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Bully: Scholarship Edition (Wii)

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Title Screen

Bully: Scholarship Edition

Also known as: Bully: Die Ehrenrunde (DE)
Developer: Rockstar Toronto
Publisher: Rockstar Games
Platform: Wii
Released in US: March 4, 2008
Released in EU: March 7, 2008

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

ProtoIcon.png This game has a prototype article

The Nintendo Wii release of Bully: Scholarship Edition is potentially the best, least buggy version of Bully, but still has weird oddities of its own. This is also one of the last Rockstar Games titles to use the RenderWare engine along with Manhunt 2, which had various platform releases both before and after this game's release.

This page lists trivia related to Scholarship Edition and to this particular version. See Bully: Scholarship Edition (Xbox 360) for that version's trivia.

To do:
Some of the content on the Windows article belongs here. Specifically:
  • All the unused Scholarship Edition-related content (and add everything that is missing).


  • The loading screen splash art with Burton. His magazines have been censored a bit.
  • More of this version's exclusive fixes.
  • More of this version's exclusive issues:
    • The first camera shot in The Candidate doesn't work as intended.
    • The Racer bike and the cutscene model of the Beach Rumble trophy have broken UV mapping.
    • The wall by the entrance to The Tenements has a big splotch of pink vertex colors.
      • That same submesh also has some broken UVs slightly further away.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
BullySE Windows gm english.png
Unused Text
"Englishyay youyay eesay, isyay ayay ifficultday ubjectsay otay eachtay."
BullySE Windows gm music.png
Unused Audio
Even MORE Christmas music and audio meant for the original game.

Debug Options

Some of these options have been manually bound to the 2nd player Wiimote to be toggleable. They can be changed to be bound to the 1st player Wiimote by changing every instance of the address 286BACA6 to 286BA782.

General Information

BullySEWii-FIN DebugDisp-1.png

This option shows the current framerate, position, how long the game has been running for, and how many NPCs and vehicles are loaded on the bottom left side of the screen.

EUR 006EAD8C 00000001
USA 006EAD4C 00000001

Button Inputs

BullySEWii-FIN DebugDisp-2.png

Shows the last 16 buttons that were pressed for both the 1st and 2nd player Wiimote.
This option has both a textual as well as a graphical mode (which still use the PS2 button textures) that can be toggled between each other using C + LEFT and C + RIGHT.

006EAD98 00000001
286BACA6 00004002
006EAD99 00000001
E2000001 80008000
286BACA6 00004001
006EAD99 00000000
E2000001 80008000
006EAD58 00000001
286BACA6 00004002
006EAD59 00000001
E2000001 80008000
286BACA6 00004001
006EAD59 00000000
E2000001 80008000

One Hit Kills

With this, Jimmy can knock out anyone with ease.
This option may cause several missions to softlock, therefore it has been made toggleable here with C + UP and C + DOWN.

286BACA6 00004008
006EAD9A 00000001
E2000001 80008000
286BACA6 00004004
006EAD9A 00000000
E2000001 80008000
286BACA6 00004008
006EAD5A 00000001
E2000001 80008000
286BACA6 00004004
006EAD5A 00000000
E2000001 80008000

Stay Up Past 2AM

This option is meant to make Jimmy invulnerable like in the PS2 version, however it seems to be broken, so its only function is to make sure Jimmy won't pass out when it is 2AM.

EUR 006EAD6C 00000001
USA 006EAD2C 00000001


BullySEWii-FIN Watermark.png

At the address 8062B920 for both regions, you can write any string in there that will display as a watermark on the title screen and pause screen.

(Source: Edness)


Unused Missions


A script for what seems to be an earlier, incomplete version of Mailbox Armageddon exists only in this version.
It crashes almost immediately, but Edgar can be seen spawned in front of Jimmy, instead of Clint.

Removed Missions

Unique IDs mentioned by leftover files exclusive to this version.

Mission ID Notes
1_G2 Unknown.
4_DC Unknown.
Found to be Off Road Romance thanks to earlier builds.

Unused Textures

HUD Icons

Filename Texture
voicechangr BullySE HUDIcon voicechangr.png

An icon for a voice changer. It is unknown what this was intended for.

Changes from the PlayStation 2

Exclusive to Wii

Chemistry Class
Wii PlayStation 2

Chemistry class has been changed to accommodate for the Wii's control scheme, but changing the input wasn't the only thing that was modified:

  • Multiple animations were added. Whether or not they are new is unknown. Their first and last frames end with Jimmy's early idle animation, though.
Rock Band Poster
Wii PlayStation 2
BullySEWii RockBandPoster.png Bully RockBandPoster.png

The poster's design was changed.

Old Bullworth Vale Salon Pictures
Wii PlayStation 2
BullySEWii SalonPics01.png Bully SalonPics01.png

The pictures were replaced with old 3D renders of characters.

Development Oversights

Exclusive to Wii


Christmas Is Here

When getting the Cheerful Reindeer Sweater, the game will also reset the player's clothes to the school uniform, for some reason.


After the mission Nutcrackin' is completed, you are not given the Nutcracker Outfit.

The Tenements
Front Back
BullySEWii-FIN World.img-addbook.dff-Front.png BullySEWii-FIN World.img-addbook.dff-Back.png

The vertex colors for Lola's address book are set to pink.

Funhouse Fun
Wii PlayStation 2
BullySEWii FunHouseFunPete.png Bully FunhouseFunPete.png

At the beginning of the mission's cutscene, Pete is completely frozen, aside from his face.

Here's to you, Miss Philips
Wii PlayStation 2
BullySEWii HeresToYouMsPhilips.png Bully HeresToYouMsPhilips.png

Ms. Philips' model is brighter due to having vertex color data. None of the other character models have any vertex colors.

Showdown at the Plant
Wii PlayStation 2
BullySEWii ShowdownAtThePlantPipe.png Bully ShowdownAtThePlantPipe.png

The pipe Jimmy is holding has been moved a bit.


Wii PlayStation 2
BullySEWii S Sweater 5.png Bully S Sweater 5.png

Jimmy's default uniform uses an earlier texture that can be seen in pre-release media of the PlayStation 2 version.


Photography Class
Wii PlayStation 2

The music for this class uses a higher variant of the BMX Park's tutorial music, instead of having its own theme like on the PlayStation 2 version.

Interestingly, this track is a copy of MS_Somower, which is only present on the Xbox 360 version and the earlier Wii builds.
It's possible it was originally a track related to the lawnmowing minigame, based on the name. Why it was repurposed here is unknown.


Jimmy's Yearbook picture

Jimmy's picture in the Yearbook recycles Earnest's body, for some reason.

Cached Files

The Stream directory has a file named filelist.pak which can hold up to 4 MiB worth of files to cache in memory. Normally, it contains 246 files from the data partition, and one of the files, audio/WII/Hud.SEA (2AEC36F3), happens to be different from its uncached counterpart, where two floating point numbers at 0xE84 were changed.

Cached Value Uncached Value
0.8908990025520325 1.0
1.0594630241394043 1.0

Seven of those files are also cached twice for some reason.

Hash Filename
3034615C Act/Act.dir
1B58E8E3 Config/dat/Cloths.dat
06BFFF52 Config/dat/pedstats.dat
79930010 Config/dat/PropHXDs.dat
0CC4A850 Config/Text/American.dir
6027B20B DAT/Trigger.dir
02EF7CF0 Scripts/Scripts.dir