barter menus of any shopkeepers or lootable corpses wearing/carrying it, leaving the icons unused. The icons are correctly assigned to the items themselves, though, meaning that if you set them to be "playable" in the Construction Set, the icons will appear as expected.

Dark Brotherhood Executioner Rank

The Dark Brotherhood has an Executioner rank that the player skips over - the questline promotes you straight from Assassin to Silencer. Nevertheless, it has a graphic for your Journal's factions page.

Early Menu Screen

An early version of Oblivion's menu screen can still be found in the files, known as "CreditsMenu.bik". This menu screen differs from the final version in a number of ways. Most notably, it features an earlier version of Cyrodiil's world map which still includes the later-removed city (and county) of Sutch. This map also features differents fonts and has some waypoints that don't appear on the final version. The other cities that are shown (Kvatch, Skingrad, the Imperial City, and Cheydinhal) also sport different looks, with the Imperial City and Kvatch appearing a lot larger and Cheydinhal having an almost completely different shape altogether. This version of the menu screen also has in-game footage layered over the map scroll, which is something the final version completely got rid of.

This early menu was first seen at the E3 2005 showcase Bethesda did of Oblivion. There it was accompanied by an earlier rendition of the game's main theme. At a further point in the presentation, the fast travel map was shown to be the same early map that's used for this early menu screen.

Unused/Test Models

To do:
Add a screenshot of the objects.

Basement Piece

The model named "Ungrdexit1room" has another duplicate model not used in the game, named "Ungrdexit1roomTEST" looks like an early version of the same object with untextured floors and pillars, with part of the final model merged inside the untextured faces. This models lacks any collision and was most likely used to test objects.

Unused Race

Unplayable Vampire race

A vampire race, found only in the Construction Set, with red eyes and very pale skin. The Vampire race has no attributes, skills, or traits for either gender. Only two NPCs are Vampires in the standard game, although neither can be met in-game unless spawned by console commands – one is called Dead Meat (ID: TestDeadMeat), while the second has no name (ID: TestErikNpc). This race was probably meant to be playable, but was cut early in development.

Removed City of Sutch

As seen on the early title screen.

The city of Sutch was meant to be another big city in Cyrodiil, and the seat of power in County Sutch. While it was planned to be included originally, it seems that it was removed rather early on, and very little of its existence actually remains in the game files.

It was first seen during Bethesda's E3 2005 showcase of the game, on the game's main menu. That video can be seen above. The city's representation on maps is basically all we know about how it would've looked. Still, it might have looked different had it been included in the final game, since it seems that Cyrodiil's cities got reduced in size by the time of release. The thing that's the most notable about Sutch is that the city seems to be directly connected to a lake of some sort. In the showcase, Todd Howard also shows off the fast-travel mechanic, which uses the same early map as the menu screen, but now adjusted for gameplay. On this map, multiple map markers are shown, and all the cities shown have the "city" type marker. All cities, except Sutch, which has a "Fort" type marker. While it can only be seen briefly, and doesn't tell us anything concrete, it's highly possible that by the time of this E3 demo, the city had already been removed from the game.

In the game there's only a single cell leftover that still references the city, and that cell is known as "CountySutchDocksExterior". This cell is actually used in the game - though its northwest corner is out of bounds - and it doesn't contain docks of any sort. It does contain a river that leads out to the Abecean Sea, so that's something. The cell is also located to the west of where the city of Sutch was located on the E3 map. It's possible that the walkway with the lake that was northeast of the city on the map was eventually reworked into these docks, with a walkway intended to go from the docks to the city itself.

Speaking of the city, that got replaced by a fort of the same name, Fort Sutch. The usual generic fort in Oblivion has one exterior cell and one interior cell. Fort Sutch has four exterior cells, "FortSutchExterior", then "FortSutchExterior02", which is just an empty space of grasslands in the final game, despite still playing dungeon music. But more interesting are "FortSutchAbbeyExterior" and "FortSutchCastleExterior". While a Fort Sutch Castle is never mentioned, Fort Sutch Abbey can be mentioned by Teinaava during the quest "Bad Medicine". If you ask his advice and he likes you, he will say "Fort Sutch? I am familiar with that place. It is nestled deep in the mountains. It is naturally well defended, but there is a weakness. Not far from from the ruins of Fort Sutch lie the ruins of a tower. That tower was once part of the Fort Sutch Abbey. The two ruins lie apart on the surface. But underground, they're connected by some now-flooded tunnels. Wet and dark, yes... but surely unguarded." Regardless, these cell names indicate that the original Fort Sutch likely was intended to be significantly bigger. The exact dimensions of the city can still be seen if one looks carefully: the area around the fort is barren and flat, indicating something else once stood there. By looking at these leftover borders from the city and compare how close Lord Drad's Estate is located to them, we can get an idea of how much the original Cyrodiil map was compressed.

There is a single person in the final game that we know for certain was meant to reside in Sutch at one point: Azzan, the head of Anvil's Fighters Guild chapter. One of the quests that he gives you, "The Wandering Scholar", has the following journal entry: "Azzan has given me a contract to escort Elante of Alinor, a scholar doing research on Daedra. I am to meet her at the entrance to Brittlerock Cave, northeast of Sutch, and protect her while she explores inside."

Of course, this isn't any definitive proof, but it is odd that Sutch gets mentioned here. But, the next journal entry from a later Fighters Guild quest "Mystery at Harlun's Watch" is more definitive. It reads as follows: "Burz gro-Khash has paid me the balance of the contract. He tells me that he has no further contracts to offer, but I should speak with Azzan in Sutch, if I have not already." This confirms that Azzan was meant to be a Fighters Guild head in Sutch, rather than Anvil. It's possible that other NPCs were similarly moved, but there's no definitive proof for any of them.

We can also make an educated guess that since every divine has a chapel in the final game, Sutch would probably have a chapel of Kynareth, since she's the only divine that doesn't get represented otherwise. A gate next to Fort Sutch, in the cell "MS94OblivionGateExterior", also is guaranteed to open at the same time as those next to each city - indicating it was intended for the city of Sutch. Finally, one other place of note is "Brina Cross". It's a placed that appears marked on the early map, and is seemingly named after the crossroads formed by roads from Sutch, Kvatch and Anvil. In the final game, there is a "Brina Cross Inn", which is a weird hodgepodge of content and was likely placed there to cover up the otherwise barren landscape.

OB MakingOfDocSutch.PNG

In the Making of Oblivion documentary[2] a board with concept art of all of Oblivion's cities can be seen in Lead Artist Matthew Carofano's cubicle. Tantalisingly, he's even seen gesturing at Sutch in the documentary's intro, presumably from an extended interview that was trimmed down. Although small and far from the camera, a basic layout of Sutch can be interpreted, including the chapel on the west side of the city, the arena (maybe) in the southwest corner and the castle covering the north. Most importantly though, contrary to the E3 map, the city was intended to be built on an island or peninsula, with the road/walkway to the lake actually being a bridge over the mouth of a river. The "CountySutchDocksExterior" cell could have been a remnant of Bethesda's original concept for Sutch. For this geography to have existed in-game the city and its environments could only have seen dramatic changes; what's left of Sutch in retail is landlocked. There are several inconsistencies here; in retail Oblivion the distinct outline of the city (as a large, featureless area) can still be seen with rocks placed around it in a manner strongly suggesting the city existed in some form at the time they were placed. Despite this, the lake and northeast bridge out of the city are still present on the E3 map. It's possible that the city saw two iterations before being cut and scaled back in ambition (like other cities e.g. Leyawiin) prior to being cut entirely.

Unused Items


A number of notes, books, and letters that for some reason or another go unused in the final game.

All these notes (but Sealed Note, Shop Hours and Tavern Hours) look like scrolls of varying size when thrown out of inventory.

Image Name & ID Contents Commentary
OB-icon-book-Note.png Instructions


I need 15 gross of your finest goods. I'll be by some time on Wednesday to pay for them. Our agreement was half now, half in 30 days. Tamriel has its own names for days of the week so "Wednesday" should be "Middas".
OB-icon-book-Note2.png Sealed Note


You sleep rather soundly for a cold-blooded killer. That's good. You'll need a clear conscience for what I'd like to propose. For there is much I can offer you. The taking of a life has its own pleasures, of course, but the taking of a life for the Dark Brotherhood is an act worthy of immeasurable reward.

If you're intrigued, and I suspect you are, come visit me at the ruins of Fort Farragut. If you survive the descent down to the bottom level where I reside, I'll know you're capable of all the Dark Brotherhood has to offer.


Seems like instead of meeting you in person, Lucien was supposed just to leave you a note. Besides, you were to find his secret hideout way earlier than in the released version.

Reading the note starts A Knife in the Dark quest and gives you a map marker of Inn of Ill Omen.

OB-icon-book-Note.png Shop Hours


Open from the eighth morning bell to the eighth evening bell. Applies to any shop. Theoretically.

When thrown out of inventory, it looks like Gray Fox wanted poster.

OB-icon-book-Note.png Tavern Hours


We never close. Applies to any tavern. Theoretically.

When thrown out of inventory, it looks like Gray Fox wanted poster.

OB-icon-book-Note.png Handbill


Bay Roan Stables has what you need. Horses, horse, horses. Don't be content to walk. Ride with style on a Bay horse from Bay Roan Stables.
OB-icon-book-Note.png Handbill


The Lonely Suitor Lodge is ideal for all Bachelors and Bachelorettes. Our rooms are private and soundproof. Our staff asks no questions and tells no tales. Reasonable rates for food and lodging.
OB-icon-book-Note.png Handbill


When your mother-in-law comes to visit, put her up at Silverhome-on-the-Water. We offer moderately priced, clean rooms. Chamberpots are available for a small fee. Silverhome-on-the-Water's prices are notably above average.
OB-icon-book-Note.png Handbill


Looking for a fair deal? Come to the Fair Deal! We won't cheat you, we promise. We buy and sell everything. The Fair Deal will buy anything from you, but will only sell miscellaneous items and a single robe.
OB-icon-book-Note.png Handbill


Wizard's beware! If you are using supplies from some place other than A Warlock's Luck, you may be taking your life in your hands. Don't compromise your spellcraft. We won't.
OB-icon-book-Note.png Handbill


The Archer's Paradox has everything a hunter might need. If it's sharp and pointy, the odds are we have it, and at a better price than anywhere else. The Archer's Paradox doesn't sell edged weapons, only arrows.
OB-icon-book-Note.png Handbill


Eat at the Grey Mare tonight. Why cook your own meals when Emfrid can do it for you? We specialize in Orcish cuisine. Emfrid has no special selection of food.
OB-icon-book-Note.png Handbill


The Oak and Crosier. If you need to ask why, then you've obviously never dined there. We cater to the best.
OB-icon-book-Note.png Handbill


Need a fur coat? Need new candles? Look no further than Northern Goods and Trade. We have the best from Skyrim and beyond. Northern Goods and Trade does not sell clothing beyond a single pair of unique boots.
OB-icon-book-Note.png Handbill


You can always find what you are looking for at Renoit's Books. Whether you need Barenziah's latest adventures or a guide to the city, we've got it. Barenziah is an old woman by the time of Oblivion and her "latest" adventures took place over 30 years before the game starts.
OB-icon-book-Note.png Handbill


Horses! Horses! Horses! You know you want one. Come to the Grateful Pass Stables and pick one out today. All horses are for riding only. Grateful Pass Stables does not condone selling horses for food under any circumstances.
OB-icon-book-Note.png Handbill


A free bath with every night's stay! Only at the Two Sisters Lodge. Meals and drinks are extra.
OB-icon-book-Note.png Handbill


Fine dining is a rare experience, unless you eat at the West Weald Inn. We use only the freshest truffles, and our goat's milk yogurt is considered the best in Cyrodiil. Truffles nor yogurt are among the variety of food items in the released game.
OB-icon-book-Note.png Handbill


Colovian Traders. We have goods from beyond Black Marsh. We buy and sell almost anything. Browsers are always welcome. Colovian Traders will buy anything from you, but will only sell miscellaneous items and a single shirt.
OB-icon-book-Note.png Handbill


Hammer and Tongs has been in business for 87 years. Seven generations of smiths have passed down their secrets to Agnete. If he can't forge it, you need to talk to the Last Dwarf. "the Last Dwarf" refers to a character from Morrowind who does not reappear in this game. In Morrowind his existence was not well known.
OB-icon-book-Note.png Handbill


COME! EXPLORE FAITH AND WISDOM AT THE CHAPEL OF MARA! The earnest believer may improve both spriit and mind with the dedicated clerics of Mara. Visit our altars for health and inspiration. Meditate upon the Mysteries of Nirn and the Nine in quiet contemplation. Seek instruction in Restoration and Speechcraft from our wise and patient trainers. "Praise us in our ministry, O Mara, that we may serve you and your people."

OB-icon-book-Note.png Handbill


"YOU, MY CHILDREN, ARE BLEST OF ARKAY!" Citizens of Cheydinhal! Children, saints, and travelers! Come to the Chapel, and drink deep of the waters of the Spirit. The Altar of the Nine shall make you hale and whole! The Nine Altars shall refresh your spirit, and fill you with the Gods' glories! Arkay's servants shall train you in the mysteries of Restoration and Alteration! "Not a stone, stem, or spirit below but sings of Your Wonders!"

This location actually offers training in Alteration, Illusion, and Speechcraft.
OB-icon-book-Note.png Handbill


TRACE THE STATIONS OF THE NINE AT THE CHAPEL OF STENDARR! Come! Contemplate the Nine and their Glories! Begin at the Altar of the Nine, where the world's wounds are washed away, and the corruptions of the spirit and body are made clean. Then step along the Stations of the Nine -- Stendarr, Arkay, Mara, Zenithar, Talos, Kynareth, Dibella, Julianos, and Akatosh -- and see what bright inspiration springs from Devotion to the Great Lords of All!

"My heart and spirit are full! Where e'er my eye turns, there shines thy Glories!"

OB-icon-book-Note.png Handbill



Training in the Restoration Arts is now available from Sister Marie Palielle at the Skingrad Chapel. Arrangements should be made with Sister Marie herself. Scheduling is flexible.

And while you're at the chapel, don't forget...

"Seek forgiveness for your sins, O ye faithful! Offend not against the laws of Man or God. For none but must tremble, when ye contemplate that Julianos is Just!"

(Source: https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Oblivion:Notes)


A key that opens all locks is a master key. The problem is, it might not exist.

Image Name & ID Opens: Commentary
OB-icon-key.png Aldos Othran's Key


Aldos Othran's House in Cheydinhal Since Aldos was evicted, he does not have the key to his house anymore. However, neither does the guard standing by his door.
OB-icon-key.png Bruma Dungeon Key


Several doors and the Evidence chest in Castle Bruma Dungeon, and one door in Castle Bravil Dungeon Usually jailors have keys for the dungeon but that's not the case for Bruma.
OB-icon-key.png Chanel's Key


Nothing. Only present in the testing container "All Keys". Its purpose is unknown.
OB-icon-key.png Curtis' House Key


Nothing, but would've probably opened up Curtis' House. Curtis still carries this key, but as he goes unused, and his house no longer exists, the key can't be found and serves no purpose in the final game.
OB-icon-key.png Dagon Shrine Key


Nothing. Only present in the testing container "All Keys". Its purpose is unknown.
OB-icon-key.png Dareloth's Key


Dareloth's House in the Imperial City's Waterfront District. Only present in the testing container "All Keys".
OB-icon-key.png Display Case Key


Nothing. Only present in the testing container "All Keys". It's internally known as "HrormirsIcestaffKey", indicating that at one point, Hrormir's Icestaff was likely locked in a display case.
OB-icon-key.png Escape Route Key


Nothing Only present in the testing container "All Keys". It's internally known as "MackamentainKey01", connecting it with the Ayleid ruin Mackamentain, but nothing else is known.
OB-icon-key.png Imperial City Lighthouse Key


Ladder from the Waterfront Lighthouse private quarters to the Imperial Watch Barracks. Was possibly meant to be carried by the lighthouse keeper, Velan Andus.
OB-icon-key.png J'mhad's House Key


J'mhad's House in the Imperial City's Temple District. J'mhad inexplicably does not carry this key, or any key, in the final game.
OB-icon-key.png Jakben Imbel's House Key


Door to Springheel Jak's coffin in Jakben Imbel's House's Catacombs in the Imperial City's Talos Plaza District. Probably meant to have been carried by Jakben, Earl of Imbel.
OB-icon-key.png Key


Nothing. Internally referred to as "DACaptainCabinKey", so it was probably meant to be carried by Gaston Tussaud, a pirate captain encountered during the Dark Brotherhood quest A Watery Grave. Its purpose is unknown.
OB-icon-key.png Leyawiin Chapel Key


Both doors to Leyawiin Chapel Undercroft. Only present in the testing container "All Keys". A city's chapel key is usually carried around by the local priests.
OB-icon-key.png Lighthouse Key


Nothing. Internally referred to as "UlfgarKey", this ties it to the Lighthouse in Anvil. Ulfgar only ever carries the key to the basement.
OB-icon-key.png Lorkmir's House Key


Nothing. Only present in the testing container "All Keys". A key with an identical name but a different ID can be received during the quest.
OB-icon-ayleidkey.png Medrike's Key


Nothing. Quest item. Internally known as "MQ15MedrikesKey", it's still tied to the quest "Paradise", although not to any actual doors. Would've likely been carried by Medrike.
OB-icon-key.png NW Watch Tower Key


Ladder to Captain's Quarters in the Northwest Watch Barracks in the Imperial City. Would've likely been carried by Itius Hayn, who operates out of the NW Watch Tower, but carries the key to the NE Watch Tower in the final game.
OB-icon-key.png Prison Cell Key


Nothing. Only present in the testing container "All Keys".
OB-icon-key.png Ra'jhan's House Key


Ra'jhan's House in the Imperial City's Elven Garden District. In the final game, Ra'Jhan wrongfully carries Ra'Jahirr's house key instead of his own, making it go unused.
OB-icon-key.png Ritual Key


Nothing. Quest item. Internally referred to as "MartynDrainKey", likely would've played some part in an earlier iteration of the main quest. Only present in the testing container "All Keys". Its purpose is unknown.
OB-icon-key.png Sewer Gate Key


Nothing. Only present in the testing container "All Keys". Its purpose is unknown.
OB-icon-key02.png Skingrad Chapel Key


Both doors to Skingrad Chapel Undercroft. Only present in the testing container "All Keys". A city's chapel key is usually carried around by the local priests.
OB-icon-key.png Southern Books Key


Nothing. Weirdly enough marked as a Quest item. Likely would've just been the key to Southern Books in Leyawiin, presumably carried by Bugak gro-Bol.
OB-icon-key.png Valtieri's Key


Vicente Valtieri's chest in his room in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary. Only present in the testing container "All Keys".
OB-icon-key02.png Waterfront Sewers Key


Nothing. Only present in the testing container "All Keys". Quest item.
(Source: https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Oblivion:Keys)


Unlike armor, this does not protect you. At all.

Image Name & ID Commentary
OB-icon-clothing-ShopKeep'sShirt.png Shop Keep's Shirt


Identical in appearance to the Blue Collar Shirt, found on Jensine (who is a shop keeper) and Luther Broad (who runs a boarding house).

Also identical to Ernest's Best Shirt, which is found in the basement of Gweden Farm during The Siren's Deception quest.

OB-icon-clothing-GreyRobeHood.png Hood of the Apprentice


Was likely meant to be given to you along with The Robe of the Apprentice upon acceptance into the Arcane University during Join the Mages Guild.

Identical in appearance to the Grey Robe Hood, which can be found on Gnoll Mountain and acquired by killing Jeelius the Argonian Priest after saving him during Dagon Shrine.

OB-icon-clothing-KingOfWormsHood.png King of Worms' Hood


Was likely meant to be worn by Mannimarco, along with King of Worms' Robes.
(Source: https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Oblivion:Clothing)

Unused Spells & Effects

To do:
Rearrange as a table, add icons, make it look nice. All the necessary icons and information are in the source.)
Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
  • Document the "Script Effect" spells.
  • Using the console to add all spells "psb", you can obtain a few spells that aren't in the Construction Set AT ALL, but DO appear in-game. (i.e One unnamed spell has an ability to freeze all NPC's but isn't listed in the CS.)

This list contains spells and magic effects that are listed in the Construction Set but are not available in-game. They can still be obtained via the console, but since these spells are not available for use for a reason, they may cause various issues like crashing to desktop due to undefined animation and particle files.


  • Lock - A buggy spell effect that locks (almost) any container or door it is cast on. Base magicka cost is 30. Some doors don't seem to be affected for some reason, and it doesn't work on any door that is already locked. Can be cast on already-open interior doors, though they can be closed without being lockpicked, after which they will no longer be locked. The interesting thing to note is that it has several warnings in the Construction Set saying "DO NOT USE", though there are two unused spells using it, detailed below. It was previously available as an effect in Morrowind, but likely removed from Oblivion due to being buggy, having the potential to mess with the AI, and the possibility of locking yourself in a building with no way to unlock it, and general lack of use other than training your security skill. Its effect ID is LOCK.
    • Easy Lock (Lock 12pts on Touch) - Journeyman-level spell. Creates an easy lock. Not available in-game. ID: A9805
    • Average Lock (Lock 25pts on Touch) - Expert-level spell. Creates an average lock. Has several warnings not to use this, just like Easy Lock. ID: A982D
  • Minor Frost Shield (Frost Shield 15% for 45sec on Self) - Journeyman-level spell. This spell would have been given to you by Carahil, but she gives out scrolls instead. ID: 6EF34


No concrete clues have been found in the Construction Set about these spells, nor is it known why they were cut.

  • Reanimate (Reanimate for 30sec on Target) - Apprentice-level spell, with the same usage as Staff of Worms. ID: 4A98B
  • Superior Bound Armor (Bound Helmet, Bound Greaves, Bound Cuirass, Bound Boots, Bound Gauntlets for 40sec on Self) - Master-level spell, can be learnt with Spell Tomes DLC installed. ID: C7628


  • Corrode Armor (Disintegrate Armor 20pts on Target) - Novice-level spell. There is a "on Touch" version of this spell, with a different form ID. ID: 5DCC6
  • Damage Agility (Damage Agility 1 pt on Target) - Novice-level spell. ID: 3C3FD
  • Damage Endurance (Damage Endurance 1 pt on Target) - Novice-level spell. ID: 3C3FE
  • Damage Intelligence (Damage Luck 5 pts on Target) - Journeyman-level spell. ID: 3C3FF
  • Damage Luck (Damage Luck 1 pt on Target) - Novice-level spell. ID: 3C400
  • Damage Speed (Damage Speed 3 pts on Target) - Apprentice-level spell. ID: 3C401
  • Damage Strength (Damage Strength 5 pts on Target) - Journeyman-level spell. ID: 3C402
  • Damage Willpower (Damage Willpower 3 pts on Target) - Apprentice-level spell. ID: 3C403
  • Drain Agility (Drain Agility 5 pts for 20 secs on Target) - Novice-level spell. ID: 3C3DF
  • Drain Endurance (Drain Endurance 5 pts for 20 secs on Target) - Novice-level spell. ID: 3C3E0
  • Drain Intelligence (Drain Intelligence 14 pts for 25 secs on Target) - Novice-level spell. ID: 3C3E4
  • Drain Luck (Drain Luck 5 pts for 20 secs on Target) - Novice-level spell. ID: 3C3E1
  • Drain Speed (Drain Speed 10 pts for 20 secs on Target) - Apprentice-level spell. ID: 3C3E2
  • Drain Willpower (Drain Willpower 10 pts for 20 secs on Target) - Apprentice-level spell. ID: 3C3E3
  • Drain Skill: Light Armor (Drain Light Armor 5pts for 20sec on Target) - Novice-level spell. ID: 84B14


  • Darkness - Makes the area around the target darker, like an opposite version of the Light spell effect. Base magicka cost is 0. Like Lock, there are "DO NOT USE" warnings present for it, though unlike Lock there are no pre-made spells in the construction set that make use of it, requiring you to mod your own in if you want to see it in action. Casting it will leave the target black and shadowy even after the effect wears off, and this visual effect will remain until the game is restarted. Oddly, it's considered an offensive spell effect. The effect has an icon in the game files, though it does not display properly in-game or in the construction set. Probably intended as a Sneak aid, but removed due to the presence of the two more useful and less buggy Chameleon and Invisibility effects. Its effect ID is DARK.
  • Chameleon (Chameleon 10% for 12sec on Self) - Novice-level spell. ID: 5DCC0
  • Minor Invisibility (Invisibility for 6sec on Self) - Novice-level spell. ID: 5DCC1


  • Respite (Restore Fatigue 20pts on Self) - Novice-level spell. ID: 5E155
  • Heal Minor Wounds (Restore Health 10pts on Self) - Novice-level spell. The Heal Minor Wounds spell that the player starts out with is a weaker (8pts) version with a different form ID. ID: 27442

(Source: https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Oblivion:Spells)

Unused Diseases, Abilities, and Powers

To do:
Tons. I'm mostly going by usage count in the CS for Oblivion.esm to determine what's unused for this section, but there are also abilities and powers and such that are used... by unused creatures, scripts and NPCs, or ones that only appear in test maps. As a result, I'm probably only scratching the surface here since I only remember a few of those. I also haven't included unused content from DLC other than Shivering Isles just yet. For that matter, might it be worth moving some of this content over to the Shivering Isles subpage? Some nicer formatting also couldn't hurt. Lesser powers still need to be added. Help would be welcome.

Like the spells above, you can add these to yourself or any other target with the addspell console command followed by the associated Form ID. Diseases and Abilities are always active, while Powers must be cast, though they are immune to Silence. Greater Powers can be cast once a day, but Lesser Powers can be cast as many times as you want and may or may not cost magicka. Neither will increase any skills when cast.


  • Ticklebritch (Drain Endurance 5pts, Drain Personality 15pts) - While this is not used in the base game, the official DLC Mehrunes' Razor adds one rather obscure way to catch it - by picking up a certain Hoe in Sundercliff Mines. The name of the disease and the fact that you catch it from a "hoe" (not to mention the name of the hoe's associated script: DL9DirtyHoeObjectSCRIPT) is probably a developers' joke implying that it is a sexually-transmitted disease. Form ID: 000CB5F5
  • Elytra Hatchling Disease (Drain Fatigue 50pts) - Presumably would have been caught from Elytra Hatchlings in the Shivering Isles, but goes unused. Form ID: 0004418B


  • Atronach Frost - A script effect that would have added magic frost shaders to Frost Atronachs, much like the other Atronachs. For whatever reason, it's unused. Form ID: 0008DAA6
  • Blade, Sneak, Security, Marksman, Acrobatics +2 - Judging by the Editor ID (DarkNightBless) and the fact that its effect name is Night Mother's Blessing, it was probably related to the Dark Brotherhood. Despite the name, it's set to use a script effect but does not point to any script, so it does nothing. Form ID: 000CBF18
  • Chameleon (Chameleon 10pts) - Again, the Editor ID (DarkNightMotherFade) suggests a relation to the Dark Brotherhood, but it's not used by anything. Form ID: 0006BC17
  • Dremora Powers (Fortify Magicka 50pts, Reflect Damage 30pts) - No Dremora have this ability, thankfully. Neither does anything else. Form ID: 0003E9AC
  • Elytra abilities (Water Walking, Weakness to Magic 20pts) - The Editor ID (SEAbElytraHatchling) indicates this was intended for Elytra Hatchlings as a weaker version of the identically-named ability that all Elytra possess, which works the same way but also includes 50% poison resistance. Form ID: 0004418C
  • End of Order (Paralyze) - The Editor ID (SE13AbParalyze) indicates it was meant for the Shivering Isles quest The End of Order, but it's not used there or anywhere. Form ID: 0001A7EB
  • Fleece of Fire (Fire Shield 50pts) - The Editor ID is TestFlamingSheep01, so probably the result of some developer playing around with Sheep and fire magic. Form ID: 0005C0E4
  • Ghost Resistances (Resist Disease 100pts, Resist Normal Weapons 100pts, Resist Poison 100pts) - Intended for the Shivering Isles quest Ghosts of Vitharn, though ultimately unused. Pretty standard resistances for ghosts to have, though the disease resistance is a bit strange since only the player can catch diseases. Form ID: 00050C8C
  • Ghostly Immobility (Burden 1000pts) - Also intended for Ghosts of Vitharn, to keep the player from moving when Hloval Dreth attacks. This ended up being accomplished by forcibly equipping the player with a 1000 pound ring with the same name, rather than this ability. Form ID: 00097146
  • Gnarl Health (Fortify Health 50-100pts) - Actually 3 abilities, one with a magnitude of 50, one with 75, and one with 100. Form IDs are: 00081D5A, 00081D5B and 00081D5C for the 50, 75, and 100pts versions respectively.
  • High Elf Weakness to Fire/Frost/Shock/Magic (Weakness to Fire/Frost/Shock/Magic 50pts) - Again, actually multiple abilities. The final game has High Elves getting all of their weaknesses (25 to each element) from a single ability. Notably, these abilities are all at 50pts magnitude, which is twice that of the 25pts weaknesses that High Elves have in the final game. They also don't have a general Weakness to Magic in the final (though they did in Morrowind, as well as 50pts of Weakness to Fire), so these are possibly leftovers from a time in development when their weaknesses were closer to Morrowind's. Form IDs: 00047ADA for Fire, 00047AD9 for Frost, 00047ADB for Magic, 00047AD8 for Shock.
  • Immune to Water Damage (Resist Water Damage) - This one is particularly notable in that it uses the Resist Water Damage effect, which doesn't appear in the game at all. "Water Damage" is actually damage from lava, though the effect doesn't appear to grant outright immunity as the name of the ability implies, despite the effect itself not having a magnitude. Form ID: 00066C43
  • Lady's Grace (Fortify Personality 20pts) - An unused (as is made known by its Editor ID: BSLadyGraceUNUSED) version of the Lady birthsign, which normally grants +10 to Willpower and Endurance. Of note is that the Morrowind version of this birthsign had 2 separate abilities as its components - Lady's Favor (which granted 25 Personality) and Lady's Grace (which granted 25 Endurance), so it may be that the Oblivion version was originally going to behave this way as well. Form ID: 00022A3F
  • Light Self (Light 100pts) - Intended for Namira's Daedric quest, probably for the Priests of Arkay before being replaced with simple torches. Form ID: 0005C020
  • Mark Test Shock Shield (Shock Shield 100pts) - Pretty self-explanatory. Form ID: 00040BA3
  • Mead Allergy (Paralyze) - Intended for the Dark Brotherhood quest A Matter of Honor, but the quest uses a different ability which does the same thing. Form ID: 0006555C
  • Mooncalf (Fortify Personality 20pts, Fortify Luck 20pts) - An earlier version of the Shadow birthsign. Would have given a whopping 40 extra attribute points, 20 of which would have been to Luck. That's even more than Thief birthsign gives! No wonder it got nerfed. Form ID: 00022A4A
  • Resist Magic (Resist Magic 50pts) - Its Editor ID of AbImpResistMagic shows that it was meant for imps. Not much else to say about it. Form ID: 0002B53F
  • Resist Magic 25% (Resist Magic 25pts) - This one was for boars. Form ID: 0002B54E
  • Shadowmere's Invisibility (Chameleon 5pts) - Apparently Shadowmere was supposed to be invisible at one point. Despite the name claiming Invisibility, it's actually a fairly weak Chameleon effect. Form ID: 00064F48
  • Test Vampire Ability (Vampirism 50pts) - Clearly used for testing Vampirism. Form ID: 000262C5
  • Wreath of Glory (Fire Damage 0pts) - The editor ID is TestFlamingSheep02. Again with the flaming sheep... At least one developer had some strange fascination with them, it seems. Perhaps they were also the ones responsible for Sheogorath's Daedric quest. Form ID: 0005C0E7

Greater Powers

  • Nirn's Breath (Detect Life 100pts for 120sec on Self, Fortify Fatigue 200pts for 120sec on Self, Fortify Health 100pts for 120sec on Self) - This was to be the power granted by the Nirn Stone, a Doomstone that does not appear anywhere in the game. Form ID: 0006B6B1

Obscured Textures

Female Upper Body

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
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Specifically: How does the texture look with the re-release (after the rating changed)?

In the final game, when having no armor or clothes equipped, male characters appear with a loincloth on while female characters have both a panty and bra on. Many games from this era had the underwear as part of the skin texture, however, this is not the case here, as the breasts are actually fully textured (albeit without nipples). The discovery of these textures, alongside some gore-related content, lead to Oblivion being re-rated by the ESRB.

OB femaleupperbody.png


The player's default name

Under most conditions (Unless caused by the "reference bug" [3]), the player is unable to see what their name is before the start of the game. However the player does have a name, but the character creation screen takes precedence and the name field becomes blank. In the construction set, the player's name is "Bendu Olo", who was the old king of Anvil. The name can be seen in Oblivion's E3 demos, as well as some early Morrowind screenshots, hinting that it's a placeholder used by the devs.

Female Dremora

In the final game, there is a single female Dremora in the Oblivion planes that the player can access. Strangely this Dremora is the only female one ever used in the final game, and she doesn't have any audio and thus doesn't make any noise when attacked or killed. If you use a high level charm spell to make her talk, she displays the default error trap message "I HAVE NO GREETING" instead.

Fin Gleam

Fin Gleam, the unique enchanted Glass Helmet underwater amongst a pile of bones near Anvil, was originally a Dark Brotherhood-linked item. Its EditorID is DarkFinGleam, the "Dark" being a prefix for Dark Brotherhood items and its enchantment is internally named DBenAppFinGleam (DarkBrotherhoodenchantedApparelFinGleam). Furthermore, the next armor piece in the Construction Set sorted by FormID are the Hands of Midnight sold by M'raaj-Dar at the Dark Brotherhood sanctuary, suggesting he might have sold Fin Gleam too.

Unused Door

In random Oblivion Plane 3 (the plane of Oblivion with a broken bridge leading up to five towers with the main tower in the center with two gates on either side leading to two other towers), off the map to the west, there is a long island in the lava. The island doesn't seem to have anything of interest except for a lone door, which doesn't lead anywhere when activated. What this door was for, is unknown.

(Source: https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Oblivion:Random_Oblivion_World_3#Notes Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages)

Blood Potion

In random Oblivion Plane 6, there is a single Blood Potion placed neatly behind some tall rocks east of the entrance to the Blood Well. It weighs nothing and serves no purpose or function. It cannot be used by vampire for feeding purposes either. It is the only Blood Potion available in the entire game.

Nerastarel's House

There is an abandoned house called "Nerastarel's House" located in Skingrad, within which resides all manner of undead. No NPC named Nerastarel exists anywhere in the game and they never get mentioned by anyone. The only time the house's existence gets acknowledged is when Amusei mentions it during the quest "Lost Histories". Despite being abandoned, entering the house is considered trespassing.

Barash Key

Two Imperial NPCs that live at the Waterfront District, Uzul gro-Grulam and Myvryna Arano, share Myvryna's house. Despite this, both NPCs carry a key known as "Barash House Key". No NPC with this name appears in the game, making the inclusion of the key very weird. However, it seems to have been tied to another Orc at one point, namely Umog gra-Marad. In the script MS31Script, she is referred to as UmogGraBarash. This means that the key was originally tied to her. This doesn't explain why it is in the possession of Uzul and Myvryna, though. While Myvryna is a semi-important NPC, Uzul isn't, and no-one ever mentions him. His dialogue also doesn't make sense, as in one line he mentions courting Myvryna, while in another he claims to be in love with Umog. It's possible that Uzul once lived together with Umog and her husband Graman, rather than Myvryna, or that he had a key to visit their house. Although it's not fully clear how this key came to be.

Chainmail Stockings

Both the official concept art, as well as the menu icon for female chainmail greaves, depicts them as stockings. However, when wearing them, they look like normal greaves. It's very likely that someone at some point decided that the stockings didn't fit, or were too sexual, and had them altered. When looking at the final model, it's quite clear which part of the texture was added later.

Bralin's Key

Cheydinhal residents Rythe and Tivela Lythandas carry a key simply known as "Bralin's Key", which is actually their house key. Internally, this key is known as LythandasKey. This establishes that the last name still lines up with the characters. Bralin seems to have been an earlier name for Rythe which was never changed.


In Leyawiin, rumors speak of a couple known as the "Derics". This actually refers to an Argonian couple known as Mahei and Numeen in the final game. It seems that at some point they were a Breton couple with the surname "Deric", with their early first names being unknown. The key carried by the couple also still bears the early name, but nothing else does, weirdly enough. Despite this, the Countess will seek out the couple and spend time with them, despite her dislike for beastfolk. The internal names for these packages already use Numeen's final name, so either the developers simply renamed the package at one point, or reused the same role for the Argonian couple as was planned for the Breton couple, despite that not making sense.

Russet Felt Shirt

The Russet Felt Outfit, internally known as MiddleShirt05 covers the upper and lower body in the final game. But it was meant to only cover the upper body, with the Rugged Pants being meant as the third part of the set. The generic enchanted versions of this shirt, "Security Russet Felt Shirt" and "Russet Felt Shirt of Blade Turning" still use the early name. Due to the outfit appearing much in the final game, the Rugged Pants are only found on a handful of NPCs.

Magrum gra-Orum's House

Magrum gra-Orum's House appears in Cheydinhal, despite there not being an NPC with this name present in the game. It is instead inhabited by Dulfish gro-Orum and Magub gro-Orum, two male Orcs. In the final game, the relations between these NPCs is unclear. Magub gro-Orum's internal name is Magub gra-Orum, indicating they were originally female. It seems that Magrum was the original name for Magub. The game's Official Prima Game Guide states the following about the house, seemingly explaining the whole ordeal: "Home also to her husband, the gangster Dulfish. (Is it any wonder the place is in his wife's name?) Ms. Orum can put you on to the locations of two ruined Imperial forts that have been taken over by the undead."