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Trials of Mana (2020)

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Title Screen

Trials of Mana

Also known as: Seiken Densetsu 3 (JP)
Developers: Square Enix[1], Xeen[1][2]
Publisher: Square Enix[1]
Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch
Released internationally: April 24, 2020[1]

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

After getting an official English translation in 2019, a full 3D remake of Trials of Mana was released the following year.

Unused Maps

An easy way to load maps is to use "Universal Unreal Engine 4 Unlocker", which "re-creates the in-game console (which is usually stripped out in released games)". The console command open <mapname> will load a level, and ToggleDebugCamera allows one to get a better view of the area. The relevant paths within the .pak file have been provided.


Trials of Mana/Content/Game00/Level

A debug menu with a map select, party member selection, language switcher, and other options.

TestModes that are available here are:

  • ModeTesSelect - Doesn't load
  • DebugTest - Doesn't load
  • ModeG00SoundTest - Doesn't load
  • ModeG00BattleCheck
  • ModeG00EffectCheck - Doesn't load
  • ModeG00ConfigSettingDebug - Doesn't load
  • TestCity_Mng
  • DebugSandBox - Doesn't load
  • ModeG00TextCheck
  • WorldMap_Mng
  • ModeG00EventCheck
Menu options Rough translation
旧BGMに切り替え Switch to old BGM
ワープ有効 Warp Enabled
TGS用データ作成 Create data for TGS
セーブデータ全消去 Delete all save data
マウスで戦闘 Combat with mouse
ゲームをロード Load the game



Trials of Mana/Content/Game00/Level/Debug/TestCity

  • Various NPCs all around. The NPCs T-posing cannot be interacted with. The other NPCs say generic lines. A female NPC with red hair offers free Inn services, and a blue haired male NPC next to her sells coins, claws, fangs, and icons. A seed planter is placed nearby.
  • 3 rows of 5 chests are in a corner. They mostly contain item seeds, some have Lucre, chocolate, and a cup of wishes. A few cannot be opened.
  • A large rumbling sound and camera shake effect plays if you go under the archway by the stairs.
  • None of the doorways are functional.
  • In this version of Jadd Stronghold the surrounding walls are lower, allowing you to see outside the city.

TrialsofMana-Windows-TestCity Mng.png

TrialsofMana-Windows-TestCity Mng-2.png

TrialsofMana-Windows-TestCity Mng-Shop.png


Trials of Mana/Content/Game00/Level/Debug/Battle

  • Has a collection of 16 jars in a corner.
  • 2 cone shaped objects are under the floating square platform.




Trials of Mana/Content/Game00/Level/Debug/Common

  • A flat square area.



Trials of Mana/Content/Game00/Level/Debug/Event

This debug menu lets you jump to any scene in the game while choosing different settings. Detailed info for each event is displayed to the right.



Trials of Mana/Content/Developers/uemotoshushei

  • A white cube. The clouds move quite fast in one direction.



Trials of Mana/Content/Game00/Test/Mode

A debug menu which was presumably used to test if dialogue and text look and work correctly with different windows and languages.



Trials of Mana/Content/Map/Stage/St997

  • The cubes have collision and can be stood on.
  • Enemies are Lvl 1.
  • A puddle effect persists under your feet.

TrialsofMana-Windows-Experiment Mng.png

TrialsofMana-Windows-Experiment Mng-2.png


Trials of Mana/Content/Map/Stage/St999

  • Enemies are Lvl 1.
  • Some green plants around the area.

TrialsofMana-Windows-St999 Mng.png

TrialsofMana-Windows-St999 Mng-2.png

TrialsofMana-Windows-St999 Mng-3.png

TrialsofMana-Windows-St999 Mng-4.png