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Proto:Star Wars Arcade (32X)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Star Wars Arcade (32X).

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Some prototypes of Star Wars Arcade were among the hundreds of prototype ROMs released by drx in 2008.

August 30, 1994 Prototype

(Prototype source: Hidden Palace)
  • The header has a working name, "Mars Star Wars," "Mars" being the codename of the 32X.
  • The Rebel ship's engines in the intro do not flash between red and yellow. They will only appear solid red.
  • There is no music or voice samples during gameplay.
  • The Star Wars theme is a native Genesis/32X song, as opposed to a PCM capture. The song does not continue while the player is on the main menu.
  • The LucasArts logo, "Long time ago..." text, and copyright disclaimer are all missing.
  • Missions can be skipped by pausing the game and pressing A.
  • There's no indication as to how many continues a player has (as the game always says 0).
  • 32X mode is absent; the game immediately loads the mission selection screen from Arcade mode.
  • The player can pause at any time.
  • The introduction to training mode is absent.
August 30, 1994 prototype Final
Star Wars Arcade (32X) (Prototype - Aug 30, 1994) (hidden-palace.org)000.png Star Wars Arcade 32X (JU) 000.png

The intro is not only incomplete, but uses thinner text.

August 30, 1994 prototype Final
Star Wars Arcade (32X) (Prototype - Aug 30, 1994) (hidden-palace.org)002.png Star Wars Arcade 32X (JU) 001.png

The mission screen for Level 2 has jumbled animation, due to errors loading the data. As a result, only the first frame shows up correctly in the prototype. Also, note the mild typo with "destory".

September 1, 1994 Prototype

(Prototype source: Hidden Palace)

Star Wars Arcade 32X September1 Level Select.png

  • A stage select will appear the instant this build is booted up.
    • "Play Level" lets you select any level you want, including some test levels. You can even choose to go to the SEGA logo, opening sequence, player select, and the ending scene.
    • Some of the selectable levels will send you to a black screen. The cinematic viewer will do the same thing as well.
    • There is a music selector which features many tunes that are not in the final game. A sound effect option is also present, but none of the selections will play any sounds.
  • Lasers make a completely different sound in this build.
  • When playing a mission that contains enemy fighters, the game does not show how many are required to be defeated.
  • Beating a level or dying will send you back to the level select screen.

September 7, 1994 Prototype

(Prototype source: Hidden Palace)
  • The copyright screen has been added.
  • The second intro sequence with the A-Wing fighters has been added.
  • The intro text has been updated, but still has some typos.
  • The rankings screen is now present.
  • 32X mode is now present.
  • The ship selection screen in 32X mode is slightly different: The models for both ships are always present, and they have a different spin animation.
  • In 32X mode, "Imperial March" plays during the first briefing scene with Ackbar, and continues to play when the first mission starts.
  • Rebel lasers now use their final sound effect.
  • In the briefing scenes, there is an issue where text can layer over other text.

September 9, 1994 Prototype

(Prototype source: Hidden Palace)
  • When booting up the game, the LucasArts logo now appears below the SEGA logo. There is also a build date in the bottom right corner.
  • The counter displaying the amount of credits you have is glitched.
  • The ship selection screen in the 32X mode has been finalized.
  • More music has been added, though different music is used at certain points of the game.
  • If you beat the Super Star Destroyer level, the game will go to a screen of stars and doesn't continue from there.

September 13, 1994 Prototype

(Prototype source: Hidden Palace)
  • Includes a cheat code to refill the ship's shields on demand, as was documented by programmer Steven Lashower on his personal web site in 1996. The button sequence is stored at 0xAC62 in the ROM, and is the only cheat available in this version.
    • The Shield Refill code is Down, Left, Right, A, C, Up. As with all cheat codes in Star Wars Arcade, it must be entered on the Pause screen using a 6-button controller.

September 14, 1994 Prototype

(Prototype source: Hidden Palace)
  • In addition to the Shield Refill code, the three cheat codes from the final game are introduced here.

September 15, 1994 Prototype

(Prototype source: Hidden Palace)
  • The Shield Refill code is no longer present in this or later builds.
(Source: Original TCRF research)