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Adventures Down Under featuring Chang

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Title Screen

Adventures Down Under featuring Chang

Publisher: Acclaim Entertainment
Platform: Adobe Flash
Released internationally: 2000

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

Adventures Down Under featuring Chang is one of four flash games released to help promote Fur Fighters. This one is a simple maze game.

Unused Graphics

ChangDownUnder-K6L.png ChangDownUnder-A1R.png ChangDownUnder-i6U.png ChangDownUnder-L2D.png

There are loads of these hidden in the game files. Some share the same number, some don't. All letters are capitalized except for 'i'.


There's also this 'FINISH' sign.


A clock which is never seen during gameplay. Also present in the other Fur Fighters' flash games.


A crude drawing of a bell. It is present in all of the Fur Fighters' flash games. Labelled as 'ding'.


An alternate 'Try Again' sign. The one used in the game lacks any kind of border. Like with the previous two graphics, it can be found in the other Fur Fighters' flash games as well.