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Worms World Party (Windows)

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Title Screen

Worms World Party

Developers: Team17, TickTock (Remastered)
Publishers: Titus, Team17 (Remastered)
Platform: Windows
Released in US: June 16, 2001
Released in EU: April 6, 2001

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
MinigameIcon.png This game has unused modes / minigames.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

To do:
  • Stuff that is shared between this game, Worms 2 and Worms Armageddon.
  • Get a proper video of the unused Time Attack mission?
  • PS2 controller leftover.

Worms World Party is the third installment in the second generation of Worms games, based on the earlier Worms Armageddon with new features being added such as new missions. However, the game received some criticism for basically being the same thing, and it didn't help that Armageddon received all the updates and surpassed World Party in features.

In 2015, a "Remastered" version was released on Steam and GOG.com with the assistance of TickTock, with... very mixed results.

Unused Sprites

WormsArmageddon-wbsbaim.gif WormsArmageddon-wbsbswn.gif

Originally in Worms: The Director's Cut, worms could aim the Baseball Bat directly up and down. However, when making the transition to Worms 2, the aim of the bat was restricted to 75 degrees upwards, leaving certain angles unused. They can actually be seen using a glitch to aim another weapon, and then switching to the Baseball Bat.

WormsArmageddon-wsvblue.gif WormsArmageddon-wsvgreen.gif WormsArmageddon-wsvyellow.gif WormsArmageddon-wsvpink.gif WormsArmageddon-wsvcyan.gif

Worms wearing hats of each respective team colour. Although one such mission, Berlin Boss, requires the player to kill a hatted worm allied with the blue team as well as user-created missions allowing the player to assign NPC worms to different team colours, they will always wear red hats, meaning the other five hat colours still go unused.


While all the assets for the Worms 2 weapons that were cut from Worms Armageddon were deleted, the blue jet that was used for the Homing Air Strike still remains in Gfx.dat.

WormsWorldParty iconArmageddon.png

The icon for the Nuclear Bomb from Worms 2. This is found in the graphics for the Wormopaedia in the Graphics\NewGfx\Library directory and is strangely named "iconArmageddon.bmp".

Unused Sounds

The following sounds can be found among the many soundbanks included with the game, as well as the game's sound effects:


Just "hmm". Could be used in a number of situations. This is the same across all soundbanks.


Many similar sounds are used when being hurt. This particular one, however, isn't.


Might have been intended for worms skimming across water. Curiously, this is found only in the American soundbank, and also exists in one of the Worms 2 demos.


An "uh oh". Possibly intended for dying worms.


This was probably intended to be used when falling from a high distance, as in the first-generation Worms games. Like with Hmm.wav, this is the same across all soundbanks.

Unused Wormpot Modes

A few of the Wormpot modes were scrapped during development, most only going as far as getting an icon for the reels.

Icon Name Description
WormsWorldParty LowGravityMode.png On the Moon mode Low Gravity is active at all times for all teams. While this mode is unused in the Windows version, it does see use in the PlayStation version.
WormsWorldParty GuessMyWeapon.png Guess My Special Weapon Unknown. May have had something to do with team special weapons.
WormsWorldParty HandToHand.png Hand to Hand Unknown. May have been similar to "Extra powered unarmed combat".
WormsWorldParty SheepSheepEverywheresmall.png Sheep, Sheep Everywhere Unknown. May have been similar to "All crates contain sheep". Only a small version of the icon exists, and the mode itself is not listed in wormpottooltip.txt.
(Source: Worms Knowledge Base)

Unused Time Attack Mission

A seventeenth Time Attack mission exists within the game's files in both the original and "Remastered" releases, complete with its own map and mission script, but it is not used within the game. The only way to play it is to swap its files with those of another mission.

The objective of the mission is to use an infinite supply of Mole Bombs to dig through the terrain and take out both enemy worms within the time limit. The mission appears to be unfinished, as the mission does not terminate when the player's turn ends like other Time Attack missions do, allowing the enemy team to take a turn.

(Source: clear cut)

Unused Water Palettes

Worms 2 had the feature to change the water colour to one of five different colours in the terrain editor. For whatever reason, this feature was not brought back for Worms World Party or its predecessor, so it is only possible to have blue water in normal play. To access these unused palettes, swap the contents of the "Blue" directory in DATA\Water with the files from one of the other directories.

The extra water palettes do see use in the console versions of Worms Armageddon and Worms World Party, but are selected randomly when generating terrain.

Unused Terrain Themes

Two terrain themes are included in the game's files, but cannot be used for whatever reason. These include Dinos, a prehistoric theme, and Domestic, a theme that uses household objects for decoration. These two themes are used in the Dreamcast and PlayStation versions of Worms Armageddon and Worms World Party, and some of the object graphics see use as part of the terrain in the single-player missions, Roping With Dinosaurs and Jegg Central respectively.



Unused Deathmatch Names

Every AI team in the Deathmatch mode has a name for every possible worm a team can have. However, due to the number of enemy worms assigned for each rank, some worm names can never be seen in gameplay. TEAMSTERS never has more than six worms in any match, BLUES N REDS never has more than four worms, and both REFRESHER BARS and MINISTERS never have more than two.

All of these names can be seen thanks to the localization files. Unused names listed here are highlighted in italics.

Team Name Worm 1 Worm 2 Worm 3 Worm 4 Worm 5 Worm 6 Worm 7 Worm 8
BREAKFASTS Steak n Cheese Saus and Mush Bacon Chips n Gravy Toast Coffee Flakes Bix
TEAMSTERS Colan Chevan GT Jeggetts Lord C OJones Noisy Pants Randalism
BLUES N REDS FixDeluxe R Vamp B Lord Death B Evil B Marky B Decal B Camouflage R Chev R
REFRESHER BARS Commercial The Brewers Red Lion The Swan The Crown Whistler The Fox Market House
MINISTERS Blair Major Thatcher Callaghan Wilson Heath MacMillan Churchill
(Source: Worms Knowledge Base)

Version Differences

Version 1.01

A service patch was released on the official website on June 4th, 2001, which addressed an issue that prevented players from connecting to WormNET2 after the game's release.

(Source: Worms Knowledge Base)

Worms World Party Remastered

A "Remastered" version of Worms World Party was released on Steam and GOG.com on July 16th, 2015. Not much was changed from the original release, but the following changes have been made:

  • The publisher logo is replaced with the logo for TickTock, the development team who worked on this version.
  • Support for Steam achievements and leaderboards was added.
  • Controller support was added.
  • Support for multiple screen resolutions much like in Worms Armageddon was added.
  • "Remastered" sound effects have been added, which are actually pulled from later sequels such as Worms Reloaded and Worms Revolution. There is still the option to use the original sound effects.
  • Terrain themes from the original Worms game have "Legacy" affixed to their names.
  • Both Hell themes have been renamed to "Underworld". This doesn't affect their alphabetical ordering in the terrain editor, though.
  • The Suicide Bomber has been renamed to the Worms Blast.
  • A majority of pages regarding the Worms series' trivia have been removed from the Wormopaedia. The only pages that have not been removed are Anonymous Messages, Who is Boggy B?, Gimme Shelter!, and The Darkside vs the Lightside.
  • The Jock, Kamikaze, Rasta, Team17 Test, The Raj and Whoopsie soundbanks have been removed.

October Update

An update was released for the "Remastered" version on October 20th, 2015, making the following changes:

  • A brand new frontend was made to replace the old one. This new frontend is capable of being rendered at higher resolutions than 640x480.
  • Various framerate issues have been addressed. They still persist, but they're less severe.
(Source: Worms Knowledge Base)