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Layton Brothers: Mystery Room

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Title Screen

Layton Brothers: Mystery Room

Developers: Level-5, Matrix Software
Publisher: Level-5
Platforms: iOS, Android
Released in JP: September 21, 2012 (iOS), September 11, 2013 (Android)
Released in US: June 27, 2013 (iOS), September 5, 2013 (Android)
Released in EU: June 27, 2013 (iOS), September 5, 2013 (Android)

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

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Despite what the title suggests, no, this isn't a game about the titular Professor's brother. It's actually about a newbie constable named Lucy Baker teaming up with his split-personality son Alfendi Layton to solve various murders.

It originally was planned to be part of Level-5's Atamania series with completely different characters, but was switched to a Layton game instead for some unknown reason.

To do:
  • Double-check the 2D and 3D graphics/models to make sure there's nothing else lying around.
  • Look through the text.
  • Anything different between the iOS and Android versions?
  • Why exactly are there unused assets of File 003 with the number "201" attached? Is it from a test of some kind?

Unused Graphics

criminal201 is a photo of the silhouette used when a new, unknown suspect is added during a case. Likely a placeholder. The text reads "Detective screen Criminal Photo".

LBMR- criminal201.png

ef_dcut01_201 is Roscoe Strapping, but with...yellow hair?

LBMR- ef dcut01 201.png

talker04 is a police officer who never appeared in the final game, but he appears in some early trailers of the game along with other unused characters.

LBMR - talker04.png

Among the sprites of Diane Makepeace, in the file talker21b, there is a sprite of Mariana Etista with her mouth open. She never speaks in-game and only appears smiling, so this sprite is never used.

LBMR-Mariana Etista.png

to_be_continued_text_GBR is a graphic that is present in both the English and Japanese versions, however, it's never used as the game only says "The end" when you finish it. It seems that at some point they considered making more than one Layton Brothers game.

LBMR - To be continued text GBR.png

film_201a and film_201b are early versions of the Case Summary photos in File No. 003.

Early Final
LBMR- film 201a.png LBMR- film 201b.png LBMR- film 010a.png LBMR- film 010b.png


The internal graphics for each case title are out of order. Each one has a number in its filename that differs from the actual file's number, and are organized in a way that makes the titles come before and/or after the incorrect ones. In order, it goes:
title_001_GBR - The Bungled Burglary (File No. 002)
title_002_GBR - The Hand Sandwich (File No. 001)
title_003_GBR - The DJ's Swansong (File No. 005)
title_009_GBR - The Walking Corpse (File No. 004)
title_010_GBR - A Murder Staged (File No. 003)
title_020_GBR - The Mystery Rooms (File No. 007)
title_021_GBR - Ham and Cheese (File No. 008)
title_023_GBR - Kiss Goodbye (File No. 006)
title_024_GBR - Good Cop, Bad Cop (File No. 009)

The only one in the correct place is File No. 009, since it's the final case of the game. The two most likely cases are that the files were originally going to happen in a different order, or it's just a simple naming mistake.

Regional Differences

To do:
There's definitely multiple differences between the Japanese and English versions outside of the character names.


When Gloria Blaise screams in the dark, the message in English starts with "He...", and in Japanese with "H...".

English Version Japanese Version
LBMR - Photo 010 04 GBR.png LBMR - Photo 010 04 JPN.png

For some strange reason, the hotel where Sandy Aldwich stays in the first case is completely different in the English version.

English Version Japanese Version
LBMR - op002 spot 01 GBR.png LBMR - Op002 spot 01 JPN.png

The fax that Dwight Dread receives says "I'll be the Death of You" in English, but the original Japanese version reads "Killing You!".

English Version Japanese Version
Photo 003 05 GBR.png LBMR - Photo 003 05 JPN.png

Alfendi's evaluation

To do:
This maybe needs more investigation

In the Japanese version, when you solve a case, Alfendi appears to give you feedback based on your mistakes and successes. This was disabled in the English version for some unknown reason, but among the files are still all the graphics and texts that belong to this section (most of them are in Japanese).

LBMR - Screenshot Alfendi'sEvaluation1.jpg LBMR - Screenshot Alfendi'sEvaluation2.jpg

Character Names

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Japanese Meaning English
ルーシー・クレイラ Lucy Cleira Lucy Baker
リャン副署長 Deputy Chief Liang Deputy Commissioner Chan
署長 Chief Comissioner Barton
ドーン・ドネガン Don Donegan Justin Lawson
バルバラ・フォーキー Barbara Folky Florence Sich
フッキー・ラインネル Fookey Lionnel Dustin Scowers
ストロード・ウェッジ Strode Wedge "Sniffer" Hague
ヒルダ・スワンソン Hilda Swanson Hilda Pertinax
パティ・ヘルウィッグ Patty Hellwig Sandy Aldwich
ゲラルド・フェルプス Gerald Felps Bosco Felps
ヴァン・ジェラード Van Gerrard Zach Carrière
タリア・イルヴォンスキー Talia Ilvonsky Vera Wipovsky
デクスター・オールディス Dexter Oldis Jack Potsby-Mahn
デリク・モズリー Derek Mosley Buster Nicks
ワーデン・ボルツ Warden Bolts Chase M. Downes
ベリンダ・オールディス Belinda Oldis Goldie Potsby-Mahn
ジャイリス Gyris Bingo
イザベラ・フェレール Isabella Ferrer Gloria Blaise
ジョット・ストレイス Giotto Straice Roscoe Strapping
トニー・バクレロ Tony Baclero Bray Clegg
アデル・ポワン Adele Point Destiny Knox
オットー・ベルグマン Otto Bergman Archie O'Logie
ギャス・ラインネル Gas Lionnel Doug Scowers
アルバロ・ラゴス Alvaro Lagos Micah Sasucasa
ニコ・エレイラ Nico Eleira Chico Careta
ファナ・カスティーヤ Fana Castilla Mariana Etista
ジェイソン・ブラッドソー Jason Bloodsaw Dwight Dread
アビー・マージョラム Abby Marjoram Dolly Hollerday
パッツィ・レモネッタ Patsy Lemonetta Melody Smith
ダニー・アイザック Danny Isaac Mike de Bonair
ゲイル・キャロライン Gail Caroline Randal Mann
ウェイトレス Waitress Tea lady
ソフィ・キンケイド Sophie Kincaid Diane Makepeace