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Title Screen


Developers: PlatinumGames, Beginning Software, Value Wave
Publisher: Sega
Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
Released internationally: May 17, 2017 (Windows), February 18, 2020 (PS4/Xbox One)
Released in JP: October 21, 2010
Released in US: October 19, 2010
Released in EU: October 22, 2010
Released in AU: October 21, 2010
Released in KR: October 22, 2010
Released in AS: October 20, 2010

EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

From the developer that brought you Bayonetta and the director of God Hand and multiple Resident Evil titles comes Vanquish, a game about rocket sliding through torrential gunfire while shooting communist robots in gratuitous slow motion.

Unused Player Weapons

Sam's dat file(s) pl000a.dat (and others) contain a file PlayerInfo_01.bxm that lists weapon variables (bullet spread, controller feedback values, etc.) that includes internal weapon names. Typically, these correspond to the models in the it (item) and wp (weapon) directories:

Weapon # Name in PlayerInfo_01.bxm Model in wp Model in it
wp0000 MACHINGUN Assault Rifle
wp0001 GOLD N/A Boost Machine Gun
wp0002 IMPACT LFE Gun
wp0003 ROCKET Rocket Launcher
wp0004 20 Sniper Rifle
wp0005 GRENAD Hand Grenade
wp0006 LAZER N/A Laser Cannon
wp0007 HAVYMACHINGUN Heavy Machine Gun
wp0008 SPEAR Argus QTE handgun N/A
wp0009 SHOT Shotgun
wp000a HOMINGMISSILE Disk Launcher
wp000b HANDGUN N/A AP Pistol
wp000c BIT Unused Minigun N/A
wp000d HOMINGLAZER Lock-on Laser
wp000e KYUCHAKU Unused Sticky Grenade N/A
wp000f SHIBIRE EMP Emitter

Notable details:

  • If the name is any indication, the disk launcher was originally a homing missile launcher (the final disk launcher still has homing capabilities).
  • Spear is a mystery, as there are no melee weapons in the game (unless you count the disk launcher's chainsaw attack). One possible, though unlikely, explanation: in its animation filenames, Bia's tail is referred to as a spear (even though it looks more like a battle axe), possibly indicating you could wield it after killing Bia. The model occupying wp0008's position in the weapons directory is the otherwise unusable handgun Sam uses during the quicktime events against the Arguses faced at the airport and dam.
  • Bit and Kyuchaku likely refer to the unused weapon models discussed below.
  • It should also be noted that BAREHANDS and SWORD are listed in a structure right before this.

It is currently unknown what functionality these unused weapons retain, if any.



File: wp000c.dat

An early minigun with very primitive textures. It does not have the handgrip that all the BLADE weapons use (or any handgrip at all for that matter), and there are no weapons that are held minigun-style at the side; PlayerInfo_01.bxm refers to wp000c as BIT, and lists BIT_KAMAE (stance) and BIT_ATTACK as animations.

Sticky Grenade


File: wp0008.dat

Kyuchaku (吸着) means "adhesion", and this object resembles WWII magnetic anti-tank grenades, so it is very likely that it was intended to be a sticky grenade.

(Source: Bast (translation))

Unused Enemies


File: em0090.dat

A smaller version of 1-6's Jellyfish enemies. Its model is a scaled-down Jellyfish-M, which is in turn a smaller Jellyfish-L without Jellyfish-Ms stuck to its outside. Its name was translated in each language's respective ui_hud file:

English Japanese French German Italian Spanish

Light Ground Transport


File: em00c2.dat

Appears to be a terrestrial version of the Light Transport vehicle, with dual mounted machine guns and tank treads.



File: em00aa.dat

This bizarre enemy has no animations, collision mesh, AI script, or sounds.

Other Unused Models

Acoustic Guitar


File: wp0040.dat

Found in the weapons assets archive, perhaps intended for another situationally inappropriate taunt like lighting up a cigarette.


They're blue and white striped.

File: em0a00.dat

Found in the enemies directory is this full-bodied render of Elena, who does not appear outside of FMV cutscenes and codec messages (a different model of only her upper torso and head are used to animate her message portrait). Though the developers (just barely) had the restraint not to look up her skirt, her model has fully rendered undergarments.

Unused Item


File: it0200.dat

A green prism of unknown purpose found in the items directory.

Caterpillar Bike


File: pl0010.dat

Found in the player assets directory pl. Within Sam's datfile pl000a.dat BIKE_ATTACK and BIKE_KAMAE are listed in a table of animation names. CaterpillarBike is the name of a Havok physics .scn file that's found in pl0010.dat.

President Winters


File: pl0400.dat

Found in the archive for player assets is a full render of Elizabeth Winters, who appears only in FMVs.

Unused Enemy Weapon


File: em0123.dat

A gun with a giant spiked ball. Its proximity to enemy and NPC weapons indicates it was not intended for the player to use.

Unused Speech


File: Tutorial_10_wav.aax

Going by filename, this comes right after Elena's "Passing full control to you... now" and before Candide's "Go ahead and give us some basic rotational movement readings".


File: Od110_12_wav.aax

Sounds like she's describing the missile batteries on the jamming array. The only rockets in this stage are the ones fired by the Romanov(s) and Argus.

File: Od110_20_wav.aax

In the time it would take for Elena to say this, the player would have already been toasted by the Argus' laser.


File: Od128_59_wav.aax

File: Od128_60_wav.aax

File: Od128_61_wav.aax

File: Od128_62_wav.aax

Some one-liners for marines shooting at Jellyfish-Ms.

File: Od128_63_wav.aax

Mike 7-2 announcing he's stopping the APC. When he stops at the destructible barrier used in the game, a different line plays. This may have have been intended for a second obstacle.

File: Od128_64_wav.aax

This might be a response to the above line.

File: Od128_65_wav.aax

A line obviously intended for a marine to say when encountering the Romanov-F, an enemy that is first seen in this stage.

File: Od128_66_wav.aax

Combat advice for said enemy.

File: Od128_67_wav.aax

A marine complaining about his flashlight going out. This does not occur.

File: Od128_68_wav.aax

File: Od128_69_wav.aax

File: Od128_70_wav.aax

These lines seem to indicate a laser cannon was originally intended to appear in 1-6. This may be the hypothetical unused obstacle Mike 7-2 stopped at in Od128_63_wav.aax.

(Alternative hypothesis: The latter two clips are mislabeled, and originally intended for 1-3, where Elena mentions the Argus's "large radius laser".)


File: Od160_08_wav.aax

This vague comment from Sam would have been used in the interior section before reaching the airport.

File: Od168_01_wav.aax

File: Od168_02_wav.aax

This exchange would have occurred after clearing the airport, before Elena's "I've just got a SITREP from JSOC..." line.


File: Od1a0_13_wav.aax

File: Od1a0_14_wav.aax

File: Od1a0_15_wav.aax

Either the player originally had to fight more Romanov's on 2-6's lower level, or the lines used to announce their emergence from the hatches were randomized.


File: Od210_17_wav.aax

An unused line probably intended for use after killing the Gorgie-USGs.

  • The speech files for Bia's introduction in 2-6 use the filename prefix for 3-1, indicating the player was originally intended to fight it here for the first time. This is further evidenced in the ordering of the official soundtrack.


File: Od220_00_wav.aax

Fighting even a single buzzard on the collapsing highway would have been a bit much. There is no point in the game where you fight multiple buzzards at once.


File: Od240_40_wav.aax

File: Od240_41_wav.aax

File: Od240_42_wav.aax

Shinji Mikami (the character, not the game's director) pestering Sam for backup. In the final game, he is invincible and capable of taking care of himself.

3-6 and 3-7

File: Od244_05_wav.aax

Not sure. Maybe you originally had to disconnect multiple power conduits?

File: Od244_06_wav.aax

Some unnecessary hand-holding from Elena. The elevator described may have been the one at the end of 3-6, or the one in the room with the dancing Gorgies.

File: Od244_07_wav.aax

File: Od244_08_wav.aax

File: Od244_09_wav.aax

An exchange describing a nonexistent event where your radar doesn't work. This may have followed Elena's above line about the elevator, or it may have been separate.

File: Od244_12_wav.aax

Sam would have delivered this sarcastic comment during the in-game cutscene where the Kreon lasers a building.


  • Similar to Bia's introduction in 2-6, the Romanov-D intro speech from 3-1 is stored with the filename prefix used for 4-1.

File: Od258_06_wav.aax

File: Od258_07_wav.aax

Sam asking about the status of the elevator door at the end of the level. Most likely pruned as unnecessary.


File: Od320_06_wav.aax

This would have been used at some point after gaining access to the bridge with the laser cannons, but before entering the hallway to the crystal viper's arena.

File: Od328_06_wav.aax

File: Od328_07_wav.aax

An extended introduction to crystal viper #2's room. In the final game, gunfire makes it immediately apparent that they are not alone.

Unused Music

All of these tracks were deleted from the 360 version to save disc space.


A generic battle theme that could have worked just about anywhere.


More generic battle music, part of which was incorporated into the first crystal viper battle theme.


Another generic battle track, this time featuring the chord progression of mission 1-2's theme, and a hint of 1-3's percussion.


There are plenty of option screens where this could have gone. A duplicate file named st_drone2_wav indicates it was also intended as a stage theme; st_drone_wav is used in the tunnel between 1-3 and 1-4.


The drill in the title may refer to the Romanov-D, or (less likely) the drill transports seen in 1-7 and 3-2.


200 in this context refers to the Kreon, and cube specifies its interior. This would have been used in 3-6 after the first Unknown battle but before entering the Kreon's inner core. There are two rooms that fit this description: the first is empty except for two gun racks, and the second contains a pack of Gorgie-USGs.


Clearly intended for a battle taking place on the Kreon's outer deck, which uses a single theme throughout.


A vague piece of music intended for another quick time event on the Kreon's topmost deck. After disconnecting the power conduit, the chapter ends. Perhaps the following cutscene where Burns catches Sam as he jumps from the exploding Kreon was intended to be playable?


Despite ostensibly being intended for the dam (which has only one unique BGM heard in one room and the following outdoor area), this track has a distinctive instrument used in the theme heard in 3-1. A duplicate of this track exists with the name st_dam_wav.aax.


dum is engrish for dam. Grand Coulee uses only the common battle theme until the crystal viper, leaving this rather short and bland track unused.


Another unused stage theme for the dam. A duplicate file titled st_besieged_wav.aax also exists, possibly referring to the "siege" in 4-1's penultimate battle that immediately precedes the dam.


The area where you fight the first crystal viper is referred to as an industrial complex in the objective text. Before the crystal viper appears, this area is conspicuously without music.


A duplicate of the track heard on the tactical challenge menu. Its filename indicates it was intended for use as a battle theme in the colony center, either for the one in 5-1 or a different one that was cut altogether.


Intended for one of those hallways in the colony's center. st_3st_passage_2_wav.aax is used for another conversation ("Your CO is in the shit!") so this may have appeared earlier, perhaps when Elena warns you about the electromagnetic interference; this area uses a sound effect-based background noise instead.


This track bears no resemblance to the motif heard in either battle with Zaitsev's Bogey suits, to which "rival" refers. Based on the filename, this would have been the theme used for the final boss.


Wow this is obnoxious. No idea where it could be used.


A test audio track.

Early Music

Like the unused BGM files, these earlier versions of used tracks are found only in the PS3 version's files.


Unused Used

A rough draft of mission 1-2's BGM which lacks some instruments. In addition to its rough mixing that renders the guitar almost inaudible, it is very different around 0:45-0:55.


A test track based on 1-4's BGM with very minor mixing differences - subtract one from the other and you'll get only some minor fuzz from the percussion.


The theme for the first battle with Zaitzev's Bogey suit, with minor mixing differences. Oddly, the used version is in 44.1 KHz quality instead of the usual 48 KHz.

Freight Transport Battle 1

Unused Used

Similar to the final version, but with mixing and reverb differences in the higher frequencies. Also, the loop point in the used version was moved up about 42 seconds for some reason (this is not reflected in the provided sample).

Collision Alarm

Unused Used

An early version of the theme heard in 2-2 when the transport collision is imminent. The main difference is the repetitive riff was made simpler and less prominent.

Twin Argus Battle

Unused Used

A bass-heavy early version of the battle theme against both Argus forms in 2-3. The instrumentation was altered significantly for the final version, making the melody and percussion more prominent. The filename may indicate that this track was intended as a transition between the regular airport background music and the battle theme.

Kreon Interior

Unused Used

An unused early mix of the track heard on the tram ride in the Kreon's interior, which differs mainly in the mixing of the percussion.

Crystal Viper Battle 1

Unused Used

An earlier version of the first crystal viper's battle theme with the usual rough mixing. There is an instrument first heard at 0:32 that was removed from the final.

Gorgie Dance

Unused 1 Unused 2 Used

Two incomplete drafts exist of the Gorgie's dance tune from 3-7. The first is very unfinished and missing several instruments. There is also a later but still incomplete draft of the same tune. Both of the early tracks are missing the slightly different B part.

Communication with Burns

Unused Used

An early version of the track heard during the conversation in the hallway right before the fight with Burns. Comparatively, the final version is much more dynamic and ominous.