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The Suite Life of Zack and Cody: Tipton Trouble

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Title Screen

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody: Tipton Trouble

Developer: Artificial Mind and Movement
Publisher: Buena Vista Games
Platform: Nintendo DS
Released in US: September 19, 2006

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

To do:
Find out how to enter the test room.

Tipton Trouble is your typical crappy shovelware tie-in game. To spare explanation, here's what Cole Sprouse himself has to say about the game:

"The best way to beat that game is to eject it and physically destroy it."

Unused Text

   *** A2M CONSOLE WINDOW ***   

    Suite Life Of Zack Cody
Version: %s
Date: 9th November 2005
[ L ] Left Shoulder Button To       
Swap Characters
(B) to Jump Throw
      Confidential Protototype    
  Do not distribute outside of  
           BVG and A2M          
Game will start in %i...

This appears to be leftover from a prototype of the game.

EepromDs::Start(): can't acquire lock id!.
EepromDs::CompletionCallback(): CARD_RESULT_FAILURE.
EepromDs::CompletionCallback(): CARD_RESULT_INVALID_PARAM.
EepromDs::CompletionCallback(): CARD_RESULT_ERROR.
EepromDs::CompletionCallback(): CARD_RESULT_UNSUPPORTED.
EepromDs::CompletionCallback(): Unkown return value from Nitro sdk.
Memory allocation failure
Error: %s.
FlatFileSystemDs::FlatFileSystemDs(): Trying to format.
FlatFileSystemDs::FlatFileSystemDs(): Format successful.
FlatFileSystemDs::FlatFileSystemDs(): Format failed.
FlatFileSystemDs::Write(): Not enough space to write this file.
FlatFileSystemDs::OperationComplete(): Busy.
FlatFileSystemDs::OperationComplete(): operation failed.
FlatFileSystemDs::FlatFileSystemDs(): invalid filesystem.
FlatFileSystemDs::FlatFileSystemDs(): invalid version.
FlatFileSystemDs::FlatFileSystemDs(): CRC error.
FlatFileSystemDs::FlatFileSystemDs(): initialization failed.
EepromDs::EepromDs(): Error identifying card backup
EepromDs::EepromDs(): Can't acquire lock id!.
TRCCrashHandler::DisplayCrashError: Can't acquire lock id!.
 -------> Got the card Removed !!!!! <--------
Engine: Init()
Game: Init()
Game: ~
dummy.Engine: ~Init()
WARNING: device (%08X) is already enabled!.
WARNING: can't start device (%08X)!.
WARNING: can't stop device (%08X)!.
WARNING: device (%08X) is not enabled!.
FileCr::Open() : File does not exist and has been created.
FileCr::Open() : File does not exist and can't be created.
FileCr::Delete() : Error.
FileCr::Close() : Error.
FileCr::Flush() : Error.
FileCr::Open() : Error.
FileCr::Delete() : FileSystem or FileName is missing.
FileCr::Exist() : FileSystem or FileName is missing.
FileCr::Write() : File not opened.
FileCr::Read() : File not opened.
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FileCr::Open() : File already opened.
FileCr::Open() : FileSystem or FileName is missing.
FileCr::GetPath() not implemented!.
FileCr::SetFullName() : No FileSystem specified, name before /.
FileCr::SetFullName() : FileSystem %s not found.
Memory allocation failure
   statically allocated memory: %08d.
   start address:       0x%08X.
   end   address:       0x%08X.
   debug start address: 0x%08X.
   debug end   address: 0x%08X.
Memory allocation failure
Error: %s
DisplayString::ChangeFont(ResourceManager2D, au16_FontId, "TRUE") WITH CHANGE PAL IS NOT IMPLEMENTED.
po_ResourceManager2D == 0..call SetRessourceManager() first.
index out of range of bitset::test
index out of range of bitset::set
Agent3D.Error: %s.
Memory allocation failure
Cannot create agent with this ID %u.
tree::insert length error
PathSector3D::Unload() not implemented yet.
PathSector3D::Load() not implemented yet.
%s: invalid resource id %d.
Sound3D : Music not loaded.
Module Sound3D not initialized yet!.
Memory allocation failure
Entity::MsgSend(%d %d %d).
WARNING: No floor detected for entity: %s at
 after %i tests
Play Sound: %d 

This text is leftover from the Nitro SDK.


Placeholder cutscene text.


This was found at the end of the list of all of the rooms in the game and is obviously a test room.