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Proto:Blaster Master

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Blaster Master.

The US prototype of Blaster Master shows the process of localization for the American release. Though the game seems mostly finished, there are a couple of minor things of note when compared to the final version.

Download.png Download Blaster Master (US Prototype)
File: Blaster Master (U) (Prototype).nes‎ (256 KB) (info)

Stage Select

Blastermaster ss.png

In the other releases, the only way to access the level select is by Game Genie. In this version, simply press Start at the title screen. The level select is fully functional. Also, just like in the Japanese version[1] soft reset keeps tank upgrades and a list of defeated bosses, so it is possible to select boss battle, collect the desired upgrade, then soft reset the game and warp to the level that requires this upgrade.


Intro Music

Prototype Final

The prototype's intro music is quieter, featuring different instruments and no drums.


Prototype (unaltered) Prototype (fixed mock-up)

Within the track for Area 1 sits a curious bit of digital PCM data. Orchestra hits are supposed to play alongside the music in harmony with the music, but due to how the sample was programmed, the hits are both misaligned as well as freely looping. It may be related to the final version's mysterious DPCM track in some way, as both use DPCM orchestra hits and a section in this track sounds exactly like the track that made it into the final during gameplay demos.

A modified version of what the track was probably supposed to sound like has been provided to the right.

Prototype Final

A different set of DPCM orchestra hits can be heard during the last few measures of the credits theme, in the prototype. Unlike the Area 1 hits, this set goes along with the music. After the music ends, the orchestra hits continue in a slower pattern matching the final version's curious DPCM track.


In all other versions, dying and starting a stage will bring up a screen to show how many lives are left. For some reason, this does not happen in the prototype.

Pause Menu

In the final, pressing Start while anywhere but in a boss fight will show you a diagram of SOFIA-III and all its acquired parts. In the prototype, it just pauses the game, much like when fighting a boss. Strangely, if anything is in an animation loop when the screen is paused (SOFIA rolling, enemies walking, etc.), the animation will continue playing though the action will remain paused.


Prototype Final
Blaster introNA Proto.png Blaster introNA.png

More of the cave can be seen in the prototype. There is also more detail at this point like stalagmites, stalactites, and an indent in the cave wall. The extra detail had to be removed in order to fit the graphics for the Area 1 mini-boss in the ROM, which were overwritten by intro graphics in the prototype (see below).

Area 1

Prototype Final
BlasterMaster-U-Proto Area1Gate.png BlasterMaster-UJ Area1Gate.png

When the game tries to load the Area 1 gate mini-boss, all active sprite graphics become garbage tiles. Everything returns to normal once the enemy is defeated or you walk out of range.