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Ape Escape 2

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Title Screen

Ape Escape 2

Also known as: Saru! Get You 2 (JP)
Developer: SCE Japan Studio
Publishers: SCEI (JP), SCEE (EU), Ubi Soft (US)
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in JP: July 18, 2002
Released in US: June 30, 2003
Released in EU: March 14, 2003
Released in CN: January 15, 2004

RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

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Ape Escape 2 is the second game in the Ape Escape series (minus the various spin-offs). The game is largely the same as Ape Escape 1, with the exception that the main character is not Spike but a new character named Jimmy/Hikaru (although Spike - or Kakeru - is playable as an extra character).


English Translation Differences
Thankfully not as complicated as Ape Escape 3.

Regional Differences

Chinese Note

Ape Escape 2-chinesenote.png

Exclusive to the Chinese version of the game is a note that is just an health and safety page talking about budgeting your game time, before the SCEI logo. but here they have been translated to English.

Original Translation
健 康 游 戏 忠 告
抵 制 不 良 游 戏 , 拒 绝 盗 版 游 戏 。
注 意 自 我 保 护 , 谨 防 受 骗 上 当 。
适 度 游 戏 益 脑 , 沉 迷 游 戏 伤 身 。
合 理 安 排 时 间 , 享 受 健 康 生 活 。
Healthy Game Advice
Resist unscrupulous games and pirated games.
Pay attention to self-protection, beware of being cheated.
Moderate gaming is good for your brain, but indulging in gaming is harmful to your body.
Reasonable arrangement of time, enjoy a healthy life.

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The US version of the game was published by Ubisoft. as such, an extra logo was displayed before the Sony Computer Entertainment logo.

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Like the first game in the series (see the bottom page below here), the Japanese version has voice-overs say the company name (but without the "Inc." and "Presents), the voice-overs are removed in other versions, but in the European version, the logo takes place in a label on a banana before it zooms out to reveal that the monkeys are chasing Jimmy (aka "Hikaru" in Japan and Europe).

Title Screen

Japan Europe
Sarugetchu2-titlejp.png Ape Escape 2 TitleScreenEU.png
US China
Ape Escape 2-title.png Ape Escape 2-titlech.png

The Japanese and Chinese versions use a different text font when compared to the other versions. the European version gets an entirely new logo to compensate for its name change. The registered trademark symbol was changed to an unregistered trademark symbol, and the exclamation mark for "Press the START button" text was removed. The copyright info was also updated.

Sarugetchu2 titleanimation.gif

The Japanese version also has an effect syncing to the opening theme for the game's title appearance. This was removed from the international versions.

Opening Song

Japan International
(Yappari Saru Getchu)

The Japanese opening song "Yappari Saru Getchu" by "SHINGEN-MONKEYS" was replaced with a different track for the international releases. This change was also reflected in the title screen, but the Japanese opening song was unused in the game's files.

Gameplay Differences

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Specifically: Aren't the 3 monkeys normally not obtainable in the Japanese version obtained via online?
  • The Japanese version has a mechanic called quick gadget swapping that is not present in the international versions. This feature is important knowledge to speedrunners of the game and was added in all versions of the 3rd game.
  • The Japanese versions had a total of 297 monkeys that can be caught while playing the game, a separate disc can unlock 3 monkeys that can be saved on a memory card, This was removed in the international versions and the 3 monkeys are available normally after beating the Moon Base.
  • The range of sight for the monkeys is lower in the Japanese version when compared to the other versions.
  • The Japanese version has compatibility with a special "Ukki-Ukki" disc. The disc contains three slide puzzles that, when completed, unlock the "Saru-Buster" gadget, which is basically just a land version of the Water net. Due to the "Ukki-Ukki" disc not being released outside of Japan, Jimmy cannot use this gadget in the international versions.
    • Spike has all gadgets, including the Saru-Buster, unlocked from the start in all versions, making him the only character who can use the aforementioned gadget outside of Japan.

Pink Monkey Boss Stage

  • The banner on the stage was changed for the international versions.
  • The FMV in the bottom right corner, as well as when unlocking in the movie section, has the song info shown in the Japanese and Chinese versions.
  • The Japanese and Chinese versions contain a unique version of "Anata wo Getchu" that is exclusive to these versions.
Japan/China International
SaruGetchu2 AnatawoGetchudifferenceJP.png ApeEscape2AnatawoGetchuEU.png


In the Japanese version, "SHINGEN MONKEYS" was also credited for the Japanese version's main theme.