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en-N This user has a native understanding of English.
fr-3 Cet utilisateur dispose de connaissances avancées en français.
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Current slate of maintenance tasks in order of priority:

Task Effort Status
Look into automated bot PNG optimization Unknown Not Started
Fix the last few Broken Redirects on pages that begin with a space Unknown Research required, appears to be rare
Investigate TreeAndMenu extension (GlitterBerri) Unknown Not Started, Design Intentions Needed
Implement post-registration landing page/rules/guidelines Unknown Not Started, Design Intentions Needed
Implement Multi-Category Search Low Blocked, installation finished but requires memcached
Fix Wiki reporting all the Proto: namespace articles don't exist in redirects (http://tcrf.net/Special:BrokenRedirects) Unknown Not Started
Fix reporting of new users Unknown MainMemory investigating

Completed Tasks:

Task Effort Completion Date
Enabled Cite extension Trivial Feb. 26th, 2014
Disabled Publish button on Edit pages Trivial Feb. 20th, 2014
Applied Wikimedia security patch (Pompolic) Medium Jan. 30th, 2014
Look into TitleKey Low Jan. 24th, 2014
Fix Wiki reporting all the Proto: namespace articles don't exist in redirects (http://tcrf.net/Special:BrokenRedirects) (einstein95) Low Jan. 8th, 2014
UploadWizard language set to Norsk (lue) High Jan. 7th, 2014
Implement AddThis extension Low Dec. 27th, 2013
Fix Special:ContributionScores error Low Dec. 27th, 2013
Fix ContributionScores extension Low Dec. 27th, 2013
Properly filter Translations from RecentChanges by default Low Dec. 27th, 2013
Links require double click in iOS Safari (BMF54123) - Solution Medium Dec. 26th, 2013
Retroactively hide edits from RecentChanges (bot regs) None Dec. 26th, 2013
Fix IRC Reporting of localization changes (Treeki) Low Dec. 24th, 2013
Create cache directory for localizations Low Dec. 23rd, 2013
Look into CleanChanges defaults/if it's needed at all Low Dec. 23rd, 2013
Implement Translation Extension Medium Dec. 23rd, 2013
Implement CategoryTree Medium Dec. 22nd, 2013
Fix reporting of new page size being 0 bytes (MainMemory) Trivial Dec. 21st, 2013
Apply UploadWizard Patch Trivial Dec. 21st, 2013
Implement RandomRootPage Low Dec. 21st, 2013
Restore missing favicon (Xkeeper) Trivial Dec. 20th, 2013

If you have any additional requests for Wiki extensions, please let me know. All requests will require approval from Xkeeper and/or BMF54123.

My inadequacy number is: {{#cscore:zerojay|score}}