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Zone of the Enders (PlayStation 2)

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Title Screen

Zone of the Enders

Also known as: Z.O.E.: Zone of the Enders (JP)
Developer: Konami Computer Entertainment Japan
Publisher: Konami
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in JP: March 1, 2001 (original), February 13, 2003 (PlayStation 2 the Best)
Released in US: March 26, 2001
Released in EU: March 23, 2001

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
BonusIcon.png This game has hidden bonus content.

Zone of the Enders is a robot anime simulator. You may also know it as "the bonus game that came with the MGS2 demo".

Debug Menu

Zone of the Enders - Debugmenu.png

Present in the game is a small debug menu embedded into the pause screen. To re-enable it, apply the below code for your version of the game. With the code on, move your cursor to the bottom-most pause menu option. The menu on the international versions of the game was left untranslated and will not render the Japanese text.

JP codes:

Master Code (only needed for cheat devices)
9048B0C0 0C122BD8

Re-enable Debug Menu
00286C56 00000022

USA codes:

Master Code (only needed for cheat devices)
9048B700 0C122D68

Re-enable Debug Menu
0028711E 00000022
Text Translation Notes
プレイヤー無敵 Player invincible Doesn't work.
敵不死身 Enemy invulnerability Doesn't work.
敵パッド操作 Enemy pad operation Makes enemies stay in place (doesn't work on some bosses).
弾数無限 Unlimited bullets Grants unlimited ammo.
エンカウント無し No encounters Turns off enemy encounters.
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Debug Logging

Within the game are two stubbed printf functions which would have logged various background information to a debug unit. This logs information such as files and movies loaded. It would also report errors if any occurred. To re-enable this mode, apply the below code.

JP code:

Re-enable printf Messages
20200518 08122ACA
2020051C 00000000
20467438 08122ACA
2046743C 00000000

USA code:

Re-enable printf Messages
20200520 08122C5A
20200524 00000000
20467A68 08122C5A
20467A6C 00000000

If you are playing the game on a regular PlayStation 2, you will need to use a TOOL, RDB, or a debug version of OPL to view the logs. If you are playing on an emulator, you can see this information by enabling the option "Show Console". Below is an example of what type of information gets logged:

Heap top 4e8600
Total mem size 1b07a00
GV free area 4f8600 - 900000, size 407a00
Main Tid 1 prio -> 32
Vram  Top     :54000 <word>
Micro Program: 0x3b00 bytes 
 1 textures
vram rest -1573120 bytes 
Load Dir Info from ¥ZOE.DAT;1 (sct 300 -)
Relative CD data : Top Sector 300
dir (null) subdir 2 file 0
dir ada subdir 0 file 132
dir stage subdir 23 file 0
dir bs1 subdir 0 file 52
dir ca1 subdir 0 file 29
dir cb1 subdir 0 file 25
dir common subdir 0 file 14
dir ending subdir 0 file 5
dir fa1 subdir 0 file 24
dir fa2 subdir 0 file 54
dir fb1 subdir 0 file 23
dir gl1 subdir 0 file 57
dir init subdir 0 file 5
dir mt1 subdir 0 file 16
dir mt2 subdir 0 file 35
dir pk1 subdir 0 file 42
dir ra1 subdir 0 file 25
dir rb1 subdir 0 file 41
dir sh1 subdir 0 file 11
dir st1 subdir 0 file 28
dir ta1 subdir 0 file 32
dir ta2 subdir 0 file 27
dir tb1 subdir 0 file 20
dir tc1 subdir 0 file 19
dir title subdir 0 file 8
dir vr1 subdir 0 file 59
anna2a41.pss, (301-) 
anna2a42.pss, (342-) 
anna2a43.pss, (391-) 
anna6a41.pss, (424-) 
anna6a42.pss, (457-) 
anna6a44.pss, (482-) 
anna6a45.pss, (515-) 
anna6a46.pss, (548-) 
anna6a47.pss, (605-) 
anna6a48.pss, (638-) 
anna6a49.pss, (671-) 
anna6a4a.pss, (704-) 
anna6a4b.pss, (737-) 
anna6a4c.pss, (818-) 
anna6a4d.pss, (891-) 
anna6a4e.pss, (940-) 
anna6a4f.pss, (981-) 
anna7a01.pss, (1022-) 
anna7a02.pss, (1079-) 
anna7a03.pss, (1112-) 
anna7a04.pss, (1153-) 
anna7a05.pss, (1202-) 
anna7a06.pss, (1243-) 
anna7a07.pss, (1308-) 
anna7a08.pss, (1381-) 
anna9a21.pss, (1454-) 
anna9a22.pss, (1527-) 
anna9a23.pss, (1592-) 
anna9a24.pss, (1641-) 
anna9a64.pss, (1722-) 
anna9a65.pss, (1779-) 
anna9a66.pss, (1812-) 
anna9a67.pss, (1845-) 
anna9a68.pss, (1894-) 
annaa001.pss, (1967-) 
annaa002.pss, (2008-) 
annaa003.pss, (2049-) 
annaa004.pss, (2098-) 
annaa005.pss, (2139-) 
annaa006.pss, (2180-) 
annaa007.pss, (2213-) 
annaa008.pss, (2254-) 
annaa009.pss, (2287-) 
annaa00a.pss, (2336-) 
annaa00b.pss, (2369-) 
annaa00c.pss, (2418-) 
annaa00d.pss, (2491-) 
annaa021.pss, (2548-) 
annaa022.pss, (2581-) 
annaa023.pss, (2638-) 
annaa041.pss, (2679-) 
annaa042.pss, (2736-) 
annaa043.pss, (2801-) 
annaa044.pss, (2842-) 
annaa045.pss, (2883-) 
annaa046.pss, (2956-) 
annaa061.pss, (3021-) 
annaa062.pss, (3070-) 
annaa063.pss, (3119-) 
annaa064.pss, (3168-) 
annaa065.pss, (3217-) 
annaa066.pss, (3258-) 
annaa067.pss, (3291-) 
annaa068.pss, (3340-) 
annaa081.pss, (3389-) 
annaa082.pss, (3438-) 
annaa083.pss, (3487-) 
annaa101.pss, (3536-) 
annaa121.pss, (3585-) 
annaa122.pss, (3642-) 
annaa141.pss, (3715-) 
annab001.pss, (3788-) 
annab002.pss, (3925-) 
annab003.pss, (4022-) 
annab004.pss, (4055-) 
annab005.pss, (4096-) 
annab021.pss, (4161-) 
annab022.pss, (4218-) 
annab051.pss, (4251-) 
annab061.pss, (4292-) 
annab081.pss, (4365-) 
annab082.pss, (4430-) 
annab083.pss, (4479-) 
annab084.pss, (4552-) 
annab101.pss, (4593-) 
annab102.pss, (4642-) 
annab121.pss, (4707-) 
annab122.pss, (4772-) 
annab123.pss, (4861-) 
annab124.pss, (4942-) 
annab141.pss, (4991-) 
annab142.pss, (5040-) 
annab143.pss, (5089-) 
annab161.pss, (5162-) 
annab162.pss, (5235-) 
annc5141.pss, (5356-) 
annc9221.pss, (5461-) 
annc9241.pss, (5670-) 
annc9261.pss, (5759-) 
annc9a41.pss, (5808-) 
annc9a42.pss, (5897-) 
annc9a43.pss, (5970-) 
annc9a44.pss, (6027-) 
annc9a45.pss, (6060-) 
annc9a46.pss, (6101-) 
annc9a47.pss, (6142-) 
annc9a48.pss, (6183-) 
annc9a49.pss, (6216-) 
annc9a4a.pss, (6249-) 
annc9a4b.pss, (6282-) 
annc9a4c.pss, (6323-) 
annc9a4d.pss, (6364-) 
annc9a4e.pss, (6405-) 
annc9a4f.pss, (6438-) 
annc9a61.pss, (6471-) 
annc9a62.pss, (6504-) 
annc9a63.pss, (6553-) 
annc9a64.pss, (6594-) 
annc9a65.pss, (6651-) 
annc9a66.pss, (6692-) 
annc9a67.pss, (6725-) 
annc9a68.pss, (6782-) 
annc9a69.pss, (6855-) 
annc9a81.pss, (6896-) 
annc9a82.pss, (6921-) 
annc9a83.pss, (6970-) 
annc9a84.pss, (7019-) 
annc9a85.pss, (7084-) 
annc9a86.pss, (7125-) 
annc9a87.pss, (7182-) 
annc9a88.pss, (7247-) 
annc9a89.pss, (7320-) 
 1 textures(Scrach)
vram rest -1573120 bytes 
------ event que ------
ev x pri d stat d
load interrupt
Exec Ev 45f8f8
dir(title) 8 filedata (sct 1004480-)
 ttlr1001.pss, (811374-) 
ttlr1011.pss, (845183-) 
font.pak, (1002617-) 
title.pak, (1002649-) 
us0000ff.sdx, (1003650-) 
us00ffff.sdx, (1004182-) 
title.scx, (1004438-) 
title.bin, (1004478-) 
LoadFlag : 0 stage no : 0 
read credit_font.tex, size ff0
read m_marubatsu.tex, size 440
read m_mcerror.tex, size 3b0
read m_mcnodata.tex, size 440
read m_mcps1card.tex, size 6a0
read m_ngwindow.tex, size f50
read m_nowload.tex, size 3b0
read m_oparrow.tex, size b0
read m_option.tex, size 1c080
read nt_load_bar.tex, size 470
read nt_opt_bar.tex, size 470
read nt_opt_cap.tex, size 1e0
read nt_opt_def.tex, size 1e0
read nt_opt_dem.tex, size 160
read nt_opt_exi.tex, size 130
read nt_opt_gam.tex, size 160
port 0 dualshock2 
port 1 dualshock2 
read nt_opt_mon.tex, size 210
read nt_opt_off.tex, size 130
read nt_opt_on.tex, size 110
read nt_opt_sou.tex, size 1a0
read nt_opt_ste.tex, size 1d0
read nt_opt_vib.tex, size 210
read nt_vs_bar.tex, size 470
read nt_vs_blue.tex, size 3780
read nt_vs_bracket.tex, size a0
read nt_vs_cfra.tex, size 500
read nt_vs_cshuf.tex, size 500
read nt_vs_cursor01.tex, size 2c0
read nt_vs_cursor02.tex, size 2c0
read nt_vs_cursor03.tex, size 2c0
read nt_vs_hiero01.tex, size 3780
read nt_vs_hiero02.tex, size 3780
read nt_vs_icyc.tex, size f20
read nt_vs_ijeh.tex, size f20
read nt_vs_imum.tex, size f20
read nt_vs_inei.tex, size f20
read nt_vs_inei2.tex, size f20
read nt_vs_irap.tex, size f20
read nt_vs_issr.tex, size f20
read nt_vs_lvg.tex, size a0
read nt_vs_lvn.tex, size 190
read nt_vs_ncity1.tex, size 160
read nt_vs_ncity2.tex, size 160
read nt_vs_ncs.tex, size 410
read nt_vs_ncyc.tex, size 410
read nt_vs_nfact.tex, size 1e0
read nt_vs_nhang.tex, size 1e0
read nt_vs_nhub.tex, size 130
read nt_vs_njeh.tex, size 340
read nt_vs_nmoun.tex, size 210
read nt_vs_nmum.tex, size 5a0
read nt_vs_nnei.tex, size 2e0
read nt_vs_nnei2.tex, size 5a0
read nt_vs_npark.tex, size 160
read nt_vs_nrap.tex, size 340
read nt_vs_nss1.tex, size 1e0
read nt_vs_nssr.tex, size 920
read nt_vs_ntown1.tex, size 190
read nt_vs_ntown2.tex, size 1c0
read nt_vs_ntown3.tex, size 1c0
read nt_vs_nware.tex, size 270
read nt_vs_pcom.tex, size 2f0
read nt_vs_pp.tex, size 3a0
read nt_vs_red.tex, size 3780
read nt_vs_sca1.tex, size 2b0
read nt_vs_scb1.tex, size 2b0
read nt_vs_scyc.tex, size 500
read nt_vs_sfa1.tex, size 2b0
read nt_vs_sfa2.tex, size 2b0
read nt_vs_sfra.tex, size 2b0
read nt_vs_sjeh.tex, size 500
read nt_vs_smt1.tex, size 2b0
read nt_vs_smum.tex, size 500
read nt_vs_snei.tex, size 500
read nt_vs_snei2.tex, size 500
read nt_vs_spk1.tex, size 2b0
read nt_vs_srap.tex, size 500
read nt_vs_ssh1.tex, size 2b0
read nt_vs_sshuf.tex, size 2b0
read nt_vs_sssr.tex, size 500
read nt_vs_sst1.tex, size 2b0
read nt_vs_sta1.tex, size 2b0
read nt_vs_stb1.tex, size 2b0
read nt_vs_stc1.tex, size 2b0
read title_anim_ng1.tex, size 2f0
read title_anim_ng2.tex, size 3f0
read title_anim_ng3.tex, size 580
read title_anim_ng4.tex, size 6b0
read title_anim_ng5.tex, size 7f0
read title_anim_ng6.tex, size 8a0
read title_anim_ng7.tex, size 950
read title_anim_ng8.tex, size 9d0
read title_ball.tex, size a0
read title_ballx.tex, size d0
read title_bg_fd1.tex, size 12e40
read title_bg_fd2.tex, size 12e40
read title_bg_fd3.tex, size 12e40
read title_bg_fu1.tex, size 13c40
read title_bg_fu2.tex, size 13c40
read title_bg_fu3.tex, size 13c40
read title_bg_m.tex, size 1c080
read title_bg_r1.tex, size 1c080
read title_bg_r2.tex, size 1c080
read title_bg_r3.tex, size 1c080
read title_black.tex, size 90
read title_corp.tex, size 5b0
read title_eye.tex, size 1a80
read title_eyex.tex, size 3af0
read title_kcej.tex, size 1c080
read title_konami.tex, size 1c080
read title_mode_eng.tex, size 1e0
read title_mode_fre.tex, size 1c0
read title_mode_ger.tex, size 1e0
read title_mode_lg.tex, size 270
read title_mode_lg2.tex, size a60
read title_mode_ng.tex, size 240
read title_mode_ng2.tex, size 9b0
read title_mode_nge.tex, size 160
read title_mode_ngh.tex, size 160
read title_mode_ngn.tex, size 1e0
read title_mode_ngve.tex, size 270
read title_mode_ngvh.tex, size 270
read title_mode_opt.tex, size 1e0
read title_mode_opt2.tex, size 860
read title_mode_psb.tex, size 3f0
read title_mode_psb2.tex, size 10a0
read title_mode_vs.tex, size 1e0
read title_mode_vs2.tex, size 7c0
read title_push.tex, size 1c40
read title_zoe.tex, size 3f80
read title_zoex.tex, size e40
read uetitle_konami.tex, size 1c080
read nt_load_slot01f.tex, size 820
read nt_load_slot01g.tex, size 820
read nt_load_slot01i.tex, size 820
read nt_load_slot02f.tex, size 820
read nt_load_slot02g.tex, size 820
read nt_load_slot02i.tex, size 820
read uetitle_tobecon.tex, size 38440
read title_west.tex, size 1c080
read icon2.ico, size e840
close title.pak
read title.bin, size a90
close title.bin
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Voice Actor Commentary

Present only in the Japanese version are secret button combinations to reveal bonus commentary by the game's voice actors. Press one of the following button combinations after you complete the game while the results screen is displayed:

Button Inputs Reward
D-Pad Up, D-Pad Up, D-Pad Down, D-Pad Down, D-Pad Left, D-Pad Right, D-Pad Left, D-Pad Right, R3, L3, L1 Celvice Klein commentary.
D-Pad Up, D-Pad Up, D-Pad Down, D-Pad Down, D-Pad Left, D-Pad Right, D-Pad Left, D-Pad Right, R3, L3, L2 Viola Gyune commentary.
D-Pad Up, D-Pad Up, D-Pad Down, D-Pad Down, D-Pad Left, D-Pad Right, D-Pad Left, D-Pad Right, R3, L3, R1 Ada commentary.
D-Pad Up, D-Pad Up, D-Pad Down, D-Pad Down, D-Pad Left, D-Pad Right, D-Pad Left, D-Pad Right, R3, L3, R2 Leo Stenbuck commentary.

You can also view these bonuses here.

(Source: retrogame-urawaza)