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Gex (PlayStation)

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Title Screen


Developer: Beam Software
Publishers: Crystal Dynamics (US/EU), BMG Interactive Entertainment (JP)
Platform: PlayStation
Released in JP: March 8, 1996
Released in US: December 13, 1995
Released in EU: April 1996

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

A port of the 3DO version, now with improved camera scrolling in levels.

Debug Display

Gex PS Debug Display.png

Use the following code to display debug text.

80097184 00FF
80097284 00FF
8009750C 00FF
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Graphics

3DO Version Leftovers

0C1B5864.dat and 0C174235.dat
Gex PSX - Unused NotEnoughSpace Graphic.png Gex PSX - Unused SaveMenu Graphic.png
Remnants of the 3DO version's save feature (which in every other port was traded for a password system).

Gex PSX - Unused Spray Graphics.png
Sprites initially used for an animation of Gex using his tail to spray-paint the game's logo on the title screen.

Gex PSX - Unused Title Screen Border Tiles.png
Tiles initially used for the transparent border surrounding the title screen.


Gex PSX - Unused Tail Graphics.png

Sprites of Gex's tail and what might be its shadow, both of which are never used in any version of the game. These are stored in the same file as the graphics used for the title screen. The palettes for these is unknown.

Development/Debugging Text

Lots of interesting bits of text found inside "SLUS_000.42" on the root of the disc:

Starting at line 10:

ObjectIntroTracker Table    Intro Objects
   Process Objects
    Process Collisions
 Set Scroll Position
    Draw Tiles
 Draw Objects Mid
   Draw Objects Hi
    blocks = %ld    Obs = %ld   ftime  = %ld    sx = %ld, sy = %ld    delay   = %ld  codetime = %ld   celtime = %ld      vsit = %ld time left = %ld P R E S S   S T A R T   (%ld, %ld)  Exit Level
 New ObjectIntroTracker  Spool Buffer    Speech Buffer   BIGFILE.BIG 	-vsit <id>       = force a voice situation
    	-idle <id>       = force an idle to appear
    	-intros          = show intros
    	-noprint         = no non-error message
   -noprint    	-real            = play it for real
   	-duck            = show duck video
    	-play <fname>    = playback joypad file
   	-rec <fname>     = record joypad input to file
    	-noexit          = no exit by holding start & stop
    	-noskew          = no skewing by holding start
    	-nopower         = no powerups on pad 2
   -nopower    	-nofreeze        = no scroll freeze on pad 2
  -nofreeze   	-noscale         = no gex scale on pad 2
  -noscale    	-nodelay         = no delay on pad 2
  -nodelay    	-norotate        = no rotation on pad 2
   -norotate   	-cursor          = put cursor on screen
   	-vramblks<value> = blocks in vram (def 67)
    -vramblks   	-blocks <value>  = num blocks for levels (def 162)
    	-vram <value>    = vram to save for OS
    	-dram <value>    = dram to save for OS
    	-speech          = play speech
    	-nosfx           = no sound effects
   	-music           = play music
 	-nodebug         = no debug messages
  -nodebug    	-level <value>   = Level to play

In line 45:

waiting for sound to load   waiting for tiles to load   waiting for preloaded to load   waiting for level to load   waiting for music to load   waiting for speech to load  waiting for gx to load  waiting for GX idle to load finished loading!

In line 53:

This sucks.  The KFBossState is BAD!  It equals: %d which is obviously an unlucky number!

In line 51:

BounceUnFall    ComeOutTube GoThruTube  ShrinkToTube    StartFromCamera LaunchTailBounce    PlatSideOutside90TransBackward  PlatSideOutside90Trans  PlatSideCrawl   PlatSideGetup   PlatAirToSideCrawl  SideJump    SideTailWhap    SideSlap    SideUnspin  SideSpinAround  SideSpin    SideUTurn   SideGetup   SideOutside90TransBackward  SideOutside90Trans  SideInside90TransBackward   SideInside90Trans   SideOutside45TransBackward  SideOutside45Trans  SideInside45TransBackward   SideInside45Trans   SideCrawl   SideSwallow SideTongueLash90    SideTongueLash  FaceCrawlToAir  AirToFaceCrawl  AirToSideCrawl  FaceWiggle  FaceUnspin  FaceSpinAround  FaceSpin    FaceTurn    FaceSkew    FaceSwallow FaceTongueLash  FaceStick   StopFalling RunStopFall RunJumpStart    StopFall    StandJumpStart  Slide45Jump TongueUp    TongueLash  UnDucking   DuckUnspin  DuckSpinAround  DuckSpin    DuckSwallow DuckTongueLash  TailSlash   RunSkidStop RunSkidding JumpTongueLashUp    JumpSwallow JumpTongueLash  JumpTailWhack   StandJump   RunTurnStop BounceRise  BounceFall  TailBounce  RezPortal   RezInFromPortal END WAIT
   Damage To GEX