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Disgaea DS

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Title Screen

Disgaea DS

Also known as: Makai Senki Disgaea: Makai no Ouji to Akai Tsuki (JP)
Developer: Nippon Ichi Software
Publisher: Nippon Ichi Software
Platform: Nintendo DS
Released in JP: June 26, 2008
Released in US: September 23, 2008
Released in EU: April 3, 2009
Released in AU: April 2, 2009

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

To do:
  • Is pliny.imy used anywhere?
  • Potentially unused characters/character names: "?" Ghost, "Dimension Phone", "議会入り口代理", "Laminton", "Carter", "Mom Lahar".
  • Potentially unused specials: "Slumber", "Charm". Zombies appear to have a dummied-out fifth special at level 70?
  • Potentially unused inhabitants: "Jobless", "Professional", "Artisan", "Troublemaker", "Villain".
Cacti speak Japanese.
...But what does it mean?
This game has text or audio that needs to be translated. If you are fluent with this language, please read our translation guidelines and then submit a translation!

Disgaea DS is a remake of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness in the form of a silent film.

Unused Graphics

Asagi's character portrait is present in the sprite sheet even though she doesn't make a cameo appearance in this game.

Unused Dialogue

The following two cutscenes are present at the very end in the game's dialogue file (talk.dat), and stick out for several reasons. They are not present at all during the dialogue, nor do they seem to appear in the original PS2 game.


This dialogue appears to test multiple lines in the dialogue box, which is limited to three lines.



Normally, an item's stats can only go up to 3 times its base value. For example, the ATK of the wristband will never be 12 or higher no matter how many excellent ATK players there are. However, this is not the case for Rare and Legendary. Additionally, it seems that there are residents who raise the upper limit.

This dialogue appears to explain the behaviour of specialists, a mechanic in the game. As mentioned above, only three lines fit the dialogue box. Because of this, dialogue usually contain a scripted pause after every third line for the user to press A. However, this dialogue sticks out in that it lacks any such pauses.

Both dialogues also stick out in that neither contains an "end of dialogue" command, which is present in all other dialogue and cutscenes.

Unused Help Text

Each class in the game has an associated help text that is displayed in the Dark Assembly when creating a character. Some "classes" however represent characters that can't be created in the Dark Assembly, such as story-related characters, your vassals, and some postgame enemies. As such, their help texts are never displayed.

Since the Hospital character is a Samurai, and a lot of character entries in the class table have statistics copied from the class they are based on, it is possible that its description is an old one for the Samurai classes. This could indicate that the Samurai classes had a higher counter rate at some point in development.

Character Help text
Laharl Son of the late Overlord
Etna Vassal to the Overlord
Flonne Angel in training
Gordon The current Defender of Earth
Jennifer Jennifer
Baal Lord of Terror: Lord of all Overlords
Thursday (empty)
Prinny Baal Prinny: The former Lord of Terror...
Hospital Humanoid: Good with swords/spears, and at countering
Pleinair Harada-Ya's mascot
Marjoly The worst thing to happen to the galaxy - ever!
Adell 【影】人型:別魔界ヴェルダイムのデビルバスター
Rozalin 【影】人型:魔王ゼノンの娘
Zetta 宇宙最強魔王だった……
Dark Flonne 見習天使(黒)
Ghoss 【影】魔物型:ジグソーパズルにはまってます
Gargo 【影】魔物型:実は秀才
Manty 【影】魔物型:ダイエット中
Goleck 【影】魔物型:最近物忘れが激しい
Dratti 【影】魔物型:みちゃダメ♥
Zommie 【影】魔物型:こう見えても屍族のプリンス
Shark King 【影】魔物型:辺境魔界を統べる残虐な王
True Overlord 【影】魔物型:別次元の魔王(完全体)
Serra Winguard 【影】人型:各地を巡り教えを説く伝説の大僧侶
Vesuvius 【影】人型:魔道に堕ちた天才天使兵

Unused Items

The item data table contains two unused items, both weapons, that seemingly were meant to be used by Priere and the Seraph. Judging by the position of the items in the item table and its "type of item field", both were supposed to appear under "ETC/EX" in the item collection records along with other story-related equipment. Both items seem to share the Prinny suit's icon, presumably as a placeholder until a proper icon is drawn.

Rank Name Description Cost Stats
41 Felicitacion Wpn-Baton: Overlord Priere's longtime weapon 1500000 (? weapon) Atk = 1800
41 Oracle Wpn-Celestial Treasure: Weapon of generations of Seraphs 1500000 (? weapon) Atk = 700

Leftover Strings

These strings seem to have been used for debugging during development, but got left in the final build of the game.



This is an archive containing 280 files with filenames file0000 through file0279. Each file contains a row of numbers neatly padded with spaces to align. Some kind of debugging output.


This file holds sprite data for all sprites used in the game, simply stored as raw bytes without palette or size information (this is stored elsewhere). However, the first 512 bytes before the first sprite contain formatting strings seemingly related to the image conversion. [^Z] below denotes byte 0x1A.

エラー: %s を書き込みオープンできなかった
saveMgrImg %s %d\n
%s : 警告 : setSprt : %s w,h=%d,%d  u,v=%d,%d (src %d,%d)\n
%s : エラー: setSprt  : %s w,h=%d,%d  u,v=%d,%d (src %d,%d)\n
bpp == 8
(Source: Original TCRF research)