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Half-Life (Windows)

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Title Screen


Developer: Valve
Publishers: Sierra Studios (Windows, original),
Valve (Windows (current), Mac OS X, Linux)
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Released internationally: November 19, 1998 (Windows), February 5, 2013 (Mac OS X, Linux)

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
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To do:
A Half-Life: Source repo has been leaked, it contains a load of unused content from this game, make a development page about it.

Half-Life revolutionized the gaming industry by arming you with a crowbar. Whapish!

For even more unused content related to this game, take a look at Half-Life: Source.


Read about development information and materials for this game.
Development Info
Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Hl gman briefcase 2.png
Leftovers from cut areas, the insides of the G-Man's briefcase, Xena the Warrior Princess, and many other cut textures await you.
HL2ambient generic.png
What do you get when you mix a much more chatty HEV Suit, a Security Guard near an RPG, and a Scientist trying to send a message? This page!
Hl bigrat jump.png
Unused Animations
Hl testsphere.png
HL aaatrigger.png
Loading Area Differences
Development leftovers hidden just out of view.

Unused Behaviors

To do:


The Houndeye pack was supposed to distinguish the leader from its minions through two animations, depicting the leader standing up while the minions would have recoiled in fear. Despite the behavior retained in the retail, the animations are never triggered by the Houndeye, and therefore go unused.

Level designers can place information nodes to define environmental elements - namely, machines and blinking lights - that idle Houndeyes will occasionally wander over to and paw at out of curiosity. No such nodes are used in the retail game.

(Source: Marphy Black)

Alien Blood Drinking

Certain aliens (e.g. Houndeyes) were meant to be seen drinking both human and alien blood.

Houndeyes are fully capable of blood drinking, however no information nodes are properly set to be as drinkable human or alien blood, and thus this behavior is never spotted in the final game. Bullsquids are unable to drink human blood due to behavior conflict in their AI.
By extension, Pit Drones in Half-Life: Opposing Force also inherit the Bullsquid's broken blood drinking behavior.

(Source: Marphy Black)

Vortigaunt/Alien Slave

Vortigaunts, while in combat, were meant to use their electrical bolts to revive their dead friends. They also were to react to the dead bodies of fellow Vortigaunts, by running away in fear when seeing their dead bodies.

(Source: Marphy Black (2:15))


Scientists were meant to play animations showing displays of fear upon spotting an enemy.

(Source: Marphy Black (1:39))

Unused Map content

Object 36

Viewed through an entity editor

The military post in Power Up (map c2a1a) contains 2 entities that both spawn an object labelled as "type 36". Since no such item exists in the final game, nothing appears in these two spots.

(Source: lymphoid)

HEV charger in Apprehension

Hl c2a3a hevchargerbug.png

The widest block on the cage walkway in c2a3a acts as a fully functional HEV charging location. It's possibly a leftover from an earlier map revision.

Unknown ammo type

Viewed through an entity editor

The top floor in Questionable Ethics (map c2a4f) contains a non-existing entity, ammo_9mmARclip. Only ammo_9mmAR and ammo_9mmclip exist, which are ammo clips for the SMG and pistol respectively. Since it does not exist, nothing appears in this spot. It is presumably an early revision of ammo_9mmAR, judging by its name.

"Forget About Freeman!" elevator

Hl c3a1 switch 2.png

In the map c3a1, there is an elevator with a closed door. If one noclips inside, the player will see a red triangle. Walking towards it will either crash the game (if the game is being run in Software mode) or skip 2 maps ahead (c3a1a, right before the Lambda Complex), floating on the ceiling, dead.
The switch also exists in the multiplayer level lambda_bunker.

Attempting this in the Source version will exit the level and return to the main menu because the game doesn't know how to properly transition into the map.

Interestingly, if this triangle is touched while running Half-Life in the Xash3D source port, it will transport the player two maps ahead, however it'll properly position them near the starting elevator, albeit without their HEV suit, weapons, or ammunition, acting similarly to if the map was directly loaded through the console.

Lambda Core suits

Viewed through an entity editor

In the map c3a2d, three HEV suits are meant to spawn in their appropriate containers. However, the entities are placed too close to the walls, making them fall to the bottom of the map. Via entity edits, they can be moved.

In Half-Life: Source, these spawn normally as the entities themselves were made smaller.

(Source: lymphoid)

Disabled Headcrab spawner

Inside of Xen's main island is a deactivated Headcrab spawner, which has a notably high time to respawn for a second time, being 20,000 seconds long (5 hours and 33 minutes).

(Source: Marphy Black)

Multiplayer level signatures

Hl crossfire sig.png

All multiplayer levels created by Dario Casali contain his signature somewhere in the level that can only be seen by using the noclip cheat. Most of them have a unique blue glow around the signature.


Security Guards

If the multiplayer level Crossfire is loaded as a single player level (easily done by simply loading it via the console as soon as the game is started) or has monster entities enabled, there will be three Security Guards in the level. One will be in the left bunker, the next will be next to the Gluon Gun, and the last one is in the floor above the Gluon Gun.

Since Crossfire can only normally be played in multiplayer, these Security Guards go unused. What their purpose is cannot be figured out.

Hidden "Blue Room"

In the room with the Longjump module and HEV charger, there is an unopenable door blocking a passage to a secret room. It is visible in-game by setting off explosions around it (the scorch mark decals do not cross over from the wall to the door) or when using render commands like r_drawflat, gl_wireframe, etc. Inside the room is a spiral ramp leading to a crossbow, crossbow ammunition, HEV suit batteries and health kits.

Dario Casali provides an explanation for the "Blue Room" in an interview with Planet Half-life from 2004.

Pratt: Ok, once and for all, the “blue room” in crossfire - why is it there, and is there really any way in?
Dario: I could fill an encyclopedia with the number of emails I was sent about this blue room! There's actually no way in there. It existed right up till the last minute before the map was released, and so when the decision to remove it was made, only a very minor change to the level was permitted. The solution was to disable access to the room rather than deleting the room. No one I told this believed it, by the way.

Some map edits (or AMX Mod plugins) provide a way to open this door and enter the room - e.g. by shooting specific lights in a certain order, or performing some other secret action.


Co-op Mode remnants

Subtransit was originally meant to be used as a cooperative multiplayer map, before the gamemode was ultimately scrapped. Much of the assets utilized for this mode remain in the final deathmatch map:

  • The map is fully noded for AI navigation, meant to be used by grunts seen in pre-release screenshots.
  • 3 co-op specific spawn points are present in the map, and remain unused in normal multiplayer.
  • Picking up the RPG triggers a partially broken scripted sequence called "rpggrunts", where 4 human grunts would enter the courtyard.
  • The map is also unique in that it makes use of already planted tripmines.
(Source: Marphy Black)


Datacore is partially noded for AI navigation, as it was originally used as a level on the main game.


Viewed through an entity editor, selected in red

Datacore contains a single Antidote canister that usually falls out of the map, since it is placed too close to the floor. Via entity edits, it can be relocated and spawned normally.

(Source: lymphoid)

Impulse 99

The cheat code "Impulse 99" makes it so that the logos of Valve, Sierra Studios, and Half-Life itself will quickly rotate among each other on the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Note that the Sierra Studios logo is still used in the Steam version of the game when the cheat is activated, even though Valve has terminated their publishing deal with them long ago. It has become apparent that this was used during E3 1998, as seen on the small television screen showcasing the gameplay videos.

This cheat code will not function at resolutions above 1024x768.

Regional Differences

The German version had several changes made in order to avoid a USK 18 rating. A free patch was later released on Steam that restores the old blood and gib effects.

(Source: Schnittberichte)

Robot Grunt

Hl rgrunt 1.png

The most significant change in the German version is that the Human Grunt has been replaced by a robot, appropriately named "Robot Grunt" in the Half-Life modding tools. The robot has a green, vaguely camouflage color and a one big red eye sticking out of the right side of its head. Theirs voice has been changed as well to make it sound robotic compared to the Human Grunt. The sound clips used to make up the Human Grunt's combat dialogue are still in the game's files, but unused.

This was done to abide by German laws regarding killing people in video games and media. By making the Human Grunts robots, the law could be bypassed.

The design may be familiar to non-German fans, as it was later used as a multiplayer model for every version of the game.

Robot Grunt Human Grunt
Hl rgrunt 1.png Hlfinal hgrunt1.png
Robot Grunt Human Grunt
Hl rgrunt 2.png Hlfinal hgrunt2.png
Robot Grunt Human Grunt
Hl rgrunt 3.png Hlfinal hgrunt3.png
Robot Grunt Human Grunt
Robot Grunt Robo
Hl rgrunt 1.png Hl robo.png

Alternate Scientist and Security Guard death animations

Hldeu dead 1.png

The Scientist and Security Guard are still human in the German version, but have a unique death animation not seen in the uncensored version of the game (presumably to bypass the same laws that made the Human Grunts into the Robot Grunts). When a Scientist or Security Guard is killed but has not suffered enough damage to be gibbed, they will sit down with both legs crossed while shaking their head from side to side in disappointment. Those put into the "sit down" state are still considered solid for a while, and can even be gibbed.

Censored version Uncensored version
Hldeu dead 1.png Hl dead 1.png
Censored version Uncensored version
Hldeu dead 2.png Hl dead 2.png

Reused Voice Lines

These are lines from a chronometric counting scheme used by a Scientist who is performing CPR on a Guard right after the Resonance Cascade. It should be noted that these lines are in the original (English) version of the game, but are only spoken when the game uses the Scientist model from the censored version.

Sound Clip File Name Description
sci_1thou One one thousand.
sci_2thou Two one thousand.
sci_3thou Three one thousand.
sci_4thou Four one thousand.
sci_5thou Five one thousand.

Blood and Gibs

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: I've seen German versions that have blood decals already placed in the maps present, and ones that have it missing. Likely to be a difference with Steam releases, but unsure if this comes down due to the maps themselves being different, something done in-engine or the WAD texture itself.

In a default installation, the "low violence" mode is enabled, disabling all gibs and blood. However, with the variables "violence_agibs", "violence_ablood", "violence_hblood", and "violence_hgibs" set to 1, a unique version of gibs and blood can be enabled.

When humans are shot, they will bleed a strange dark yellow blood. This blood isn't the same as the blood spewed by alien opponents. If an NPC is gibbed (Scientist, Security guard, or Robot Grunt), they will explode into mechanical parts, such as gears and springs, instead of human gibs. There will still be red blood, however.

Alien blood and gibs are the same as the uncensored versions if they are enabled.

Censored version Uncensored version
Hldeu blood 1.png Hl blood 1.png
Censored human blood Uncensored alien blood
Hldeu blood 1.png Hl alien blood.png
Censored version Uncensored version
Hldeu gibs.png Hl gibs.png

Female Assassin

The German version of the game removes the breasts (and the associated jiggle physics) the Female Assassins have.

Censored version Uncensored version
Hl deu assassin.png Hl assassin.png

Female Assassins will also never flip their goggles to reveal their eyes on death.

Changed multiplayer models

The Gina, Gordon, HGrunt, and Scientist multiplayer models were replaced with copies of the Helmet multiplayer model.

Revisional Differences

Screen tilting

In the older versions of retail Half-Life, taking fall damage or strafing left and right would result in the player's screen being tilted slightly. This was removed in versions and after.

Hl tilt 1.png Hl tilt 2.png

Steam version menu

When Valve re-released the game on their Steam service, they replaced the main menu. Gone was a locked 640x480 menu with separate menu options, replaced with a menu that scaled with the game's resolution. Also gone are many menu options, including Hazard Course, Custom Game, View Readme and Previews. Steam Half-Life's GUI looks identical to the Steam GUI back during its 2003 launch.

Pre-Steam versions (1.0 to Current Steam release (
HLTitle.PNG Half-Life-Windows-Title.png
Pre-Steam versions (1.0 to Current Steam release (
Hl won controls.png Hl steam controls.png


In the pre-Steam versions of Half-Life, the console slides down from the top of the screen when activated. In the Steam version, it is now located on its own window and overlays the pause menu.

Pre-Steam versions (1.0 to Current Steam release (
Hl won console.png Hl steam console.png

In-Game Chat Font

The in-game font in the Steam version is completely different. It is larger than the WON version and uses a solid orange color instead of orange with black borders.

Pre-Steam versions (1.0 to Current Steam release (
Hlfinal textspace.png Hl steam message font.png


Alien Grunt Sprite

The Alien Grunt sprite used to simulate the horde of Alien Grunts in the bad ending appears to be based on the design seen in the 1997 prototype, not the final's.

Alien Grunt sprite 1997 prototype Alien Grunt
Hl agruntsprite.png Hl97 aliengrunt2.png

The game additionally only uses one frame of a full sprite animation. The full animation is present in the PS2 version, however.

Used frame Unused full animation
Hl agruntsprite.png Agruntsprite.gif

Scigun Texture

Near the end of Lambda Core, the player will see a double glass door with a Scientist and a Security Guard on the otherwise. The Scientist is armed with a Shotgun (with the internal name scigun.mdl) and will point it at the player before putting it down. However, this shotgun uses a completely different texture than the actual Shotgun item model. It has a white rear, a gray stock, and a gray body, along with a much higher resolution texture. This seems to be from an earlier version of the Shotgun when it had different colors, but the model used by the Scientist was never updated when the model was changed to the final's textures. It also has other differences in the model, such as a longer handguard.

Scigun Shotgun item model
Hl scigun.png Hl w shotgun.png


This is a trailer for a Nightmare on Elm Street Platinum DVD which is in the main directory on the disc.

By the time of Half-Life: Game of the Year Edition's release, publisher Sierra was doing some cross-promoting with New Line Cinema. This means that several of their game releases during this period also contained movie advertisements on the discs.